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  1. thehub added a post in a topic: Tagged Data Feeds   

    I've recently switched over to Sphinx search and suddenly my Tag Feed blocks aren't returning any results. Switch back to MySQL and it works fine.

    The normal tag search functionality returns results so they seem to be indexed, but just not picked up in Feed Block.

    Has anyone else using Sphinx had similar issues?
  2. thehub added a post in a topic: Google DoubleClick DFP Header/Body tags   

    We use DFP small business with IPB. Not via Nexus ads though.

    DFP tends to take 10-15 minutes to start serving ads on freshly generated ad tags. So unfortunately when implementing new tags or changes you do have to give it some time.
    globalTemplate is the right spot for it - we created a separate template bit called "includeDFP" which contains all the DFP header code plus some targeting tags. Its not necessary but it does keep things neat, especially as you add more DFP tags or targeting parameters.
  3. thehub added a post in a topic: Article publish date reverts to GMT time after saving   

    We're having an issue with IP.Content articles after upgrading to 2.3.6 (Board is still on 3.3.4).

    Whenever an article is published after selecting a date, e.g. 2pm, it jumps back to 12pm on the actual article view and listing pages.

    We're in South Africa (GMT +2) so it seems to be something to do with the offset. 

    Is this a template issue or perhaps a new setting somewhere that's been missed?

    Many thanks!
  4. thehub added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - File Storage   

    Great stuff!!

    S3 support will be fantastic along with a neatly abstracted storage layer :)

    Suddenly scaling out is made a whole lot easier. Looking forward to this! 
  5. thehub added a post in a topic: Moving to Amazon Web Services   

    Hi John,

    Apologies for digging up this somewhat old thread.

    Also looking to make a move to AWS. Similarly using RDS for the IPS DB, EC2 instances for the web server. S3 and cloud front.

    Have you made the move to AWS? If so what have your experiences been relating to IPS?

    Specifically are you using auto-scaling + load balancing on the EC2 instances?
    This is a key to providing flexible scalability for us allowing to scale out automatically, however I'm not settled on how to manage content across scaled instances. Any suggestions on syncing / managing the user uploads and IPS cached files between the instances?

    I've seen lots of talk on using s3fs for shared file storage to maintain consistency of uploaded files and any dynamically generated files across EC2 instances. This seems like the common approach for similar setups (e.g. Wordpress media files) and may be the way to go.

    Any comments or suggestions based on your experience would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,
  6. thehub added a post in a topic: Duplicate Members Logger   

    Great Mod! Been using it for some time and have successfully put a stop to many trouble makers using duplicate accounts.

    Something that would be great to see in a future version is the addition of a "Matched Duplicate accounts" section in the ACP member tab. Currently it lists the machine ID's for that member - a great extension would be to also list the other accounts using that machine ID.

    What I've found is that with a list of nearly 500 matched duplicates browsing through the pages to see if a particular member has any duplicates can be tedious and time consuming.

    If there was a quick way to search for or check on a particular member it would be a very helpful addition. One I'd happily pay extra for.
  7. thehub added a post in a topic: ReferenceError: ipb is not defined   

    We had a massive hardware failure earlier in the week and were forced to move IPB to a new web and DB server. We've been encountering minor config issues (all my.cnf and apache config was lost). 
    For some reason javascript popup elements like the messages dropdown, notifications dropdown, user cp, quick nav, sign-in etc. are only working on some pages, on the rest the following error shows in Firebug and the popups don't work:
    ReferenceError: ipb is not defined Additionally, on the pages were this error occurs I've noticed that skin edits (e.g. a change to nav menu items) do not reflect immediately. Only after 10 minutes or so.
    Could this be some kind of caching issue which is affecting the loading of js modules?
    Here are some pages where the issue occurs (seems to be mainly root pages):

    All dropdowns work fine without any script errors on other pages (and skin edits reflect immediately):
    e.g. forum topics, forum index, messenger etc.

    Any ideas on what the cause could be?

    I've recached templates, turned CDN on and off, minify on and off.  

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