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  1. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Nofollow should be more flexible   

  2. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Nofollow should be more flexible   

    Agreed.  The nofollow thing seems like something that'd work best as a per usergroup option.  That way, trusted groups can post links without nofollow, and then it can maybe be an option in the link prompt/URL BB code for those members in case they do want to nofollow a link.
  3. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: An Option to change PMs and Reports into Topics   

    Because I was reading this topic here earlier about a PM conversation that another member here wanted to turn into a topic:

    And dealing with a situation on my own site where a bunch of reports would be better off as topics due to members getting the report link confused with the reply one, and thought:
    Why not make it so you can change these types of conversation to a public topic if need be?
    All we'd theoretically need was both:
    A: These types of conversations to use the same technical structure as topics do (except with values set to make them act like reports or PM chats respectively)
    B: And a button that when clicked, let's you choose what forum to import it into and maybe change the title.
    So what does everyone else think?  Would this be a useful feature for a future version of IPB?
  4. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Forum icons   

    I used this free modification:

    Hope that helps.
  5. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Group/Rank Promotions based on more than just post count?   

    So, guess there's no interest in updating the ranks system then?  Okay I guess.  Never knew people wanted everything purely post count based.
  6. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Forum icons   

    I already mentioned this a long, long while ago, but I guess I'll reiterate it again now... we seriously need forum/category icons as a default feature in the next major version of Invision Power Board.
    In case you don't know what they are, they're basically forum specific icons you display next the forum name/description on the board index and by sub forum names on the forum topic listing, and look a bit like this:

    Or this:

    Or this (from my own site):

    They're a common feature on many forums (and a lot of big boards), they've been available as a modification for pretty much every script under the sun, and I honestly think they're commonplace enough they should be a built in feature rather than an add on at this point in time.
    Heck, I even mocked up an image showing what settings for one could ideally look like in the IPB 3.4 interface:

    I hope IPB considers them as a feature and adds them to their upcoming IPB 4 software, since a lot of sites pretty much can't go without them any more and they work wonders in making a forum's layout much better and more friendlier.
  7. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Group/Rank Promotions based on more than just post count?   

    Could IPS make an option to do this in future?  Because at the moment, I have to say the whole 'promote member if they've posted X amount of times' thing is kind of too easy to abuse, and I think the solution would be to have a system sort of like how Lithium does usergroup promotions.
    How did they do this?
    They made it so you could set users to be promoted based on things like days registered, topics/posts/content viewed, time online, etc as well as posts, and so you could mix different criteria for each promotion.  So for instance, on the official Nintendo forums, to reach the rank of Fox Brigade you'd need to have:
    21418 posts, 41602 minutes, 402447 Page views, 831588 messages read, 16957 board views, 694 logins, 243 Days since registration
    Rather than just 21,418 posts.
    That's kind of how IPB should do things in my opinion.  Make it so you have all these different possible criteria for rank ups, and the option to either use just one or multiple criteria to go up a group/rank.  Here are some things I think should be possible 'level up' criteria:
    Post count Reputation/likes count Days since registration Time spent online Topics/posts viewed Page views Logins Blog entries posted Gallery images uploaded Files uploaded Gallery images viewed Files downloaded Time spent in chat room etc  
    That way, each site can have a rank up/level up/promotion system that suits the needs of its members and admins rather than just a boring old 'post this much to get a new rank' one.  You could mimic the Nsider/Lithium forum rank structure.  You could mimic GameFAQs and its karma system (1 karma per day you log in, then promotions at every few hundred/thousand karma).  Even the systems on sites like Reddit or the like based on your reputation and what not.
    So yeah, I want to see something like this in a future version, does anyone else?
  8. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Google Author Markup / Author rank Support   

    That's a good point.  Even if you don't want the forum classed as a blog, you'd probably want this markup used on member blog posts and IP Content related stuff.
    So it should be a default for these.
  9. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: How do you add a custom page to IPB again?   

    But what if you don't use IP Content?  Because I know I managed to do this before, I just forgot the series of steps I followed the last time round.
  10. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: How do you add a custom page to IPB again?   

    I did it before for my site's rules page, but I can't figure out how to make another such custom page to display my custom javascript tools on.
    Not with an addon, just a custom template which loads the header and footer from the current IPB style.  How would I achieve this?
  11. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Anonymous Posting in IPB4   

    Seems like a good idea. I know I've seen this as an add on for various scripts (I think The Admin Zone uses something like this with vBulletin for the purposes mentioned in the first post), and making it an official IPB feature would be an excellent idea.
  12. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Add per file download counts?   

    At the moment, IP Downloads only counts the total number of downloads across all files uploaded in a batch/under one listing.  So if you've got say, a soundtrack or something, you only know how many times people have downloaded 'anything' included.
    But wouldn't it be useful to have a download count for each file included?  Maybe next to the 'download' button or file size on the file listing screen you'd have a counter saying how many times each particular file was downloaded.
    That way, you could tell which individual file in an 'upload' is the most/least popular and track which ones become popular/unpopular over time.
    So could we possibly have this in the next version of IP Downloads? I think it'd be pretty useful...
  13. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: IN DEVELOPMENT: Our Wordpress/IPB Commenting Bridge   

    What's the charge for this modification?  Because if it's a reasonable one, I might ask for it.
  14. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: Remove thirty minute RSS minimum?   

    How would I do this by editing the core files?  I'm not having much luck finding the php file which controls the RSS feed importer and the code that sets this minimum time limit, and I'd love to have the RSS feed used automatically update the minute something is posted.
    And in case you're wondering, it's because I own the site the RSS feed is coming from and use it to post my site articles (on a different domain) on the forum whenever they're updated.
  15. cheatmaster30 added a post in a topic: IPB to Wordpress integration?   

    Problem is, it's encoded.  I don't trust anyone who encodes mods for visible source software.
    Otherwise I'd have probably paid for it already.

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