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  1. TheRevTastic added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Introducing Themes   

    This might just get me back into the themes game and the making forums game lol. 
  2. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: Invision Going Downhill   

  3. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: When is 3.4.2 coming out? It's been for awhile on IPS company forums..   

    You've been a member here for 4 years and still don't know they release it when they deem it ready?
  4. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: 3.4.0 beta?   

    Because really, this is now the test site...
  5. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: Please Create A Testing Protocol   

    I have a question, when the hell was this site upgraded? TELL ME
  6. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: What is the status of making IPB better with SEO?   

    3.3.2 isn't a major version, thats a minor version release, 3.3.0 is a major version release.
  7. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: Turn board offline automatically when uploading/upgrading to new version   

    This is a feature I would love to see taken from XenForo, it turns your bored off when it sees that there are new files for an upgrade to the next version then it automatically comes back online when done upgrading.

    If this is done, it would also be cool to have a feature when upgrading to either select when the board comes back online, as in say you need to configure some stuff before the board goes back online so you can have a box to check that makes it stay offline until you manually turn it back on.
  8. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: What is the status of making IPB better with SEO?   

    ^ Specially with all the new updates to deal with SEO in the latest major version.
  9. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: Editor   

    To bad it most likely won't come back.
  10. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: IP.Board & The Forum Will Be Dead Within 5 Years   

    Comparing two completely different sites will give you results that don't matter at all.
  11. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: IP.Board & The Forum Will Be Dead Within 5 Years   

    You really don't know how to compare sites do you....
  12. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: Permission sets   

    Just wondering, were the permission sets changed? I can't access the client lounge anymore.
  13. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: IP.Tracker, please IPS...   

    IP.Shoutbox was never operated by IPS, it was a community project which all community projects were taken down as they removed the community projects groups etc. Same goes for tracker.
  14. TheRevTastic added a post in a topic: IP.Tracker, please IPS...   

  15. TheRevTastic added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 and IP.Content 2.3 Coming Soon!   

    [quote name='cyber-hound' timestamp='1331261910']
    really. whats so good on it that you dont find on 3.2.3?

    Archive system, seo improvements, and more.

Status Feed

  1. TheRevTastic

    Well my internet has been disconnected, see everybody in a few weeks.

  2. TheRevTastic

    Welp Internet has been cut off, be back in a few/couple of weeks.

  3. TheRevTastic

    Argh! Can't get to

    1. .Ian

      sounds like a 'pail' excuse ;)

    2. Rikki

      You could say... they stole my!

    3. TheRevTastic

      You two are not punny.

    4. Jeuhen

      You three should be locked in a bukkit.

  4. TheRevTastic

    THE MAVERICKS WON!!!!1 WE GOT US A NBA TITLE!!!!!! WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Glumbo

      I wanted them to win as well

  5. TheRevTastic

    What a great thing to wake up to, *jizzes*.

    1. Mikey

      uhm. you got it all over the forums.

    2. Amy T


    3. (e) Eric


    4. TheRevTastic

      IM SORRY GOSH!!!

  6. TheRevTastic

    Woot! The new, not really new but with a lot of tweaks, default skin will be lime green and tangerine.

    1. Matt

      Don't believe everything you read ;)

    2. TheRevTastic

      Oh but I will.

    1. Herofiles ★

      yeha, Dont use it!

    2. Shadow82x

      IE6 has the best standards. I'm not giving it up.

    3. Lyndon

      Yeah you know how they have the banner code and it has like < if IE 6 > I just changed it to < if IE > :)

  7. TheRevTastic

    Thinking about setting up a wiki on coding, so I don't have to remember things :P. Also I am at school and it is so boring, but at least I get to use an iMac.

    1. .Peter

      I've done things like that.. the only problem is then I have to remember what keyword I saved it under, or how to find it.... resulting in me having to remember.

    2. kooh

      do it.

  8. TheRevTastic

    Lol, the staff forums were viewable for a moment.

