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  1. Trix added a post in a topic: Download: Elegance Infinity ~White Sea~   

    Does this support sidebars? I've purchased the skin from here last night, and uploaded to my site. The sidebar appears below all of the forums near the bottom of the page.
  2. Trix added a post in a topic: Nexus and Advertising   

    Just wondering if i am missing something. I can create my own advertisement banner, and set it to expire in X days, but i cannot create an advertising package for people to buy, that expires in X days? Only with X impressions or clicks.

    Is this right or am i missing something somewhere?
  3. Trix added a post in a topic: Download: Shoutbox   

    I love the shoutbox, and it's great of you to take it onboard and maintain it for everyone, thank you.

    I have a small problem, i had the previous shoutbox version and just upgraded my forum and the shoutbox today.

    I have enabled all of the application and its hooks, and yet under the shoutbox settings, i am still missing two options on the left side (they are showing up on my localhost fresh install) that allow you to move the position of the shoutbox etc.

    Also, when going to SETTINGS - Shoutbox there is one option there that says it should have 8 setttings inside (i think) when clicking this, it is empty.

    Thanks for any help you can give :)
  4. Trix added a post in a topic: Having two issues on this site   

    Firstly, whenever loading a page on this site (using Chrome) i always get a blank page saying

    No data received

    Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data.<p id="suggestions" jsdisplay="suggestionsHeading" jstcache="2" style="-webkit-margin-start: 3px; margin-top: 15px; ">
    Here are some suggestions:

    Reload this web page later.

    Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

    Not sure if this is my computer, or the site causing this issue?

    Second problem i am having is the 'Find Content' option when viewing a members profile. I tried using the button in my profile, and it showed me a list of posts/threads i had made, but there are a few missing.

    For example i found this thread here

    Which does not show up at all when viewing my content, here[forums][searchInKey]=&search_app_filters[forums][sortKey]=date&search_app_filters[forums][sortDir]=&st=0

    Am i missing something or doing something wrong?
  5. Trix added a post in a topic: Download: (TH) The Car Show   

    Is it possible to get the PSD for the category header, with the red car in it? Just to make life easier
  6. Trix added a post in a topic: Marketplace - Board version as filter/search option?   

    Just been browsing the Marketplace and i couldnt see this option, or maybe it does not exist?

    Is it not possible to filter items on there based on what version they are compatible with? It would make it a lot easier if you could click on 'Board' on the left and then choose from a list of board version such as 3.1 or 3.2 and then be shown mods for that version, rather than finding something you are interested in, and then discovering it's not compatible yet.
  7. Trix added a post in a topic: Download: (TH) The Car Show   

    This is beautiful, and perfectly done.
  8. Trix added a post in a topic: Download: Pure   

    Screenshot looks great, want to see it in action though before i purchase, but the website is down.
  9. Trix added a post in a topic: Another IP.Content question   

    Horrah, thank you for the response, just what i was hoping to hear.........Off to purchase now :)
  10. Trix added a post in a topic: Another IP.Content question   

    Thanks for the reply, i'm hoping it won't be that bad in the long run.

    Still hoping for a reply to answer the other questions though before i buy
  11. Trix added a post in a topic: Database errors on this sites blog   

    Hi there, i'm not 100% on how to duplicate the error, but i went into the blog section, and used the search function to search for ip.content.

    It brought up a list fine, but when i tried to open the first one on the list i got a database error. Here is a link to the blog i was trying to open, which still gives the error too :)

    Wow, i made that really complicated huh?!
  12. Trix added a post in a topic: Another IP.Content question   

    Hello everyone, obviously I have some questions regarding IP.content so please bear with me whilst I try to explain them!

    1) I've read a lot about how google loves Wordpress because of it being dynamic and the page constantly updating (With new blogs/replies etc). This lead me down the route of creating a Wordpress homepage, which in the links went to my forum.

