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  1. paxs added a post in a topic: linking to external blog..   

    any info?

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  1. paxs

    contest - adding article - no option to upload photo to server??

  2. paxs

    where i can setup to show when i click on blog tab like on your page??I only get one post on my forum

    1. Olivier Turbis

      There is the support forum for that. Ahhhh.... using the status updates to get quick answers.

    2. paxs

      i did...but no correct answer there!

  3. paxs

    how to upload image to blog? only attach? why?

    1. AndyF

      You can attach or use IMG code :) , post a topic if you need help :)

    2. paxs

      find it ...thanks

    3. paxs

      i mean upload picture to server...

  4. paxs

    my board is slow ...why?

    1. Matt

      24" That's how long the piece of string is.

    2. .Ian

      damn - I wan't my money back my IPS.String was only 22 inches!

  5. paxs

    add article in content ,but when i click on it i can not see the article...?

  6. paxs

    how to add youtube to cms " article"?

    1. paxs


  7. paxs

    Where i can setup so i can write blog with HTML editor like in worpdress or joomla?

    1. AndyF

      You can enable HTML in your blog entries with the normal editor , same as you can in the forum :)

  8. paxs

    when i click on create new blog,why i get 2 steps and create 2 blogs??