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  1. rgf100 added a post in a topic: 'Offline' notifications for followed topics   

    In 3.4.x, we have four options for notifications
    Immediate - you get an email for every reply
    Offline - you get an email for the first reply, but then no more until you log in again
    Daily digest
    Weekly digest
    4.0 seems to have removed the second, offline option. I struggle to see why, as for heavy users it provides a necessary halfway option between 'fill up my inbox' and 'hide everything in one long email'. 
    I might not want to wait 24 hours to know a topic's been updated. But similarly, I don't want 20 emails about it. 
    Am I missing something here?
  2. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Regular Releases. Could you please start doing them again?   

    ​Because you know it also contains tonnes of fixes that the people running test sites are eagerly waiting for?
  3. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Adding a right sidebar to Forum View   

    Thanks for this guys, have been able to do what I want (topic_view sidebar) pretty painlessly. 
    I'll try and figure this out myself later, but does anyone know offhand how to get the top of the sidebar to align with the " replies to this topic" line, so that it appears UNDER the reply button? I'm only using it on topic view, and I think this would look neater. 
  4. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Bulk mailings: unsubscribe-link as variable   

    Oh man, now I'm irritated. I opened a support topic on this exact issue months ago (#879068) and got told this:
    Spent hours (am not a coder) hacking something ugly up myself. And all the time it was in the HTML version automatically.
    Looks like the {unsubscribe} tag doesn't work in plain text - you just get the word 'unsubscribe' with no link. Would have taken significantly less time to fix that than start from scratch though. 
    I like IPB, but a lot of the time it feels like I'm working against you guys, not with you...
  5. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Where are validation IPs stored   

    In the back end IP search, there's a "Members using that IP when VALIDATING" section. But I can't spot where that information is stored in the database. The _members table only has the registration IP ("Members using that IP when REGISTERING")

    There's a _validating table, but that looks to be a temporary table. Is there a record of the IP address users validated their accounts from?
  6. rgf100 added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Moderation Part 5: Warnings   

    I'd really love to see the word 'Warning' ditched. Sometimes it's useful to have a tracked method of communication with a member which looks friendlier than this. 
    EG If I have some elderly lady sign up and post all in CAPS, I'm going to want to ask her to stop doing that, I want other moderators to see it's been done, and I want to have a record of it. But I don't want to scare her off with big red WARNING messages. 
    If we want to get scary, that's quite easily done in the actual message. 
    I know I could do this at the language / skin level, but I think it'd be preferable built-in. 
  7. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Contact Form   

    Thanks for the quick response! (Almost as fast as the spammers, about two hours from installation to first spam)
    I'll take a look at the templates - I could have figured it out, was just wondering if it'd be possible to do it within the app. It'd be a useful option, I think. 
    Great app, thanks!
  8. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Contact Form   

    This looks great, but I got a little confused over how it decides who to send it to. This is what I think happens, please correct me if I'm wrong: 
    On the main set-up page, you have to (or there's an error on the contact form) choose a user group to receive the message. This will result in the email going to all members of that group (potential for embarrassment if you select 'members' by mistake, but never mind. 
    However, if you set up departments and assign an email address, the message will only go to that email address. This is the best option if, like me, you don't want the messages to go to all the administrators, just one. 
    Do I have that right? 
    Also, is there a way to only show captcha's to guests, rather than anyone. If someone's logged in, I don't think they need a captcha. 
  9. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Finding the "Best Content" code   

    Ha, thanks! If I'd thought to look for the url in the skins I could have figured it out. 
  10. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Finding the "Best Content" code   

    I want to look at the code that generates these pages:
    To help me with something else I'm trying to do. But I cannot find where the code is. 
    1) Where are the scripts that generate those pages? 
    2) How should I have figured that out for myself?
  11. rgf100 added a record in IP.Board   

    Can't edit long posts in BBCode mode
    I have a long index-type post - maybe a couple of hundred lines, most lines a link. When I try to edit this in BBCode mode I get the error message "you must enter a post". If I switch back to rich text mode, it works fine. Editing smaller posts is fine in both modes. Chrome, if it makes any difference. 
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  12. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Switching from reputation to likes   

    I've been running on the +ve/-ve reputation system for a few years (limiting -ve votes to two per member per day to keep things largely positive). 
    I'd like to switch to the like system, as used on here. 
    1) Can I just make the change via the admin panel and the system will switch over smoothly? I assume so, there's no indication otherwise. 
    2) What happens to -ve votes? Do they get purged from the database? Do they show up somehow alongside the likes? Do they just sit there silently? 
    and also
    3) Never mind, I've just found it - there is a 'recount reputation' option available. 
  13. rgf100 added a post in a topic: The member .... can not use the messaging system   

    I think my post has been misunderstood. You seem to be talking about: 
    1) If someone does not have access to the pm system, they should not see the pm icon. That makes perfect sense, I'm not sure if it happens now or not. You don't see it as a guest though. 
    my issue was...
    2) On my board, only established members can use the pm system. New members can't. BUT on the member-info pop-up and on the profile, there's still a 'send message' button for new members. And if you click it, it brings up the compose box. And then you write your message, click send and .... get told new_member cannot use the messaging system. 
    I could believe you can't check that permission for the member info pop-up and that it's easier just to put the button there.* But once someone has clicked the button to send someone a message - you're going to have to do the permission check at some point. Why wait until the poor sod has written the message?
    Anyway, 2 years and no response from any devs, so I'll not hold my breath. 
    *Actually I can't believe it, but never mind. 
  14. rgf100 added a post in a topic: 3.2 Disable/Enable fast reply gone?   

    FWIW, I've had quick reply turned off in forums where I only wanted slow, considered replies. Trivial though it may seem that barrier of the extra click puts off people who just want to post a quick 'LOL' or 'I agree'. 
  15. rgf100 added a post in a topic: Google Search   

    The built-in search isn't ideal, but it's actually pretty good. If I'm in need of a specific topic, I'll quite happily use it if Google isn't turning up what I want for some reason. And some kind of local indexing is needed for non-public forums. 
    But Google search would be a massive bonus, and I can't see how it'd be any kind of huge coding headache. 

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  1. rgf100

    Quoted text is inserted into the editor as $initial_content. Where is $initial_content set? I want to customize it

    1. Wolfie

      I can only wager a guess, try post.php

    2. rgf100

      There are several of them, and I can't find it in any of them. I must be doing something stupid.

    3. Wolfie


    4. rgf100

      Looks like (haven't checked) what I want is in admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/postClassForms.php line 597. Haven't tampered with it yet though . . .

    5. rgf100

      Yep, that's it.

    6. Wolfie

      Glad you found it. Good luck. :)

  2. rgf100

    time spent banging head against wall: 3 hours. Time to submit ticket: 5 minutes. Time for IPB to fix my dumb mistake: 45 minutes.