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  1. Ken S. added a comment: IP.Board Password Reset   

    Also, I submitted this bug to 3.1.4, which is where I've located it.
  2. Ken S. added a comment: IP.Board Password Reset   


    I'm not sure what you mean by "random method"? Is there a better way to get users to be able to reset their password when they've forgotten in, besides the "Forgot Password" link?

    I am posting this information to my Open Ticket.
  3. Ken S. added a record in IP.Board   

    IP.Board Password Reset
    IP.Board Forgot Password function will send an E-Mail with instructions to reset the password, and a link for doing so.
    Once you go to the form to enter your new password, you're able to login to the Forums with your new password.

    However, the password does not seem to be updated to IP.Converge properly. Once the user has reset their password, they're no longer able to login with the new OR the old password at other IP.Board sites, until they use the UserCP to change their password at the originating site (where the Reset Password was performed).
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