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  1. Bartek added a post in a topic: Reply to email   

    More welcome would be reply to private message directly from email client.
    Anyone seen such addon? Is invision planning include this feature which already work on many online services?
  2. Bartek added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery 5.0.2 - why can't users move their own images?   

    That is 'development' and 'upgrading' in Invision gallery meaning - new versions have less features and simply are worst. As we also can see - no one from staff even comment it for 5 months.
  3. Bartek added a post in a topic: Help me understand this licence renewal stuff   

    The problem is that this system don't promote development of other apps as ex At last system I was renewing additional apps where there was any significant updates that makes them better. IP.Board is for me the only part of the suite that is supported and changes are really good but ex. is virtually not changing over time (nothing important) and is changing to even worst that previous versions - and ip.staff seems not listening customers complaints about that (ex cattegories issue and others).
    But now I will have to buy all apps even if there are not really good or important changes there - i can opt for not buy them, but ex. after 5months I will have to pay the same amount as now and have acces to it for only 1 month - PERFECT.

    What I understood is in future I can not even use new version of IP.Board with not much older version of even if changes in gallery are so tiny that it wont cause compability issues.

    Grate idea to rip off customers from their money for something that they wouldn't normally buy.

    By the way Invision deactivate my suite and they trying to say that I did it by mistake. Waiting for single answer to a ticket takes so long that I've started to worry that their error would be solved before my suite really expire. :)

    If you want to get more money just raise the price! not complicate system - making people think that the renewal (reactivation) price is for 6months - which is true only in one day out of 180.
  4. Bartek added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Auto Import Externally linked photos   

    Good idea! Also need this feature - users forget that they made post with some images and delete them on external services resulting missing photos on forum.
  5. Bartek added a post in a topic: Image cache for non-hosted images?   

    Also need this feature. Or any way to store externally hosted images for use if the place whare they are now stop functioning etc.
  6. Bartek added a post in a topic: Edit permision time per forum   

    Is it possible to allow specific time for editing own posts for members in specific sub-forum?
    I want to dissable editing time limit only in one subforum, not in whole forum.
    Maybe there is Mod for that?

    thank you.
  7. Bartek added a post in a topic: Remove warning option   

    Still no response or info from Invision?
    So I'll wait with licence reneval too.
  8. Bartek added a post in a topic: Messenger PM & users   

    Sorry, but this argument have nothing in common .
    Maybe most users are not the one who want to change it, but EVERYONE who receive/send message knows that he is already a part of his conversation and don't need to be informed about it. What everyone needs is to quickly knows with whom this conversation is. Especially when one receive lot of messages.
  9. Bartek added a post in a topic: Remove warning option   

    There is no sorting in this option, no delete only one warning when user have more (only all or nothing). This feature (upgraded) should be included in the same place where you give warnings.Maybe available only for admin group.

    New thing to update for Invision!
  10. Bartek added a post in a topic: Calendar needs List View   

    New Calendar version arrived ... and does it contain this simple but main element? Or Invision forget about IP.Calendar?
  11. Bartek added a post in a topic: Calendar View - list of events   

    I really need this option to show only events from calendar with dates (like topics view)..

    1 Jan
    2 Jan - Event 1
    3 Jan
    4 Jan - Event 2

    List would look:

    2 Jan - Event 1
    4 Jan - Event 2

    Or maybe already is a mod to do it?
  12. Bartek added a post in a topic: Gallery - Most Wanted Features   

    Prevent delete image used in forum posts!

    (or moderator need to confirm deleting image or can revert delete - any way to do it.)
  13. Bartek added a post in a topic: Messenger PM & users   

    Yes, but when I send lot of messages, whole list looks like:
    Without any idea to who I wrote a message.
  14. Bartek added a post in a topic: Messenger PM & users   

    Anyone know how to change this useless feature? Or maybe can explain me, that showing my own info in conversation list is good solution?
  15. Bartek added a post in a topic: Request: Truncation of RSS   

    I also need rss description truncate.

    Another reason for that is rss export all content of post no matter what perrmision it have - so anyone can see content of restricted forum.

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