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  1. Andrej added a post in a topic: Search option ​
  2. Andrej added a post in a topic: Just a few questions before we make the switch.   

    ​​Because the editor is fully WYSWIG, so there is nothing to "preview".
  3. Andrej added a post in a topic: Renewal prices   

    ​​You have purchased a license which allows you to use the software  You do not "own" it.
    However in order to access any newer version past your renewal date you will need to renew, as mentioned above.
  4. Andrej added a post in a topic: Tutorials update 3.4.7 но 4.0.2   

    The upgrade procedure is the same as previous versions. The upgrade guide is available here: 
  5. Andrej added a comment: [4.0.2] Quoting   

    It is weekend. Have you heard of such phenomenon? 
    The status of the bug report is pending. Bumping reports is unnecessary because they end at the bottom of the queue, making your wait even longer.
  6. Andrej added a comment: Theme&Code Hooks for IPS4 still don't work   

    How can you be sure of that? Just wondering because currently there is no way to see what bug fixes are released with one or the other release. 
  7. Andrej added a post in a topic: Change the editor   

  8. Andrej added a post in a topic: Add IP Nexus   

    Yes, you can purchase it or any other IP. apps afterwards.
  9. Andrej added a comment: [This site] Empty notification   

    Happened again this morning (maybe this is an notification of an addition to the Feature Plan?)

  10. Andrej added a post in a topic: IPB CORE   

    I am sure this has been overlooked. You are supposed to be able to purchase Core + IP. App now, without needing to purchase IP. Board as well. The purchase page have simply not been updated yet.
  11. Andrej added a post in a topic: Post preview missing or removed?   

    Yes, it is gone. The editor is now fully WYSIWYG and you can preview your post in the editor in real-time. 
  12. Andrej added a post in a topic: Chat feedback   

    ​Both are filled as bugs: (fixed for 4.0.1) (pending)
  13. Andrej added a post in a topic: Switch to IPS4   

    The convertors do not touch the source data at all, so you should be fine. That is how most forum converters work. 
    IP. Converters for 3.4 are very stable. The recommended path is to convert using the existing converters to 3.4.7 and then upgrade from there to IPS 4.0. New converters for IPS4 are bound to be less stable as they are completely new, and you are bound to run into more issues. Additionally, there is no timeline on when the new upgrades will see the light, therefore if you want to switch at the time of the stable release, you should convert to 3.4.7 and upgrade the board to 4.0.
  14. Andrej added a post in a topic: Blogs and transparent overly...   

    It is a cosmetic bug in my opinion.
  15. Andrej added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Blog] .cBlogInfo_content:after
    I don't see this CSS effect being used anywhere anymore, so it would be better to remove it (and in this case it is wrongly placed). 
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