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  1. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Translation sentence wrong
    This phrase "The '% s' application was installed" is wrong, should be "The '% s' application was uninstalled.".

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  2. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC7] error after uploading an application
    After loading the application IP.Gallery I received an error page and I can not connect in AdminCP.
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  3. EnzoC added a file in Translations   

    Fully translated IPS4 (Forums, System and Calendar) v1.0.0
    Translation Italian full Forum, System and Calendar for IPS 4.

    The instructions to load it can be found inside the .zip file
    Traduzione Italiana completa del Forum, System e Calendario per IPS 4.
    Le istruzioni per poterla caricare le trovate all'interno del file .zip
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  4. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6] Blog bug
    If I click to edit or delete a blog from AdminCP me page not found.
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  5. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC4] Survey, can not display some questions
    I do not know if it's just my problem, but when I click on "Add Question" do not see the questions.
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  6. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC2 Downloads]Maybe it's not a bug, but a mistake in typing the phrase
    There is an error in this sentence:
    modlog__action_deletebackup-> Deleted in previous version fora file: <a href='%s'>% s.
    The phrase dovrbbeessere so: Deleted a previous version for a file: <a href='%s'>% s, with letter "a" detached.
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  7. EnzoC added a comment: [RC 1] Language bit "Get Support"   

    Maybe it's your problem, I have translated this sentence without problems
  8. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [beta7 Commerce - page not found]
    When I click on the link 'Markets' in the statistics, I get a blank page, this problem is just for me?
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  9. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta6 translation error Commerce]

    There is an error in the translation in Commerce, miss read "L" in this sentence

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  10. EnzoC added a comment: [BETA 7] YouTube Videos Still Not Embedding in Forums and Blog   

    On my forum works very well for you, simply enter the code sharing.
  11. EnzoC added a comment: [beta6] Does not save the sentences outdated   

    No, that's not the problem. Recapitulate, when I finished the translation of all phrases, I clicked on "no update", I saw that the sentences were so many and then I tried to save them updated, but I click on save but does not perform the operation
  12. EnzoC added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [beta6] Does not save the sentences outdated
    After you have finished translating all the sentences, I went to check the sentences out of date, but to my amazement I could not save no sentence. I can not do a check with the English language as it has phrases outdated. Is a bug or is this another mistake? some other user has been able to verify this?
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  13. EnzoC added a comment: [beta6] Report bugs in ACP   

    I've done it and got the same result (see second screenshot I posted)
  14. EnzoC added a comment: [beta6] Report bug translation   

    Thanks Andy, now I understand where I had gone wrong.
  15. EnzoC added a comment: [beta6] Report bug translation   

    I really think you have to reopen this bug. I've already reported the bug of the home, but there was no solution, because even in the version beta6 remained.