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  1. neomax added a post in a topic: today's update (4/24/14)... pardon but the instructions seem   

    today's update (4/24/14)... pardon but the instructions seem a bit obtuse.   It may be 'that simple' but the notion that you just upload the upload folder to the forum folder just seems to me like it will sit there in an upload forum.
    Recognize that I just recently upgraded to the 3.4.6 version and things always seemed more complicated in the past ... you know like upload this to this three part path in this folder or copy this file folder over to ...
    I mean if it is that simple, I'm fine with it but dang ... from what I got in the instructions I simply take the unzipped upload folder in the graphical ftp program and drag and drop it on the "forum" folder on my server and all is good?
    PS: I've been dealing with pc's since 1979 and while, like I said, I'm fine with it being that simple, my expectation is something a little more intricate.
  2. neomax added a post in a topic: Flash dimension BBCode   

    Flash used to be an add on BBC and there were some nice instructions on how to implement it.
    Now you can't use the flash tag because either the bbcode.php or default.php  bbcode lists flash as an alias of the media file but doesn't parse the dimentions of the file when you use either.
    The author of this must have been writing the php on an ipad and tested it on his iphone.
    It is broken and I'm going to put in a ticket to have them fix it.
    GP Hughes
  3. neomax added a post in a topic: How insert google ads in the article content ?   

    P15 ... I tried that and even though the html tables  containing a few iframes did show in the preview ...and body of the article ... it  would disappear when published.