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  • Interests I was first on anexa then UBB then went to VB. A user for just over 1 year of use and am kicking myself. Ill be lurking here till I get a feel and buy. Im also looking at Grossamer Threads

    Wish there was a gift system for members to use to send to each other. And A smilie category drop box so 400 smilies dont have to be displayed on one page.

    So far IP looks like the new home. Im giving myself a week to choose.
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looking for an out of box community. I like what I see, could use smiles page category so not all smiles show up in one page, and a clean gift system for members to purchase gifts for themselves or other members.

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  1. jazzyname » Alex

    Just checking out who is coding that wonderful, great idea, brilliant wordpress bridge... keep up the good work, I'm impressed

  2. jazzyname » Aggressions

    thank you, I appreciate you sharing that.

  3. Aggressions » jazzyname

    Buy it you wont be disappointed. I wasn't and I still a Vb license but I m not going back

  4. jazzyname

    Fumbling my way around this new play yard, please dont kick sand on me, lol

    1. Wolfie

      Can we throw sand instead? j/k

      If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask. :)