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  1. Four Year Strong added a post in a topic: Some members unable to give reputation   

    Really strange problem.  Some membergroups on my forum cannot give reputation (they can see the rep points on the posts, but cannot add rep to any of them.) 
    I checked the permissions in the ACP.. and everything should be fine.
    Anybody know what I should do? 
  2. Four Year Strong added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Turning off topic rating!   

    Is there any way to turn off topic rating for the whole board, rather than have to go into each forum and manually turn it off?
  3. Four Year Strong added a post in a topic: (DDK33) Board Index Face   

    While using the compact mode, it seems as if the users' profile images will not show. I went ahead and screen captured it for you:
  4. Four Year Strong added a post in a topic: Recovering a corrupted database?   

    Posted this in the sever forum, but I thought I might as well try to get insight here.

    My stupidity and lack of preparation really bit me in the ass today when I tried to upgrade my forum (400,000+ posts/11000members) Let's just say... the upgrade didn't go well and IPS told me that it was better to just restore a backup. The backup I completed today before the upgrade turned out to be faulty (only 100 mb~ so something wasn't right.)

    The other backups I have are from March, which isn't as bad as it could be. However, I was just wondering if theres any possible way to salvage the database. I'm willing to pay if somebody knows a way or could look into it. PM or message me if you think you could help.
  5. Four Year Strong added a post in a topic: Failed IPB upgrade -- database salvageable?   

    I tried upgrading my forum to the latest version. Let's just say the upgrade did not work properly and I was told by IPS that it would be easier to just restore a previous backup then try to salvage everything. Only issue is the last backup was from back in March (I did a backup today, but it ended up being corrupted as well.)

    Is there anybody here who would be willing to try to fix the site? I'm willing to pay if somebody if they can try to salvage it and get the site working properly. Site has 400,000~ posts and 11,000 members so it's a decent sized database.

    Please let me know.

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  1. Four Year Strong

    Need a custom mod done. WIll pay low XXX for it. PM me if interested.

    1. Kyanar

      Were I in your position, I'd probably leave out the "low" bit. Especially when you provide no details of the project. Just a tip, ignore it if you like.

    2. Four Year Strong

      I just want to let people know what my budget is for this project. Obviously, I'll work with the plugin author if it requires a bit more.

    3. Wolfie

      Would help if you told what you need.

  2. Four Year Strong

    Cool beans.... mang.

  3. Four Year Strong

    Just changed my username. I bet you cannot guess what my username used to be.

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      Not hard "Four Year Strong" with the 'Display Name History' lol

    2. Four Year Strong

      You cheater :P

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      Haha Lee.

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      'display name history' FTW ;)