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  1. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: Ad Square for IpBoard   

    I'm looking for a hook or something that can display this style
    Wordpress has a plugin that can display between 4 - 8. I was wondering if Ipboard had anything that was similar. I've been seeing these units popping up on several sites and so I know its pretty popular. Thanks
  2. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: Change Theme for Members   

    We've been working on a new theme for our board and wanted to make sure that when we go live - everyone sees the same theme. How can I ensure that this happens?
    I've got the correct theme set to default - but if a member has a different theme chosen - they won't know there is a new theme unless they go change it. I'd like to force the new theme because it is setup for 3.4
  3. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: Luminous by IPS Themes   

    Any update on this?
  4. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: Luminous by IPS Themes   

    ughh.everytime I get a notification to this topic I keep hoping its Tom saying that its ready
  5. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    Can this also work on the Mobile Skin?
    I went to search for the skin edits that are listed and couldn't find the first set in the mobile skin template - - I found some of the others, but was afraid to do them since the first one wasn't there. Does anyone have this working on a mobile skin?
  6. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    I'm getting the icons to work on every forum except for my Redirect forum. It shows that its uploaded & enabled in the backend - but its not showing up. i've cleared cache & tried multiple things
  7. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: RSS Import Manager not working   

    So I tried adding
    And that acts as though it is the right url...
    When I tell it to import into the forums - I see this

    Nothing ever imports because of the statement - No Title or Content....Yet it is showing the Title of the articles...any idea??
  8. THE RED DRAGON added a post in a topic: RSS Import Manager not working   

    I have a community IPB Board at
    I also run a Gaming News Aggregator - VGN
    I am trying to import an RSS feed from VGN to my IPB board using the RSS Import Manager under Forums.
    The RSS Feed that Google Reader is pulling is
    But when I import that into the IPB board - It comes up with Validation Errors
    - Http Status Code 301 (moved permanently)
    - XML error: not well formed (invalid token) at line 1
    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to fix this?

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  3. Tony W » THE RED DRAGON

    hi, i cant access your "Skilled IPC looking for job..." topic anymore, any idea why? Closed/moved/deleted?

    1. Gaffney

      So true, it needed more maps and less bugs etc, EA have always been known for pushing out a game and only fixing the really bad things but leave tones of bugs.

    2. AnthonyKinson

      good read, one thing Infinity Ward failed on is the ability to produce updates to block out cheaters or "modders" if you like. WM" has become unbarable to play with the amount of modded players who can shoot through anything, see you through walls, and have stupidly overpowered weapons. They have even modded care packages, so after 2/3 kills your guarenteed a chopper gunner which also has the ability to shoot through buildings. WM2 has become ridiculous to play now.

    3. Gaffney

      I was constantly around 200,000 in the leaderboards, then I seen someone on my friend list cheat and he had billions of points but was at 50,000, so how high was I really ?

      Killstreaks should be taken away, or have more modes without it like the barebone modes. Also take away physically unrealistic things like commando and slight of hand pro, it's not fair how some people can aim quicker, how does that work in real life ?

    4. Tom Christian

      BFBC2 >>> MW2

  4. GameFeed » THE RED DRAGON

    9 Admin on your site are you sure sir


    Getting Ready for E3!! Will be in LA next week at this time


    Wish there were video tutorials for Ip Content with commentary

    1. ~sullengirl~

      Me too :)

    2. ᴡᴅツ

      Wish I knew how to setup dynamic article title tags and customize the breadcrumbs in ip.content :D

    3. ~sullengirl~

      wish I knew anything but adding content do databases :P


      Very disappointed with learning tools so far - I would have never purchased if I had known this

    5. JahLion

      IP content is very confusin for beginners so i feel you on this ...

    6. ᴡᴅツ

      it takes time - very powerful software

    7. Olivier Turbis

      Take time to love.

    8. Painted Horse

      The learning curve is steep for me with IPcontent also.


    Sometimes being impatient is a bad thing - Take for instance not following directions and uploading 3.1 to a live site eeek...Restoring a backup

    1. AndyF

      Yes, should never use beta on live boards, I tend to create a mirror / clone of the live board and then use that for testing.

    2. .Ian

      cloning the forum & database and upgrading that is always a good idea :)

    3. Valkyries



    lol @theBunnyMan - Yeah I am hoping IP Content 2.0 is a little easier