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  1. SupaG added a post in a topic: Backup with PHPMyAdmin   

    Login to PHPMyAdmin and when you are in your database.
    *  Click on Export on top
    *  in export method, leave it at Quick - display minimal options
    *  in format, set it to SQL
    *  follow instructions, and soon you will be done!
  2. SupaG added a post in a topic: Facebook Developer Alert   

    then you should see it off to the right, if you are getting the message.
  3. SupaG added a post in a topic: Download: KeyCAPTCHA - Innovative Anti-Spam Service. We Pay For Your Protection.   

    Thanks, just installed, will see how it goes.  I was normally getting a few spammers a day, and it went up to 147 in one day and was not slowing down.
  4. SupaG added a post in a topic: (M34) Auto Welcome Members   

    I have all these enabled

    Enable Captcha
    Enable question & answer verification
    Enable email verification
    Enable IPS Spam service

    Here are my current settings

  5. SupaG added a post in a topic: Facebook "share" IP board logo shows, any way to change it?   

    Yes, go to edit profile, facebook connect tab, and

    Uncheck this box Update my Facebook Status with my Forum status (Export my status)

    Check this box Update my Forum Status with my Facebook status (Import a status)
  6. SupaG added a post in a topic: Sphinx // ERROR: unknown key name 'FROM' in sphinx.conf   

    Care to share your steps to get this to work? I noticed they do not explain the install good enough first off and where the files are located and all that fun stuff.
  7. SupaG added a post in a topic: it doesn't work Every time i try to post a topic by pasting title from another website   

    well what does not work? Copy and Paste?
  8. SupaG added a post in a topic: (M34) Auto Welcome Members   

    [quote name='Azoun' timestamp='1347721102' post='2308994']

    Is there anyway to have the Auto Welcome post and message being sent ONLY when I validate the new registration from within the ACP. At present it will send it to some members when they register.

    We have been receiving a lot of registrations today 10+ that are instantly being added as banned when they register yet it's still generating the 'Welcome' post in the forums.

    Thanks for your help with this :smile:


    I am also having this issue, it is Auto Welcoming the users that are Banned. I have board 3.3.4 with Auto Welcome Members v 2.1.1 (10004). I have Email Validation, Question and Answer is on. I also use the Spam Service, and I have Code 4 set to register the account and immediately mark as banned. I am also using reCAPTCHA.

    All Code 4 members that are marked as Banned are still getting the Welcome Intros, even though they are getting marked as banned right away.

    Any thoughts?
  9. SupaG added a post in a topic: [HQ] Stats HQ   

    So are you going to update this for 3.3.4?
  10. SupaG added a comment on a file: Sign in through Google   

    Works great thanks!

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