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  1. Trix

    I have just successfully converted a Wordpress skin over to Ip.Content and am pretty proud of myself!

    1. AndyF

      Excellent :)

    2. Ryan Ashbrook

      Care to share? :)

    3. TaffyCaffy

      Awesome. Knew you could do it!

    4. Trix

      Share how Ryan? Unfortunately the Wordpress theme was a paid one, so i cannot share it :) Thanks Taffy, it was actually your reply that put me in the right direction

    5. sadel

      i could pay for the theme and you can help me convert it to ip.c...please? :)

    6. c0bra

      Yeah I could buy the theme, you should make a tut in the forums :)

    7. c0bra

      oh and whats your sites URL so we can see it?

    8. Ryan Ashbrook

      Share as in, link so we can see it. :P

    9. Trix

      Hmm maybe i should do a tutorial, not very good at explaining things though and definetely not an expert! Ryan check your PM's

    10. ørret

      Why PM? Make link official please.

  2. Trix

    Where do you report problems you are having on this site?

    1. Charles

      Company Feedback forum

    2. Trix


  3. Trix

    Is there anyone who i can chat with who can help with vB conversion! Support ticket is taking hours :o(

  4. Trix

    I give up

    1. Interferon

      Trying is the first step towards failure.

    2. Kieran Mc

      But equally it is the first step towards success.

    3. SkimPappa

      I quit giving up, its too much work

  5. Trix

    Updating status from iPhone app! Yup there's an app for that too

    1. Wolfie

      Need to keep up with all the new IPS goodies? There's an app for that! (okay not yet...)

  6. Trix » Wolfie

    Hmphhh you should be able to comment on peoples comments! Like in status things! Anyway, I never knew what that saying meant until about 2 years after using the name (I'm in UK) I now have the Trix rabbit doll that i got from Canada, and a box of the cereal that is never to be opened!

  7. Wolfie » Trix

    Silly Trix, rabbits are for kids! :)