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  1. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Show off your Content   

    Further improved hsspot 's design -  comments are appreciated!


  2. bonesoul added a record in IP.Content   

    Action failed: The configuration file for the reputation voting is missing or corrupt.
    Just upgraded my core forum to 3.4.4 but in IPContent pages and so, when I click the like button I'm getting this error.
    "Action failed: The configuration file for the reputation voting is missing or corrupt."
    I'm sure that some template edit is needed as a fix, but couldn't find which one should be so.
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  3. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Record HoverCards   

    I'm also looking for 3.4 bbcode version
  4. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Custom Sort Ignored   

    Same here, bump!
  5. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Getting image uri for custom database listing / display templates   

    I've a custom database over my fansite for Hearthstone and have an attachment field where I attach images for the cards;
    {$record['image']} returns me a formatted image html string and that way I can include the image in the list and customize it with css a bit, but I'd like to allow image popups and so - that is why I need to directly access image url of attachments -- but couldn't find a way yet?
    Any ideas?
  6. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Show off your Content   

    Hearthstone Spot:  (for blizzard upcoming game Hearthstone)
    Features news, blue posts and so. Features a card db:  

  7. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Image uploader for WSYWYG editor   

    Hope IPS Suite will be featuring a real image uploader in the WSYWYG editor - especially for IPContent. Image uploading is by far the biggest problem for news sites.
  8. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Feature Request: Let styles, css and ipcontent's article templates and so as plain editable files (so we can use git!)   

    Any links for confirming? Seems I missed it in development blogs or so?
  9. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Feature Request: Let styles, css and ipcontent's article templates and so as plain editable files (so we can use git!)   

    Please give us the option to save our styles,css and even ipcontent's article templates as plain files. Holding them in db should be optinal, as a developer, I tend to use plain files and track my history of change using git/github.
    Believe me any active community administrator will like this (being able to use git/svn or what ever he/she likes to track his changes!)
  10. bonesoul added a post in a topic: Easy way to upload an image?   

    Invision guys should be really start listening to users of their software :/ IPBoard have great architecture and but If you don't care about even simplest features, eventually you'll loose at some point.
    The Internet community already moves to Q&A based systems now a days and If Invision wants it software to live, I think IPContent needs a complete we-write. Most of us here, don't need something that can't handle databases, because database applications require special care, and if we wan't one, we can already code our specific IPBoard db-application.
    What we really need is a proper wordpress like content managment system - which IPContent isn't as it's just simulating content managment. We have been asking for this since IPBoard 3 came out, but Invision doesn't really listen the point. And from their IPBoard planning post, I sense that they'll not change their mind-set.
    Personally I like IPBoard and prefer it for my community needs, but Wordpress these days is a game-change in terms of management, flexibility and being quite easy.
    Proof of concept (that how easy and preferable wordpress is and again that Invision doesn't really listen to their users: )

Status Feed

  1. bonesoul

    when to expect next beta?

    1. onlyME

      i guess about 1 month :D

    2. Breadfan

      Well, according to the ammount of unresolved bugs in the tracker, it could take a while. But I'm in no hurry. Better wait for stable beta2 followed by a RC1 then to a rushed out B2 followed by B3,B4,B5..

    3. ørret

      Final will be released in a month.

    4. bonesoul

      good to hear, also will be upgrading to final from beta supported?

  2. bonesoul

    working on eggr's new version:

  3. bonesoul

    working on eggr's new version:

  4. bonesoul

    Just released 0.21-beta for BlizzTV e-Sports aggregator -

  5. bonesoul

    so is there any zend optimizer for php 5.3?

    1. bonesoul

      okay replying my on my own, you can't get working with php-5.3 as of right now:

    2. Hultenius.

      Bad move. They should have chosen ionCube.

    3. Mark

      There is a PHP 5.3 version in the client area.
      We're also looking into ioncube.

  6. bonesoul

    just released my new world of warcraft tool: - it's also ever my first ipb based app!

  7. bonesoul » Graeme S.

    great designer!

  8. bonesoul

    when we'll get the beta release? :D

    1. Lee Craven

      "When it's ready"

    1. JVCode


    2. Noles

      Very true.

  9. bonesoul

    give the beta!

    1. stoo2000

      In good time I'm sure

  10. bonesoul

    How can i export a custom css bit when i'm exporting a hook?

    1. Ajouz ♞

      also I want to know how to do this , anyone know !

  11. bonesoul

    I'm having troubles with parent-child skin setups and adding a template bit to them, can anyone help?

  12. bonesoul

    gief us beta1 :D

    1. stoo2000

      nah.... not yet !

  13. bonesoul

    my new forum: (invalid opcode) - system programming resources, check out the downloads sections!

  14. bonesoul

    opening a brand new forum!

  15. bonesoul

    i can't seem to parse <php>echo "test";</php> in a html page (ipcontent), any suggestions??

    1. Nityananda

      Should it not be <?php echo "test" ?>

    2. Kyanar

      You don't have TTL enabled on the page do you? Go to edit page in ACP, check "Caching" tab.

    3. bonesoul

      i've enabled the caching, shouldn't i?

    4. Kyanar

      Probably not, if you want PHP to run. I've noticed that doing that tends to run the PHP in the ACP when it saves, but not on the cached page itself.

    5. bonesoul

      yes you're right, disabling the cache fixed the issue..

  16. bonesoul

    Check my new article; Serving static files from another server (nginx/lighttpd) -

    1. Abomination

      Nice! :)

  17. bonesoul

    gief me 3.1 :)

  18. bonesoul

    When creating a custom database in ipcontent, do i need to consider a unique/index field or is it automaticly handled?

    1. Rikki

      That's handled for you :)

  19. bonesoul

    how can i setlocale and let my forums display dates in Turkish? is there an option around?

  20. bonesoul

    I got read/write access at IPS Team Forums :D:D