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  1. Lindy added a post in a topic: Show yourself   

    ​Hah! I'm not sure how tall he is. I'm 6ft3 (though I'm getting older, maybe I'm shrinking?) and he's not taller than me. Must be the angle... or maybe he's wearing Air Jordans!
    It's been a while - welcome back!
  2. Lindy added a post in a topic: TV Shows   

    I'm in the minority with my list: 
    - American Pickers
    - Ice Road Truckers
    - Gold Rush
    - COPS
    - NYMed
    - Orange is the New Black

    @Kirito - House was one of my favorite shows too, beginning to end.   Sitcom wise, there's few that top Home Improvement, King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond. 
  3. Lindy added a post in a topic: IPS 4 (RC)   

    ​We will likely have 6-8 release candidate releases and then finally gold. 
    Just kidding. We're expecting a short schedule / path to gold. 
  4. Lindy added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    For now, you can toggle between "Default" and "Grid" using the theme selector at the bottom of the page. 
  5. Lindy added a post in a topic: Are we close to the final release?   

    It should be soon, we're getting very close! Obviously we want the product as stable and polished as possible, but also recognize we have to draw the line somewhere. I would say we're to the point where we're looking at a timeframe of weeks instead of months. 
  6. Lindy added a post in a topic: What song are you currently listening to?   

  7. Lindy added a post in a topic: Show yourself   

    The guys are going to love me for this, but here's an informal group pic of some of us at IPS

    Left to right: Brandon, myself, Ryan, Phil (Mark H), Rhett, Charles, Rikki
  8. Lindy added a post in a topic: Favorite Movie(s)   

    I couldn't narrow it down to one, but these come to mind, in no particular order: 
    - Top Gun
    - Godfather
    - Goodfellas
    - Christmas Vacation 
    - Back to the Future
    - The Green Mile
    - Stand By Me
    - Despicable Me (I have 3 kids, cut me some slack!) 
  9. Lindy added a post in a topic: Welcome to general chat!   

    ​I did! I get happier by the day - ask anyone at IPS.
  10. Lindy added a post in a topic: 4.0 has less options than 3.4.x?   

    As always, we appreciate the feedback! I'll let a developer address the specifics regarding background tasks, but I'll try to address the concern in terms of overall feature and setting perception.
    IPS4 is a new platform and in some ways, a new beginning - it's the first complete rewrite in IPS history. With that, we wanted to take a step back, modernize and streamline the product. Some settings and features were felt to be rarely used and/or irrelevant and expensive to maintain, so they were removed altogether. Other settings targeting advanced users were moved from the AdminCP into "hidden" settings - these are editable via constants.php and I believe we're working on documenting those for release. 
    There's already been several things that feedback has prompted us to reintroduce, so please be sure to let us know of specifics. Keep in mind, based on our typical demographic and userbase, most of our customers prefer the less-is-more approach and don't want pages of settings and confusing functionality to work through. So, we may not be able to take on every suggestion and obscure setting that once existed, but if it's a popular request, we'll certainly give it consideration. Balance is key.
  11. Lindy added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    ​That's quite a beautiful sight!
  12. Lindy added a post in a topic: Will IPBoard 4.0 have IP.Chat?   

    Thanks for the interest in IP.Chat! There are actually two IP.Chat projects underway. One is a rework of the current IP.Chat to be compatible with IPS4. The other is actually a complete redesign that allows inclusion of new features such as multi-room support. The former will be available with IPS4 "gold" (or final, if you prefer) while the latter will be rolled out a bit later. 
  13. Lindy added a post in a topic: Welcome to general chat!   

    Welcome to the new general chat forum! Feel free to create your own topics and discuss current events, what you're listening to and nearly everything in between. We only ask that you remember that this is a corporate community and conversations should be civil and "G rated." 
  14. Lindy added a post in a topic: Old database for new IPB4 test site   

    If the file has the correct permissions, it will populate the file for you but I fear there's confusion here -- a fresh install will overwrite whatever is in the database. If you have a same-version instance of IPS4 and you want to test it on a different database with your existing, simply copy the database then open conf_global.php and edit the database details and the $INFO['board_url'] path (you'll also want to update paths and testinstall license key in the AdminCP as well.) If you have an IP.Board 3 installation, you'll want to do the above and then run the upgrader - not the installer. 
  15. Lindy added a post in a topic: Thank you Ryan Ashbrook   

    Ryan rocks! Don't tell him I said that though.

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