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  1. SecondSight added a comment on a blog entry: Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    Thank you. :) My server has got 12 cores and 64 GB, so I believe it will be about the same...
  2. SecondSight added a comment on a blog entry: Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    Hello ! :)
    If I understand well, the first thing to do is convert the database to UTF8. Can you tell me how long it will take for a 8 GigaBytes database ?
    Thank you  :)
  3. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Bridging IPB with Moodle   

    I would be insterested too by a way to bridge IPB and Moodle. :)
  4. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Turning a community into an educative e-learning system ?   

    Hello ! :)

    I've been using IPB products since 2003 and I'm very satisfied with it (except for IPContent which is impossible to use for me without losing a lot of time, since you have to code everything, if you can code...).

    My community is about education in primary schools and it is free. It is used by primary school teachers, students who want to become primary school teachers and parents, and it is a success, so far...

    I wonder today how I can use IPB products to turn my community into an e-learning system, like Moodle for instance...

    What do you think of this ? Is it possible, in your opinion ?

    Thank you ! :)

  5. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Validating accounts problems and bugs   

    Hello ! :smile:

    As for me, there was no performance problem in the past regarding validating members and showing all awaiting validation accounts...
    Anyway, now, it's slower...
    We also have this nice "effect" of a vanishing page when clicking on a button, etc. Is this effect a possible cause of performance problems ?

    If this is the case, as for me, I don't need these effects in the ACP. I need a fast and easy to use ACP with plenty of functionnalities which make my work easier and faster (like it was before, speaking about the account validation system).

    So, I need :
    - ability to show only account awaiting email change validation (because now these accounts are a little lost in my 16 pages).
    - ability to show only accounts awaiting admin validation or user validation,... and validate these accounts in one click.
    well, efficient like it was before. :smile:

    It's true that I check each account awaiting for email validation, but if there are certainly not many admins doing this, It was very easy and fast to do before. Now, I have between 50 and 150 account creations each day, and the new system makes things very difficult.
  6. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Validating accounts problems and bugs   

    Hello, :smile:

    In my opinion there is a big problem with validating accounts in IPB 3.2.3.

    => It seems like there is a bug : if I validate accounts on the first page, then navigate to other pages and go back to the first page, accounts I've already validated still appear as not validated. Same thing when you delete accounts : I delete a few accounts on page 12, go to page 11, go back to page 12 and the deleted accounts still appear.

    => I don't notice accounts waiting for email change.

    => I'm losing a lot of time validating accounts wich can last 20 minutes instead of the 4/5 minutes before.
    I've talked about it here :
    Is it possible to have the same functionnalities as before (with IPB 3.1.4), regarding accounts validation ?
    Especially :
    - the possibility to only show accounts waiting for admin validation.
    - showing more than 10 accounts on each page ?
    so that we don't have to go through a dozen of pages to check the accounts according to their type (admin validation, user validation, email change).

    Thank you. :smile:
  7. SecondSight added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0: View New Content and Topic Marking   

    Same opinion here : I have hundreds of new posts everyday on my board, so options such as "new items in the last 6 months" and even "last month" don't appear very useful. :)
    What I would have liked is the possibility to exclude from the "View New Content" forums which I have no insterests in (I don't know if this can be easily done).

    Thank you for all this work. :)
  8. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Really unhappy with "Find my content"   

    Ok, I've found it. :) Thank you ! :)
  9. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Really unhappy with "Find my content"   

    Hello ! :)

    I'm really really really unhappy with the new "Find my content" in a member's profile : when you click on the button, it returns all the topics where the member has posted... This is nearly useless... Now I have to go through each topic to find his posts... This is an incredible loss of time.

    In the past, "Find my content" used to return all the posts a member had posted, not the topics where he had posted.

    Finding a member's posts can be important, for moderation for instance. Now, I need to find posts made by a member who often posts racial insults, and I can't.

    Is this something which can be configured, and if not, is there a solution ?

    Thank you ! :)
  10. SecondSight added a record in IP.Board   

    Bug in the ACP Editor ? (board rules)
    Hello !

    I've had many problems modifying my board rules (which hadn't been modified for a long time...).

    I'm using the IPB 3.1.3, the wysiwyg editor, Firefox 3.6.12, on a mac book pro (Snow Leopard).

    First, I had these problems after validating the changes I had made :
    - in the first text zone, the content simply disappeared and there was no more text...
    - in the second text zone, the text was here but the lines were broken (when I looked at the html code, I noticed some <br /> had been added after one or a few words in the sentences).

    I already had a problem of this kind when trying to publish old articles (created with Ineo) in IPContent. So I tried the same solution which was : removing links which were in my board rules. And it worked.
    I now had text in the two text zones, but lines had been added to the text (see first screenshot below)...

    So I selected the text in the first text zone and I used the "remove formatting" button. Then I re-created my board rules text : I put some text in bold, underlined some text, etc. When It was finished, I copied the text in the first text zone and pasted it in the second text zone, but it didn't work again...
    - lines had been added in the second text zone and so there are huge spaces between the lines. The text is the same (same html code in both text zones). Here is a screenshot :
    - line breaks had been added....

    There was no more problems with the text in the first text zone, and I tried several times to copy and paste text or html code but the problem didn't disappear. So, in the end, I decided to use the "remove formatting" button in the second text zone too...
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  11. SecondSight added a comment: Recieving duplicate "New Reply Notification" emails   

    It's ok for me : it fixed the problem. I'm no longer receiving multiple email notifications.
  12. SecondSight added a comment: Recieving duplicate "New Reply Notification" emails   

    OK. I've not answered to the support ticket I opened because I'm unable to duplicate the problem. So I'm going to try this right now.
  13. SecondSight added a comment: Recieving duplicate "New Reply Notification" emails   

    Hello !

    I'm experiencing the same problem on my board (3.1.2) : I and my board's members receive dozens of email notifications. For instance, I put a screenshot here :
  14. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Categorizing the bloglist   

    Do you think this will be made in the next version ?

    Thank you ! :)
  15. SecondSight added a post in a topic: Categorizing the bloglist   

    Hello ! :)

    I was going to post a topic about this. It's very difficult to find something in the blogs and you don't feel like reading the blogs when you see the blogs page which gives an impression of mess... Having the ability to create categories would put some order and understanding in all this... :)

    I was thinking about something similar to the Galleries : blogs being ordered by topics. On my board, members need to gather and work together on a specific topic and so far, they prefer using facebook... :(

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