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    I'd like to request a feature - which I think would make this add on make a bit more sense for a lot of people.  In order to create a drop down menu, the Link Type must be selected as Raw HTML, PHP or IP.Content.  When you choose any one of these settings, you lose the ability to associate that link or menu item with an application.  This actually disables the Active/Inactive classes for that menu item.
    The method that's currently implemented allows you to enable the menu activation based on a URL, but that's entirely useless when used with any of the default applications (Blogs, Members, Forums, etc), because the URL's are dynamic.
    My request to the developer was to allow us the option to choose the Application that's associated with the menu item, even if it is an IP.Content Block, Raw HTML or PHP blocks.  This way, we could still have drop down items, and we could still have link activation.
    Anyone else?

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