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  1. Tomzl added a post in a topic: Customizing the pages hierarchy   

    Currently the situation is like this (examples, not real URLs):
    The breadcrumbs look like:
    Invision Power Board > Mainpage
    Invision Power Board > Subpage

    What I want to achieve is remove the /page/ from the URL so the URLs would look like this:
    What I want to achieve with breadcrumbs is to show that the subpage is one level lower than the mainpage:
    Invision Power Board > Mainpage
    Invision Power Board > Mainpage > Subpage
    I have been told by IPS support that this is not possible out of the box so I'm wondering how do I achieve this. Is this a matter of modifying the templates or does it require developing a modification?
  2. Tomzl added a post in a topic: Thumbnails in IP4.0 Abysmal   

    I pointed out this issue on the IPS4 demo board since this holds true for all IPS applications.
    Even user's avatars and photos are only resized in HTML while the actual photos are larger. My attachment in this post shows the real size of images displayed as avatars in this topic. Instead of creating actural smaller versions of the photos, the images are just resized in HTML. Not only does this use more bandwdith and longer load times but the images resized in HTML look worse than if they were actually resized. The edges are more rough. Resizing images only in HTML to use as thumbnail has been a no-no since forever so I am surprised about IPS' decision for this solution.
    I ran into a similar issue in IP.Content v3 when I added an article image and wanted to have a thumbnail version of that image (to use in the Recent articles block for example). There was no option for this and I doubt there is one in the new version.
    Even in IP.Gallery v4 the images displayed as thumbnails are just full size images resized in HTML.
    This causes more bandwidth usage and slower page load times.
    I think every image upload in any of the IPS applications should be resized to smaller versions right away and be available for use throughout the entire community. The admin could set the preferred thumbnail sizes. The screenshot @opentype posted from his Wordpress blog is exactly what I'm talking about. Create thubmnails right away and have the option to use them any time.
    From what I've seen so far, IPS 4 is a rewrite of the code with basically the same features as v3 and I understand the authors are proud of it but as a user I expect it to be as good or better than competing software that has great features which are missing from IPS4 or are much more awkward in IPS than they should be.
    Sometimes trying to reinvent something that has already been solved is not the best idea. IPS should copy more solutions and features from other software and improve on that.

  3. Tomzl added a post in a topic: IP.Board feature suggestions (general / language system)   

    I really like these suggestions. I'm surprised they haven't been implemented in almost 3 years.

    It's strange there are 6 settings for date format and none of those effects the birthday date format. This must be an easy fix so I can't understand why it hasn't been implemented already. Why is birthday so special that we can't edit the date format?
  4. Tomzl added a post in a topic: Emoticons in signatures   

    Hey guys, I opened a support ticket about this and Mark replied it is a bug and reported it here: http://community.inv...gnatures-r38652

    The bug has been confirmed by Andy so I guess we can expect this feature to start working in one of the next releases. :smile:

    Thanks goes to Lucy Heartfilia for pointing out the blog post mentioning this feature. :thumbsup:
  5. Tomzl added a post in a topic: Need a professional skin done.   

    Is Ehren still active? I sent a quote request through his website on July 29th, sent him an e-mail a week later to check if he received my message since I didn't receive a reply and still nothing. I even sent him a PM through this board which he read 4 days ago and I'm still being ignored. I like his work but sending a quick reply saying I'm really busy or something takes less than a minute so I really don't understand it.

    After I got no reply from Ehren, I sent quote requests to and Tom Christian. replied immediately while Tom Christian also appears to have ignored my e-mail.

    Are these guys really so busy or what? It's not like I was asking for something for free. I'm prepared to pay a lot of money since I'm looking for a professional custom skin but even getting a simple reply appears to be almost impossible.
  6. Tomzl added a post in a topic: Emoticons in signatures   

    Why can't we have emoticons in signatures IPS?

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