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  1. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Guests can't view New Content   

    I guess a direct link to activity stream topics would work for users not logged in (NB - this does not mean guests. Plenty of regulars don't stay logged in). But then you want to shift them back to VNC once they're logged in. Bang, inconsistent experience. The VNC / AS merger might fix that, but frankly I'll believe it when I see it. 
    Honestly, stuff like this is hugely frustrating. There's a clear reduction in quality of experience for users. If Activity Stream is a replacement, put it in the same place. 
  2. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Guests can't see new content?   

    Turns out this has been discussed before
    I had searched, but failed to find it with site search - Google turned it up. 
  3. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Guests can't see new content?   

    Have just found that in 4.0 guests don't have access to new content pages - try opening http://community.invisionpower.com/new-content/ in a private browsing window. This was not the case in 3.x
    I'm scratching my head as to the reason for this. Obviously we can't show them 'content since last visit', but why deny an interested guest the ability to see what the active discussions over the last day have been? Or force a regular user to log in every time he or she wants to check out what's happening? I just checked my stats and 25% of visits to new content are from people who aren't logged in.
    Would love to know the thinking behind this, and any pointers on a workaround. I also notice in the Feature Planner that VNC and Activity Stream are set to merge - lets hope guests are taken into account. 
  4. rgf100 added a comment: @mention and IME conflict   

    Ok, that worked better, but again, couldn't type anything once I'd come out of the IME. 
  5. rgf100 added a comment: @mention and IME conflict   

    Lets try the MS IME
  6. rgf100 added a comment: @mention and IME conflict   

    Ok, a) it messed up what I was typing - it seems to dump the content of the IME into the editor every time it updates the list? and after that I couldn't type anything. Let me try again
  7. rgf100 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    @mention and IME conflict
    So an @mention in English works fine. 
    @Ryan Ashbrook (sorry for disturbing you, Ryan)
    If I try and type one in Chinese - say I try and type @    你好 without the space, using Google's (very common) Pinyin IME
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  8. rgf100 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Images broken after changing max dimensions
    Posted a large image. Changed the "Maximum image dimensions to display" settings (previously blank I think, as by default). 
    The image now breaks, as it's looking for a .thumb.jpg version which doesn't exist. Either earlier images need to still be shown at full size, or you need a 'create thumbnails' option (which I've looked for but can't see...)
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  9. rgf100 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Editor inserting boxes when entering bbcode url
    This is a bizarre one. See those boxes at the start of the URL field? I didn't type them. They appear every time I try and click anywhere else in the editor. I'm wondering if this is related to the fix for this earlier bug I reported. 
    It's also happening on this site. Chrome Version 42.0.2311.135 m, Win 8.

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  10. rgf100 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Can't change sort direction
    The 'sort by' drop down gives urls such as ...sortby=last_real_post&sortdirection=desc&page=1
    However, I can't see any way to change sortdirection. Normally I'd expect clicking again on the same parameter (ie, click again on 'last reply' or whatever) would reverse sort direction, but this doesn't happen. 
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  11. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Please provide a list of all of the features that were in 3.X, but have now been removed in 4.0   

    There are fewer options for new-reply email notifications, a decision I don't understand. Have posted about it, but distinct lack of interest, so maybe it's just me. 
    I find it kind of odd that features people may rely on can apparently be 'forgotten', and given the amount of time spent telling us about new features, it doesn't seem unreasonable to ask a little time is taken to tell us about the missing ones. I remember cries of distress when topic sub-titles were done away with some years back. Sure, we might be able to reinstate our particular pet features, but it'd be preferable to know what's coming so we can prepare for it - or opt not to upgrade yet. 
    Yes, it's possible for us to do a full 3.4 vs 4.0 audit and see what's there and what's not, but surely this can be more efficiently done at the IPS end. There's also the issue that (and correct me if I'm wrong - I think I've read this, but it's hard to search for) that some features have been removed for 4.0 but are planned to be reinstated in 4.1. Do we wait for 4.1, stay with 3.4, pay for a mod?
    To take my own example linked to above - previously there were four options, now there are three. Where do I even look to find out how those four 3.4 options will map onto the three in 4.0. Do thousands of us test it individually (or more likely, not notice and deal with confused members) or do you tell us once?
  12. rgf100 added a comment: No 'forgot password' link on mobile.   

    It's a shot from this site, which is running V4, no? 
  13. rgf100 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    No 'forgot password' link on mobile.
    As topic and screenshot 

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  14. rgf100 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Bug tracker filters bugged
    See image, one item selected, not two. Also fails to update the filters. This is Safari on up to date iOS

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  15. rgf100 added a comment: Editor is parsing links even in BB code   

    Forgot attachment