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  1. RCITGuy added a post in a topic: Sudden Blank index page error 500 and broken gallery   

    Also, is the "/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/setup" directory needed or can I remove it?
  2. RCITGuy added a post in a topic: Sudden Blank index page error 500 and broken gallery   

    Hi Folks

    So a few days ago it seems my forum suddenly had a blank forum homepage.. Nothing changed on the server (Its my own dedicated server) and nothing changed software wise with IPB, yet for some reason, the main forum page when visiting the domain name showed just a blank page...

    I looged into the admin CP no problem, and it seems the forums were working fine, so long as people went directly to the forum or category URL's (Seems they did this through there browser history) and were posting messeges no prob's.

    So, I couldnt figure out what was causing it so I just uploaded the latest version 3.3.2 up to 3.3.4, including the latest gallery version 5.0.3, and the blogs too, ran the upgrader, all seems to have gone fine, everything worked, and the forums are all back online, however, when clicking on any gallery thumbnails, it just throws an ERROR500 in IE or a blank page in Firefox..?

    Also, I now see this in the error logs:

    and this:

    So I'm at a loss as to how to fix these and get the gallery pictures working again..

    In the gallery, I can go to an album, no problem, everything seems fie until you click on an actual thumbnail. The odd thing is, slideshow works just fine..

    I've followed the upgrade instruction to rebuild all images, I've recached all templates (Using the IPB default template out of the box) and tried recaching just about everything, but nothing works.

    Can anybody throw any light on this?

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