    Now, re-thinking this, would it do the same thing if I was to use ip.content as my homepage, and a block or section of the homepage would populate with recent posts/threads. For example 5 recent threads, or 5 recent posts. Would this cause google to keep checking the page because it is constantly updated?

    2) The popular wiki debate I've seen on the forums! I want to create a wiki(ish) styled section. I don't want regular users to be able to edit it, just moderators and admins. It would have categories, and inside these categories would be items. For example... Wood -> Brown Wood................ Then inside the Brown Wood would be a page or a few lines explaining what brown wood is. Hope that makes sense.

    3) If i can do this, is it searchable? So a user can type a word into the search box and if we have a definition for it, it will appear.

    4) Custom HTML/CSS. Is it simple to take a html/css website design, and move it over to ip.content? I know basic/average html and css

    5) That's all I can think of for now, thanks :)
  13. Trix added a post in a topic: Loyalty Discount: Extra Option   

    Thank you for the fast reply.

    So set it up so that when a member reaches X posts they get moved to a certain group, and then assign a discount to that group? Makes sense i guess but a bit of a long way to do it :)

    Could the registration idea possibly become a feature soon *hint hint nudge nudge*
  14. Trix added a post in a topic: Loyalty Discount: Extra Option   

    Hey there, i've just installed Nexus on a test board and am thrilled with it. It has every option i need....apart from one tiny thing!

    There is an option to add a 'Loyalty Discount' but it only lets you select other packages from the drop down. so if they own x amount of other packages they get a discount.

    It would be nice (for me) to have an option in there aswell for post count, or registered since.

    So if the user has more than X amount, they get a loyalty discount. Or if they have been registered X amount of days they get a discount.

    Or is this already there somewhere and i've missed it?

    Thanks :)
  15. Trix added a post in a topic: (DP34) Similar Topics   

    Am i right to assume this takes into consideration permissions for certain areas?

    Such as admin only areas. I noticed threads from there showing up in the simliar topics bit when signed in as admin.

    Will my users see these too, or not?


Status Feed

  1. Trix

    I have just successfully converted a Wordpress skin over to Ip.Content and am pretty proud of myself!

    1. AndyF

      Excellent :)

    2. Ryan Ashbrook

      Care to share? :)

    3. TaffyCaffy

      Awesome. Knew you could do it!

    4. Trix

      Share how Ryan? Unfortunately the Wordpress theme was a paid one, so i cannot share it :) Thanks Taffy, it was actually your reply that put me in the right direction

    5. sadel

      i could pay for the theme and you can help me convert it to ip.c...please? :)

    6. c0bra

      Yeah I could buy the theme, you should make a tut in the forums :)

    7. c0bra

      oh and whats your sites URL so we can see it?

    8. Ryan Ashbrook

      Share as in, link so we can see it. :P

    9. Trix

      Hmm maybe i should do a tutorial, not very good at explaining things though and definetely not an expert! Ryan check your PM's

    10. ørret

      Why PM? Make link official please.

  2. Trix

    Where do you report problems you are having on this site?

    1. Charles

      Company Feedback forum

    2. Trix


  3. Trix

    Is there anyone who i can chat with who can help with vB conversion! Support ticket is taking hours :o(

  4. Trix

    I give up

    1. Interferon

      Trying is the first step towards failure.

    2. Kieran Mc

      But equally it is the first step towards success.

    3. SkimPappa

      I quit giving up, its too much work

  5. Trix

    Updating status from iPhone app! Yup there's an app for that too

    1. Wolfie

      Need to keep up with all the new IPS goodies? There's an app for that! (okay not yet...)

  6. Trix » Wolfie

    Hmphhh you should be able to comment on peoples comments! Like in status things! Anyway, I never knew what that saying meant until about 2 years after using the name (I'm in UK) I now have the Trix rabbit doll that i got from Canada, and a box of the cereal that is never to be opened!

  7. Wolfie » Trix

    Silly Trix, rabbits are for kids! :)