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  1. Drew42 added a post in a topic: Exceeding Avg Users and Plans auto upgrading.   

    When did IPS change from just suspending my site temporarily when exceeding the "avg users per 48 hours" to auto upgrading my plan.
    Last month my service went from the 40 users to the 175 users in a matter of days from a couple spikes in traffic (i'm assuming).  My normal avg is just 36 users.  I had to pay triple in fees for this past month and I don't remember ever agreeing to IPS's new policy on auto plan upgrades.  This was something that changed this month as last month my account was just being suspended periodically due to online users overages.
    I would prefer to just have my site suspended temporarily and let me decide if and when I want to upgrade my plan due to continual overages.
    If somebody could shed some light on this, that would be great.
  2. Drew42 added a post in a topic: Post Gallery Upgrade instructions   

    I've disabled the " Gallery: Show albums in board index v1.0.0" hook, which has corrected my problems. Guess I won't be using that hook for now. Unsure why it doesn't function.
  3. Drew42 added a post in a topic: Post Gallery Upgrade instructions   

    After the upgrade to 5.0.1, the instructions mentioned something that needed to be done with the gallery (rebuild/recache, etc). Does anybody know where I can find those instructions again? I can't find those steps anywhere. They were only mentioned briefly in the upgrade tool and my site is currently having gallery issues. (hopefully related)


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