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  • Interests I was first on anexa then UBB then went to VB. A user for just over 1 year of use and am kicking myself. Ill be lurking here till I get a feel and buy. Im also looking at Grossamer Threads

    Wish there was a gift system for members to use to send to each other. And A smilie category drop box so 400 smilies dont have to be displayed on one page.

    So far IP looks like the new home. Im giving myself a week to choose.

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  1. jazzyname added a post in a topic: You win!   

    I really nice read about the IP that may also interest you...

  2. jazzyname added a post in a topic: May Desktops   

    congrats Andy on my new family member
  3. jazzyname added a post in a topic: May Desktops   

    here's mine for what it's worth
  4. jazzyname added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Template Merge Center   

    sweet, especially for those of us that are not skinning guru's, thank you
  5. jazzyname added a post in a topic: Latest VB to IPB converts list   

    here is a good read about converting
  6. jazzyname added a post in a topic: IP.Board integration (SSI)   

    IP.Content is is made only to work with IP. Board
  7. jazzyname added a post in a topic: Considering move from VB 3.8   

    what I'm find the main things are between the two... IPB has a complete manual, and its will NOT be released gold with 250+ bugs, while having competitive site to their clients/subscribers. To me there something hinky with that so those are the big pluses in my book for IPB as oppose to the other you mentioned.
  8. jazzyname added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Facebook API Updates   

    absolutely brilliant, ty
  9. jazzyname added a post in a topic: An admin's guide to skinning IPB   

    That guild is an absolute marvel and so much time you put into it.

    I was able through the demo here to follow your guild and put together something. In a hour time. Its not as nice as others but to show what your guild can do in helping even the most novice user, and may I add Im just a few days old here.

    So Brni, thank you for a wonderful guild.

    I still have some work to do, like the blue lettering, the light blue bar under the cat box and dark blue around the member picture.

    Any way thins is what I was able to do using your guild and I know absolutely nothing about skinning IP, lol I'm still fumbling my way around the board here.

    LOL, as long as I have a manual, I can follow along. AND there are manuals... Thanks broni
  10. jazzyname added a post in a topic: Security Software   

    Ditto what broni said.. Yep me I use the same and 'windows essentials security'. With an addition to Ccleaner though that has nothing to do with firewall or virus, but it cleans very nice, so the little buggers can't find a hiding place.
  11. jazzyname added a post in a topic: DMOZ listing   

    Alta visa and DMOZ was great in its day, its still good, but algorithms have taken over. It is still used by admin that have a deprecated web linking system, that they mandate.

    I would say find the right category and submit, it does not effect negatively to your site.
  12. jazzyname added a post in a topic: Custon skinning   

    does the Skin Generator meet what your looking for... more info can be found here
  13. jazzyname added a post in a topic: Converting from vB 3.8 - Next unread post   

    yep, its here botton of page right above the 'Start a New Topic" button
  14. jazzyname added a post in a topic: My 5 Cents for switching to IPS from Jelsoft or Internet Brands :)   

    One thing that stands out while i have been here, is i dont feel like there is an alternative motive to Why you build this software. IP doesn't have multi competitive websites to their webware clients. *cleansing breath*
  15. jazzyname added a post in a topic: From Internet Brands to Invision Power Services   

    Thank you for sharing, the webware looks good and Hey Looky, IP has a manual... lol
    You know a product is complete when it comes with a manual. 'nough said

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looking for an out of box community. I like what I see, could use smiles page category so not all smiles show up in one page, and a clean gift system for members to purchase gifts for themselves or other members.

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    Just checking out who is coding that wonderful, great idea, brilliant wordpress bridge... keep up the good work, I'm impressed

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    thank you, I appreciate you sharing that.

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    Buy it you wont be disappointed. I wasn't and I still a Vb license but I m not going back

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    Fumbling my way around this new play yard, please dont kick sand on me, lol

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      Can we throw sand instead? j/k

      If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask. :)