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  1. RCITGuy added a comment: [Beta 3a] Calendar upgrader errors, impossible to pass   

    Sorted this out and had it working in about 3 minutes :-)
    Logged into my google account, got my free API key and bang... All done for 25,000 uses a day for free!

    Shame people dont READ things before they shoot huh...
  2. RCITGuy added a comment: Profile 'about me' fatal error   

    Sorry, I mean my members are still getting "Error: Could not load template 'tabAboutMe' from group 'profile'" in a members profile page when clicking "About me"
    -You guys should let me edit my post within 60 seconds, save me making 2 posts...
  3. RCITGuy added a comment: Profile 'about me' fatal error   

    I have just done a clean fresh install of v3.3.1 and this error is coming up... How come?
  4. RCITGuy added a comment: [Pages 4.0 Beta 2.0.0] - Deleted Menu Items still visible   

    This no longer exists in 3.3.1..
  5. RCITGuy added a post in a topic: Search members by post count   

    Scrap that.... Please delete this...
  6. RCITGuy added a post in a topic: Requirements: Webspace   

    Hi Datorum

    Believe it or not, as with all web based applications, very little space is needed at all.
    I have a wide variety of communities, and host them all ourselves, so see the entire usage, including proper server usage at all times and can say...

    A small forum with almost 600 members and tons of hooks/plugins, galleries, a few handfuls of applications installed, total of 85mb...
    A larger community with 13,000 members, image uploads enabled, galleries and arcade, blogs etc for an 8yr old community is only using 1200mb...

    Obviously a lot depends on how you set them up, for example, I restric member picture uploads to 800x600 in resolution and a maximum of 500kb per post...

    Dont be bamboozled by the endless offerings of OVERSOLD web space, the internet still needs to be fast, and file sizes still need to be kept small, so if your offered GB's of space for almost next to nothing(A few dollars/pounds), read the T&C's VERY carefully as its a safe bet its highly oversold and the T&C's will have plenty of ways to stop you actually using it...
  7. RCITGuy added a record in Documentation   

    Make IP.Content your home page

    This article is correct, so long as people dont upload the index.php file form the IPcontent tools folder, because then that makes the "Download .htaccess" button vanish, hence me spending half an hour looking for it when it wasnt there at all. Once I put the normal inddex.php file back, and reverted the advanced settings, I got kicked out of my own forum, then logged back in, went to the advanced section again and the "Download .htaccess button" re-appeared.
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