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  1. simonle added a post in a topic: 4.0.1!!!   

    ​This is what IPS says on the checkout-page:
    Currently, IP.Board is required when purchasing the IPS Community Suite. The next major release of the IPS Community Suite will decouple the Core and IP.Board fully, allowing IP.Board to be an optional choice when purchasing our software.
    You will still need the Core, but you can get Core+Gallery or Core+Pages etc. But it's not possible yet because they haven't updated their website.
  2. simonle added a post in a topic: 4.0.1!!!   

    Yep, why announce 4.0 when people can't even purchase the different IPS apps separately yet?
  3. simonle added a post in a topic: 4.0 GOLD!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! How about a promotion?   

    I would love a promo so that I can try out Core/Pages-only for a few projects
  4. simonle added a post in a topic: Pages: Allow different widgets for article view and articles.html   

    Yes! Yes! And Yes! I wholeheartedly agree, please implement this.
  5. simonle added a post in a topic: How to speed up the Background Processes?   

    ​Great, I'll wait till then to upgrade my forums.
  6. simonle added a post in a topic: Petition for the return of members list   

    Why? It's the first thing I remove from my site's navigation when I start a new forum. It's pretty pointless, just use the search options.
  7. simonle added a post in a topic: Looks like RC1 is out :)   

    Has anyone upgraded their live site yet? Care to show the rest of us?
  8. simonle added a post in a topic: Blog is Kind of Thin on Features. A handful of improvement ideas   

    Yep, Blog v4 is a huge disappointment.
    Here's my old list of potential improvements:
  9. simonle added a post in a topic: #hashtags IPB   

    I would love to have the possibility to use #hashtags in forum posts. It would probably be used more by my members and I than topic tags tbh.
    I don't understand how people in this topic can be so quick to dismiss hashtags. The internet evolves, and so much forums to stay relevant. If people don't like the idea of hashtags then just don't activate the feature (just like with topic tags).
  10. simonle added a post in a topic: IPS cloud hosting   

    Thank you!
    But I am still wondering if it's possible to increase the media and data storage and how much that will cost.
  11. simonle added a post in a topic: IPS cloud hosting   

    I am considering moving my current community to IPS cloud hosting (for better speed and reliability). But I have a few questions first:
    What happens when I exceed the set average online users limit?Can I increase the media and data storage? If so, how much extra will this cost me?Will I be able to upload files using an FTP-uploader, or am I locked into a web client of some sort?Can the support team help me move my current forum, domain, settings, skin and files over to IPS hosting, so that everything looks the same without much hassle?
  12. simonle added a post in a topic: IP.Blog version 4?   

    I haven't thought about it that much, just an overall feeling I got about the blog-addon. But here's a couple of things:
    The way the sidebars work now is bad imo. It would be better to let the user manage the sidebar and the different content blocks from a settings page. Like Google's Blogger does it. I want the ability to add default content blocks that the user cannot delete or hide. I want to be able to add a teaser paragraph to a blog entry. Let users add a couple of custom pages to their blogs which will show up in a custom menu (that you can organize on the settings page along with the content blocks). There are custom themes, but I don't want to give the user the option to change a whole skin, just let them customize the blog's header. Different post formats, just like Wordpress does it.
  13. simonle added a post in a topic: IP.Blog version 4?   

    The blog add-on is quite popular in my community. But it's unfortunately messy to work with (both as a user and admin), so I was just wondering if there will be major changes and/or updates to IP.Blog in version 4?
  14. simonle added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Cover photos   

    Nice, I really can't wait to get my hands on 4.0! Would love to see some of the new stuff for IP.Blog under the meantime. ;)
  15. simonle added a post in a topic: Abandon Wordpress ?   

    Check out my green blog which has a "main blog" (running IP.Content) where only a select few people are allowed to post.

    There seems to be endless opportunities with IP.Content and it feels I've barely scratched the surface so far. And yes, it's complicated. Especially if you don't know much HTML/CSS. But if you can manage your IPB forum, IP.Content shouldn't be that difficult. And you can always get help from the forum here.

    I'm fairly new to IPB, so I decided to make it easy for me. I bought a pre-made forum skin by IPBFocus and customized it until I was happy. ;)

Status Feed

  1. simonle

    All I want for Christmas is IPB 4...

  2. simonle

    Someone should make an achievement plugin for IPB4. :thumbsup:

  3. simonle

    I really hope IPS 4 will come with community achievements.

  4. simonle

    I really like this forum skin. Will it come with IP.Board 3.2.0 once its finished?

    1. Rikki

      Yes, this is the new default skin :)

    2. simonle

      Great! Then I might renew my license ;)

  5. simonle

    Maybe IPS can fix the search form display error in Opera for the next version?

    1. Matt

      This is fixed already. I'll update the company forums later today.

    2. stoo2000

      They might if it's in the Bug Tracker...

    3. simonle

      Thanks Matt! :)

  6. simonle

    Hopefully 3.1.0 fixes some display errors 3.0.5 currently has in Opera...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. stoo2000

      Depends if they have been reported as bugs....

    3. simonle

      I've only taken a quick glance but it seems the comment section in the Blogs still has some display errors such as the Smiley box not showing up, at all, when one is using Opera. :/

    4. stoo2000

      That will probably rely on a Blog update then not IP.Board. This is the only display bug I could find.