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  1. flaregun

    I have paid job for someone to help with ip.content + gd library thumbnails.

    1. Interferon

      goddamn library thumbnails?

  2. flaregun

    Need help finishing a hompage with ip.content

    1. Cirion

      In what regard?

    2. xCurlyx

      pm me i can help!

  3. flaregun

    still need help with IP.content, anybody?

    1. Andrej

      PM me with what you need help with.

  4. flaregun » Kyanar

    any word on the ibContact mod? It's the last piece of the puzzle for my site...

  5. flaregun

    Looking for IP.content consultant. Know anybody?

    1. .Peter

      Either Graeme or myself (at least I think its Graeme thats the IP.Content guy). But shoot me a PM.

    2. Graeme Leighfield

      Yeah thats me, Flaregun, replied to your PM :)

    3. Graeme S.

      Haha, flaregun is going to have two Graemes doing work for him. Confusing much? :)

    4. flaregun

      yeah, I thought you were the same guy :)

  6. flaregun » Cryptovirus

    Do you provide ip.content consulting?

  7. Tom Christian » flaregun

    Thanks for the heads up :) I did know of this. We're updating the site at some point which will address this issue.

  8. flaregun » Tom Christian

    FYI - your contact form on your website doesn't seem to work..

  9. flaregun

    trying to figure out ip.content