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  1. startrash added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Expired package message in forum   

    I'm setting up my Nexus store and I'm looking for a way in Nexus to be able to tell expired users that their package has expired when they log into their forum account.

    Ideally there would be a message when they have logged in which says very clearly..."Your membership has expired...and here's what to do about it' etc etc or something along those lines.

    It would seem an obvious thing to have. I seem to remember somekind of widget in the old IP subscriptions which let the user know when their membership was expiring, but I cant seem to find the equivalent in Nexus.

    I suggest a 'Expired Package Message' feature be added to Nexus, and a 'Package Expiry widget' option be added to the sidebar so users can see long their subscription has left.
  2. startrash added a post in a topic: Where did 'Disable Quick Reply' go?   

    oh... and of course I feel that Invision developers should give us a bit more flexibility with the quick reply/ full reply editor options.
    I'm not sure why that option would be taken away.. not without giving us a more flexible alternative.
    Attaching files is something that I'm sure would be one of the more common things to do on many forums.
    There should maybe be an upload button on the quick reply icon bar for it instead.
    When I saw the 'my media' button on there I clicked it expecting there to be an uploader available in the box...but didnt find one. :(
  3. startrash added a post in a topic: Where did 'Disable Quick Reply' go?   

    Hi Guys,
    I've just had our board upgraded to v3.2.3 and I noticed that the disable quick reply option is gone(!)
    I notified Invision Support about this and got the following response...

    While this feature going missing may not be a big deal for some, for our board this is an issue.
    We previously switched off the quick reply (to switch on the full reply editor) so our users can quickly add attachments whenever they reply, directly from within the thread using the full editor.
    In the new upgraded 3.2.3 members now have to find the [More Reply Options] button to get to the full editor and add their attachements.
    Its an uneccessary step, and it confuses our users who are used to being able to just find the 'attach a file' button with the full reply editor at the bottom of the thread.

    Our board is used for training artists, who upload images, so they pretty much attach an image on every post they make.

    So my question is...
    * does anyone know how I could either add the 'add attachments' button to the 'quick reply' editor
    or alternatively...
    * disable quick reply and just have full editor be the default (including the attachments button) as I had before?

    Many thanks,

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