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  1. Lindy added a post in a topic: Bug Tracker with 20 pages and growing. What is the plan IPS guys?   

    We've stated elsewhere that the bug tracker is not our sole source for working through bugs. In the case of IPS4, most of the bugs reported and fixed are filtering primarily through the support system. The public tracker will be getting more attention, hopefully beginning next week. Much of this will simply be going through the tracker and marking what has already been fixed (which is a significant amount) as fixed. 
    Our primary concern is working with customer impacting issues and these surface mostly through support escalations. The rest will be dealt with using the normal bug reporting process. From a client perspective, you shouldn't be overly concerned with the number of bugs publicly facing in the bug tracker -- many are duplicates, many are fixed and many are low-impact to be addressed. If you are having an immediate site impacting issue, please support a ticket. If you've discovered a normal bug that's not already reported, please use the bug tracker. 
  2. Lindy added a post in a topic: IPB 4 - Nexus   

    At this time, there's no immediate plans, I'm afraid. 
  3. Lindy added a post in a topic: Bug Tracker   

    ​I'm sorry for the confusion -- perhaps we should have clarified that this is a short-term approach. Naturally, as SOP, we don't expect you to upgrade on a whim to determine if a bug is fixed if the upgrade is going to otherwise be disruptive. 
    In the short-term, we are working a bit differently for the beginning stages of IPS4. Because of the sheer volume of support requests, we are fixing the majority of bugs via the ticket system. Eventually, the bug tracker will be a better live indication of what's happening. Right now, our primary concern is to keep things moving - which I'm sure you can agree that we're doing relatively well. With the hundreds of requests we're fielding every day, it's just not feasible (at this very moment) to cross-reference every bug report against every ticket which again, is where most bugs are being resolved currently. We'll be shifting focus as things continue to stabilize and the bug tracker will regain better organization. 
    In the meantime, thanks for your patience.
  4. Lindy added a post in a topic: Member but not a client   

    It's been this way for nearly a decade. If you don't renew, you're no longer considered an active client. It doesn't inhibit your ability to post feedback, bugs, etc. You're just not recognized as a client and lose access to the client lounge because... well, you're not an active client.
  5. Lindy added a post in a topic: Member but not a client   

    MarcusH is correct. The Clients group can be thought of more as "Active Clients."
  6. Lindy added a comment: [404] this site   

    We have upgraded this site to 4.0.5 which rebuilds all posts, etc. -- so the background processes are still running, which is the cause for the slowdown.
    The other error will need to be investigated by the developers. 
  7. Lindy added a comment: [404] this site   

    We don't need an update each time. We're investigating.
  8. Lindy added a post in a topic: IPS 4 Gallery - Needs Work   

    Feedback from development: 
    BugBugFeature suggestion - shouldn't be an issue to do.BugYou can, through permissions, make it so people cannot upload images (thereby making it album only) and you can also turn off the ability to create albums (thereby making it image only). If this doesn't behave as expected, it would be a bug -- please file a bug report.As discussed, we agree and this will be revised - no ETA at this time. 
  9. Lindy added a post in a topic: IPS 4 Gallery - Needs Work   

    It seems to me there's a mixture of bugs (like #1) and feedback in there. We'll need to review further, but #6 is going to be resolved as we agree it's not as intuitive as it needs to be. 
  10. Lindy added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​Yes, that was a mistake. We patch 3.3 as well currently. I've updated the entry.
  11. Lindy added a post in a topic: Anyone else get spam PM from vivianajulet?   

    Spammers! Banned. 
  12. Lindy added a post in a topic: robots.txt   

    We do not include a robots.txt in IPS4 as it is not needed. Guest links can be removed entirely for inaccessible sections, so there's nothing for search engines to exclude as they won't see it anyway.
  13. Lindy added a post in a topic: SEO: How much do you care?   

    This should be an interesting topic.
    Since this is general chat, I'll give my personal opinion irrespective of IPS (/disclaimer): If some people focused half as much on solid content as they do trying to play cat and mouse with Google, they'd be far more successful. 
    Just my personal observation from doing this for so many years. The large sites less concerned with SEO typically have strong, organized content and if you asked them about anything beyond the basics of SEO they'd give you a blank stare. Those that have somewhat weaker content try to compensate with every SEO advantage or trick they can garner and that works for them too, I suppose. 
    Basic SEO is important -- content and structure is key... in my humble opinion.
  14. Lindy added a post in a topic: Post count   

    ​You are correct to an extent - while every app is important, we are definitely largely focused on the suite as a whole - I'm sorry to hear that you consider that a negative thing. We do recognize that those who are strictly "all about forums" in a traditional sense may not agree this approach and a select few may unfortunately opt for alternate solutions, but we can't cater to a narrowed yet broad focus simultaneously and there are plenty of others out there doing the forum-only thing. 
    What we are doing in this particular situation, is laying the framework that allows you or marketplace authors to take individual application content counts and do as you wish with them. We are not, at this time, putting in toggles to turn counts on and off for different apps - you can easily enough extract what's important to you and make use of the information as you see fit and as relevant to your goals for your community. That's one of the beauties of IPS4 that you will find if you're able to step outside the box of forums and see the big picture. 
    With that, I want to be clear that we've heard the feedback, we've listened and we've added what I previously described to our roadmap for a near-future map. After this occurs, there's no reason for further discussion, so I'm going to begin closing these types of topics so we can move forward in a less distracting fashion. Hopefully you understand that we're not shunning feedback -- to the contrary, you've all spoken, we've listened and done what we can to accommodate. We don't always agree on all points and sometimes that's for broader reasons than what can be covered here, but we do value all feedback. At some point, we have to end discussion as we can easily go in circles endlessly. 
    Feel free to open a new topic at a later date if there's further feedback to offer that hasn't been covered here. Thanks for your understanding.