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  1. Andrej added a bug in Bug Tracker   

  2. Andrej added a comment: [RC2] rtl problems   

    Bumping bug reports sends it back in the queue. It is unnecessary - the bug status is pending and will be looked at in due time. 
  3. Andrej added a post in a topic: IPS4 Test Site   

    Relevant documentation article:
  4. Andrej added a post in a topic: need help   

  5. Andrej added a post in a topic: need help   

    ​As I said above one only need to submit a ticket whenever they want to upgrade to the 4.0 RC release. This is pointed out in this topic:

  6. Andrej added a post in a topic: need help   

    Then you need to submit a ticket and request an upgrade by going to the Support tab and then clicking the 'New Request'  button. 
  7. Andrej added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [This site] VNC 'Filter results by Forums'
    Closing 'Filter results by Forums' without changing anything makes the system think that I've haven't selected any forums, thus it displays that there are no results to view.
    • 1 reply
  8. Andrej added a bug in Bug Tracker   

  9. Andrej added a post in a topic: Best method for members not to freak out when they see their email showing on their profile?   

    ​Emails are not shown to other users.
  10. Andrej added a comment: Admin page redirecting to root   

    They will look at it in due time. 
  11. Andrej added a post in a topic: Is chat coming soon?   

  12. Andrej added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [This site] ipsType_positive / ipsType_negative class
    I voted the question and Rikki's answer up as shown below. However, the ipsType_positive class is not applied for the question voting (no green color on the arrow or the number).

    • 4 replies
  13. Andrej added a post in a topic: vB4 to IPB4?   

    ​At this time the converters only support converting to 3.4.x, but most likely to be upgraded sometime after the IPS4 release. I would recommend converting to 3.4.7 and then upgrade to 4.0, because at this point the existing converters are well-tested and stable.
  14. Andrej added a comment: Blogs page + IE 11   

    This is not browser specific because an image is missing. 
  15. Andrej added an answer to a question: What IDE do you use?   

    A simple question for you all: What IDE do you use when developing the IP. Suite, and why?


Status Feed

  1. Andrej

    Maxis's Marble Drop is still a classic, 17 years later. Apart from some small quirks, I am surprised it still works...

  2. Andrej » Stuart Silvester

    Congratulations Stuart, best of luck! :)

  3. Andrej » AndyF

    I have looked everywhere, but there is no AndyF appreciation thread? Thanks for all the hard work and long hours you put in here, answering and helping others. I have learned a lot from your answers. Thanks. :)

    1. AndyF

      You're welcome. No there is not one :P

  4. Andrej

    If you see this, then you shouldn't add a comment. Because the world would go boom.

    1. euantor

      Boom you say?

  5. Guest » Andrej

    Hope to see 3.2 Beta 2 out this coming week... Lost desire to do anything on my community while waiting for 3.2

    1. Sammy Nicole

      IP.Content for 3.2 must come as well...

  6. Andrej

    Is this a bug?

  7. Guest » Andrej

    Tough decision... Downloads, Gallery or Blog? Not sure which to get.

    1. ash somers


    2. Glumbo


    3. Andrej

      @Glumbo - I like your style ;)

    4. Maxxius

      get all that you dont have, I'll do that, gallery and blog. ipcontent = useless

  8. Guest » Andrej

    Looking for Cod: B.O. players on 360!

    1. AlexJ

      Get it for PC :P

    2. Bug Tracker

      If your interested in a community, might I suggest my community. New yet growing. :)

  9. Guest » Andrej


  10. Guest » Andrej


  11. Guest » Andrej

    Yea, hooked on it rofl...

  12. Guest » Andrej

    Watcha know about whiteboy7thst?!?

    1. Mike John


  13. Andrej

    Yay! It is here!

  14. Andrej

    How to enter the 3.2 preview? None of my login details works..

    1. Wolfie

      You have to create an account there.

    2. Andrej

      Oh, thanks.

    3. AndyF

      As Wolfie has said, its not converged, you'd need to register as normal.

    4. JahLion

      i log in with my twitter account and it work fine

    5. Kessler

      Then that means that Twitter has been enabled for it. When you use that to sign in, it makes an account for you at the same time.

  15. Guest » Andrej

    So it appears myself and other military member's will not get paid during this event. Frustrating day for those of us that have to be on duty around the world and won't get the money to support our families and pay our bills.

    1. Andrej

      Going to rephrase some of that. We will get at least half pay APR 15th but after that it's all in the hands on when they make a decision.

    2. dogpatch

      Whats really lame is that Congress still gets paid. So they have no incentive to not shut down.

    3. Mat B

      Looks like that decision has been made - media reports say the shutdown isn't going ahead.

  16. Andrej

    I heard that IP. Tracker is discontinuned? Or it still alive?

    1. Ryan H.

      News is forthcoming, but I'm pretty sure it's not about to be discontinued.

    2. Hatsu

      Well,!/alexhobbs/status/13707413282623488 :)

    3. Charles

      It's not being discontinued. Don't believe everything you hear :)

  17. Guest » Andrej

    Finally back from a 3 hours wait at Gamestop to get Black Ops :D

    1. AnthonyKinson

      i was in the que for 2 hours, was freezing cold :(

    2. Heyhoe

      Haha, i walked into Tescos on the way to work and walked straight back out with a copy :)

  18. Guest » Andrej

    Pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops last night, very excited :P

    1. PKIDelirium

      Just now? I preordered it in like, June...

    2. Olivier Turbis

      so everybody had to preorder it in June?

    3. PKIDelirium

      Nah, I'm just surprised preorders are still being taken with just a few days left.

    4. TheRevTastic

      Im just gunna pick my copy up at walmart so i don't have to preorder and i have school on wensday anyways :P

    5. Andrej

      Yea, yesterday was pretty much the deadline. Going to the midnight release on Monday.

    6. AnthonyKinson

      I pre-ordered at 2 stores, Game station have a habit of messing up my orders all the time.

  19. Guest » Andrej

    Picking up my pre-order of Medal of Honor 2m. Heard some bad reviews has anyone else played yet?

    1. AlexJ

      Mostly its same like BC2. Waiting for COD:BO and Brink :P

    2. PKIDelirium

      I picked it up. Campaign is good so far, multiplayer is just okay. Something to fill the gap between now and Black Ops.

    3. Vicros

      I think MoH is great. Campaign is alot of fun.

  20. Guest » Andrej

    Time for Battlefield 2 (PS3)

    1. AndyF

      What is ?

  21. Andrej

    Railroads are the future!

    1. Collin1000

      Haha, an amtrack line runs past the campgrounds I stayed at this weekend. Loud train horns veerrrryyyy early in the morning = unhappy collin

  22. Andrej

    OMG, I won a skin from Skinbox!!!!

    1. AndyF

      Congrats :)

    2. Andrej

      Thanks :>

    3. Planetby

      nice one :) congrats

    4. Planetby

      nice one :) congrats

    5. SKDown


    6. Collin1000

    7. Glumbo

      I won one too before

  23. Andrej

    Is this a mind game?

  24. Andrej

    I want.... cake.