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  1. .time added a post in a topic: 503 Error After Sending PM   

    Edit: Nevermind, thought this was a different board.
  2. .time added a post in a topic: Adjusting Downloads   

    It's in group permission settings I'm pretty sure.
  3. .time added a post in a topic: Removal of install.php - need help. (New Administrator)   

    FTP is in no way "proper" if you care about security at all. The SFTP method the OP mentioned is best, he just needs to get the login credentials from his admin, and log in with an app like Cyberduck.
  4. .time added a post in a topic: putting SEO extensions on the end of URL's?   

    That's not going to make a difference in SEO, it's just something extra to type. If you really want it though, look at furlTemplates.php.
  5. .time added a post in a topic: Using httpd.conf instead of htaccess ?   

    What does litespeed do that nginx doesn't, out of curiosity? I'd rather save my money.
  6. .time added a post in a topic: Using httpd.conf instead of htaccess ?   

    You wouldn't use cPanel if you cared at all about server resources...

    Using httpd.conf will save you a bit but not much. If you're low on power, try swapping apache for nginx.
  7. .time added a post in a topic: Switching to Nginx from Apache   

    Yeah, but finding someone who can convert your htaccess file shouldn't be that hard.
  8. .time added a post in a topic: Switching to Nginx from Apache   

    1. Why do you need cPanel? It's a resource hog itself and it's pretty useless if you aren't reselling space on your server.
    2. Proxying to Apache isn't going to do much either, just get rid of it. Here's what I use for FURLs in nginx:  http://paste.laravel.com/9S1
  9. .time added a post in a topic: Upgrading 3.1 -> 3.3   

    The class was there since 3.0.0, but it didn't have its own file til 3.2. It used to be in core.php or something. (though it would make more sense in the members app since its technically a model)
  10. .time added a post in a topic: Upgrading 3.1 -> 3.3   

    I guess it depends how complex your addons are. Mine are admittedly pretty basic.
  11. .time added a post in a topic: Gift Voucher   

    Put this in feedback, it's a good suggestion. For now, just email to yourself and copy/paste the code into a PM. It's a little more personal if the PM doesn't look machine-generated anyway.
  12. .time added a post in a topic: Upgrading 3.1 -> 3.3   

    The API changes aren't that significant, so the upgrade to 3.3 is definitely worth it.
  13. .time added a post in a topic: Core?   

    I would like Office and Chrome but don't install an OS, please.
  14. .time added a post in a topic: Put Something Unique on the Client Center Page   

    Err, nexus.css is "just nexus" unless I'm missing something here.
  15. .time added a post in a topic: Would you like to see a client directory?   

    There used to be one, but it vanished with IP.Links.

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  1. .time » Fisana.

    'Delicate' and 'Light' are my two favourite free skins on here, great work. :)

  2. .time

    Paid out my first affiliate using Nexus's referral system. Woot.

  3. .time

    I think I broke a topic... Driver Error.

  4. .time

    Anyone else getting a lot of spambots today?

  5. .time

    Received a support request in 48pt today... Why does Nexus let you set the font that big anyway? :\

  6. .time

    I wonder why the design of the 3.2 upgrader wasn't changed.

  7. .time

    Updated my small forum to 3.2 because it gets like no traffic and I don't really care if I have to start it over. My bigger forum will have to wait though... :(

    1. Mikey


    2. .time


  8. .time

    Which'll come first? 3.2 or OS X Lion? Hmm...

    1. .Peter

      OS X

    2. Shadow82x


    3. .Corey

      what about after lion? Like Cougar

    4. .Peter

      I'm thinking the next OS will be OS Kitten

    5. TeamJesus

      or OS IPB! w00t!

  9. .time

    I swear there's a board missing from the first category here..... :\

    1. PSNation

      IPS Marketplace Blogs

    2. Marcher Technologies

      Moved to Community Resources

    3. TheRevTastic

      It was moved down to the Community Resources category.

  10. .time

    Is the number of chat participants no longer shown in the Chat tab?

    1. Hennet

      probably disabled

    2. Shadow82x

      its actually a bug, a developer said. I think it was reported

    3. teraßyte

      I'ts a bug in the current beta version installed on here. We have fixed it for the next update :)

  11. .time

    Google.com got butchered... :\

    1. ♥ Adam ♠

      They're changing the look. I like it so far. Black bar is kind of different, but its not ugly.

    2. Marcher Technologies

      I think They decided to Drop/Re-index EVERYTHING... some massively missing search results.

  12. .time

    extremely tempted to upgrade my community to 3.2 beta... *twitch*

    1. MageLeif

      Don't do it!

      Seriously, don't.

    2. Cory b

      Doooooo itttttt

  13. .time

    Who actually uses individual category pages? (/forum/xxxxxx)

  14. .time

    I need to get an IPS job just for the cool avatar.

    1. Alex


    2. DeRealDeano


    3. Ryan Ashbrook

      *shines his badge*

    4. .Brian

      I don't get an avatar either!

    5. Mikey

      *opens photoshop*

  15. .time

    lol "A support request in the Support support department has been created or replied to."

  16. .time

    just bought Nexus :ike:

  17. .time

    If I buy Nexus now will I have to wait til Monday (next IPS business day) to download it?

    1. .Peter


  18. .time

    lol @ ':ike:'

  19. .time

    Anyone else planning on upgrading their live boards to 3.2 beta? lol (yes I'm fully aware of the risks involved)

    1. ørret

      beta has been so stable i dont see a reason why not to. its not tested on big boards yet though, but it wouldnt be an issue on smaller boards i think.

    2. TheRevTastic


    3. MageLeif

      I am.

    4. Glumbo

      I will for sure

    5. Feld0

      I think I just might. I've just got to remember to back up my database before I do. Agreed that the beta has been a very stable experience from what I saw, and 3.2 is an incredible piece of kit.

    6. Michael

      I will be

    7. Jamie.

      if i get the money for skins etc lol

  20. .time

    3.2 makes my board look extremely dated ._.

    1. AndyF

      It makes EVERY other board look dated :)

    2. ørret

      Where is like button? :P

    3. JPavey

      Wait wut, you can test 3.2?!

    4. rsyvarth

      For awhile yes.. they took it offline. It used to be here: http://internal32.invisionpower.com/

    5. JPavey

      Oh I thought he meant test test, as in on his on IP.Board lol =)

  21. .time

    I like the new board offline screen in 3.2..... hope it's completely theme independent.

    1. Luke

      Yeah I do too. Much better than the old one.

  22. .time

    Apparently my demo account will be activated in ten hours... Just wanted to play with Nexus :(

    1. Collin S.

      We're aware of the backlog and are working on it. :)

  23. .time

    Why is internal32 taken offline at night?

    1. TheRevTastic

      So staff can tend to things (UK staff).

    2. .Peter

      Also I imagine they don't want the feedback forums to be overrun with topics.. They read all of them and many times you will hear Charles say "Thanks for your feedback this will be added/changed for the 3.2 release" or something to that effect.

    3. Aisha

      Because of the spammers

    4. Mikey

      because of because!

  24. .time

    Hoping 3.2 will keep the ?year=i<31999 easter egg.

  25. .time » Olivier Turbis

    Where do you buy/download your skin fonts from? I always like them.