    1. xLemur

      Anything interesting in them? :P

    2. TheRevTastic

      Didn't go in, Im not that kind of person just to get a glimpse of stuff, if its not meant for my eye's then I won't look at it.

    3. AndyF

      They were ? oh :P

  9. TheRevTastic

    Collin S. Give me some of that $500! xD

  10. TheRevTastic

    There is still today/tomorrow.

  11. TheRevTastic

    The new is up! Using a template from themeforest as I was lazy :p.

    1. Glumbo

      That's cheating. Designers need to make their own templates

    2. TheRevTastic

      I just made three in the past 2 weeks, Im tired lol.

    3. TheRevTastic

      Also didn't feel like coding anything.

    4. Herofiles ★


    5. TheRevTastic

      Omg! Oh no! you typed in -1 oh no!

    6. Glumbo

      This needs a dislike button

    7. TheRevTastic

      Oh also zaz, I didn't have the time to design a new site as I am busy with a couple of new ipb skins that will be released later on.

    8. Glumbo

      I'm just kidding. Of course it's ok

    9. TheRevTastic

      I knowz you where, lol, but yeah im a busy man now and today i feel like procrastinating.

    10. Herofiles ★

      im just honest! dont get pisst off by that!! or..problem?

    11. ørret

      Themeforest rocks, good call!

    12. ørret

      Btw site is too bright, my eyes are DYING. :/

    13. TheRevTastic

      Yeah I plan on making a dark variation of it.

    14. Mikey

      looks like

  12. TheRevTastic

    I think I might make a deviantart inspired skin.

  13. TheRevTastic

    SSssssssssssssss......... boom!

    1. Cyrem


  14. TheRevTastic

    Both of the Faceboard skins have been updated!

    1. Amy T

      are you going to make a pink facebook skin?

    2. TheRevTastic

      Im working on a Red one, but have been busy, thats why this update was so late.

    3. Herofiles ★

      @AmyT, cant ya just change the css colors xD haha

    4. Amy T

      I could but would I not also have to change the images as well.

  15. TheRevTastic

    Faceboard (Red) Coming soon!

    1. Kyanar

      You're donating part of your proceeds to Aids research? That's positively wonderful!

    2. TheRevTastic

      What? lol

    3. Olivier Turbis


    4. Herofiles ★


    5. TheRevTastic

      Ohhh now I see what he meant.

    6. Amy T

      Yes make a pink one.

  16. TheRevTastic

    Both Faceboard skins have been updated.

  17. TheRevTastic

    Updates to both Faceboard skins coming soon!

  18. TheRevTastic

    Yay its my birthday!

    1. Alan

      Happy Birthday mate! Hope you have a great one :)


      Happy Birthday ;)

    3. theezy

      Happy Birthday!

    4. Andrej

      Happy Birthday!


      happy bday!

    6. Alex

      Happy Birthday ;D x

    7. AndyF

      Happy Birthday :)

    8. TheRevTastic

      Thanks guys =)

    9. Olivier Turbis


    10. ørret

      Go Charlie it's your birthday...

    11. DoctorMcKay

      Happy birthday!

  19. TheRevTastic

    Got my IPS Marketplace payout today! Just bought my first vps too!

    1. Olivier Turbis

      good :)

  20. TheRevTastic

    Just waiting on a payout from IPS for my skins so I can purchase my first VPS!

    1. .Peter

      Thats a pretty big pay out lol.

    2. ᴡᴅツ


    3. TheRevTastic

      Its $25, I am getting half off of my first month with a coupon.

  21. TheRevTastic

    So close to 100 followers! Please help me,

    1. Sailfindragon

      Yes, get following! #TwOne

    2. Tom Christian

      done ;)

    3. TheRevTastic

      Thanks Tom :), only two more to go!

  22. TheRevTastic

    Im really bored and want black ops.

  23. TheRevTastic

    And Invisixenskins is baack up!

    1. AnthonyKinson

      what's one of them?

    2. NiGHTiNG

      LOL you ripped main page, erm nasty!

  24. TheRevTastic

    InvisixenSkins is down atm, hosting providers are having issues at datacenter.