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  1. z1000-forum.de added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - RSVP Enhancements in Calendar   

    rsvp is a nice feature, but without useful topic integration hardly useless. i would wish there would be the possibility to show the rsvp buttons and attendee list directly in the forum posts.
  2. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Better Options for Exporting Purchases   

    I created two scripts for this, not the best but working for me.

    After uploading you can call them with following Links:

    HTML output

    CSV formatted output

    For filtering unshipped items add '&unshipped=1'

    This version was not intended for public use, the titles are still german, the custom field mapping is adapted to my needs. So if you want to use it for your needs, you have to do some changes in the code.
  3. z1000-forum.de added a comment: Relative time format - HTML not working   

    that's really bad.
  4. z1000-forum.de added a comment: Relative time format - HTML not working   

    okay, but how do i get the "TODAY" string in bold?
  5. z1000-forum.de added a record in IP.Board   

    Relative time format - HTML not working
    After upgrading to 3.4.5 my setting "[size=4]System Settings[/size][size=4]  >  [/size][size=4]Advanced[/size][size=4]  >  [/size][size=4]Date, Time and Number Formats > [/size][size=4]Relative time format" with this value:[/size][code=auto:0] <b>{--}</b>, %H:%M[/code]
    is not parsing the HTML.
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  6. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Birthdays cache - why limit to 6 todays entries?   

    it will be displayed on the main page of my site, so i think caching would be better
  7. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Birthdays cache - why limit to 6 todays entries?   

    so if i want to display more in a sidebar hook, i have to create an additional cache that stores more than 6, right?! not the way of reusabilty but ok.

    can be closed.
  8. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Birthdays cache - why limit to 6 todays entries?   

    We use the birthday sidebar hook, but i had to rewrite it because it has the annoying hardcoded 5 entries limit. No problem here, BUT there were also only 6 entries shown, even when more users had birthday today.

    I checked the birthday cache and saw that not all entries are in there. A quick look into the cache code brought a second hadrcoded limit on this really annoying 5 user limit in the cache loading method.

    IP.Calendar 3.3.3
    File: adminapplications_addonipscalendarsourcescache.php
    while( $r = $this->DB->fetch() ) { /* Only allow 6 per day, then the "upcoming birthdays" can display 5 and know there are more to display */ $_days[ $r['bday_month'] . '.' . $r['bday_day'] ]++; if( $_days[ $r['bday_month'] . '.' . $r['bday_day'] ] > 6 ) { continue; } $birthdays[ $r['member_id'] ] = $r; }

    It doesn't cost anything to load all todays users when recaching one time a day and gives other much more flexibilty to use it. And more, removing this kills also an unexpected behavour of this cache.
  9. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Feature Requests: Stock Levels, Invoice generation & Improved Cart   

    I agree to RafaelT, especially #2 and #3 is very important. Why is an invoice created even if the checkout process isn't completed? This is causing a lot of overhead in the ACP invoices list.

    For our customers it is annoying to fill up the whole cart again if you've clicked check out and decided to add another item. Please link the cart clearance to a successful check out process.
  10. z1000-forum.de added a comment on a file: (SD) Advert System   

    why don't you provide the screens in english, so everybody has a chance to "read" them?
  11. z1000-forum.de added a record in IP.Nexus   

    No float values for Base Price Adjustment in custom package options
    I have a package with the base price of 3,50€. I created a custom option with a price adjustment of 2,50€. If i checkout the article in the shop and choose the option with the adjustment the price is adjusted to 5,50€.
    3,50€ + 2,50€ [b][color=#ff0000]!=[/color][/b] 5,50€
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  12. z1000-forum.de added a comment: Stock levels   

    Is this really done? I did setup some articles with stock level of i.e. 24. All 24 articles are sold by several members, but not yet marked as payed. Stock level in ACP is still "24 in stock, 0 sold".
    Users can still add articles to card even all available items were bought by others. I don't think this is right.
    Nexus version is 1.5.7
  13. z1000-forum.de added a file in Commerce   

    Classifieds Other items from this advertiser v1.0.0
    This hook displays a list of advertiser's other items below the item view in Classifieds .
    Installation instructions: [*]Log in to your IP.Board Admin CP and visit the System tab -> Applications & Modules ->  Manage Hooks page. Click 'Install Hook' button and browse to the XML file included with these  instructions and click Open. Once it installs this hook, be sure to enable it! [*]Settings can be found under System tab -> System Settings ->  Classifieds -> Hook: Other items from this advertiser.

    Note: If you are viewing this as a member with Classifieds moderation rights, you have the moderation checkbos on the right side of the entries. This comes from the classifieds/item_row template that is used in categories and that i use for the entries. I looked for a way to remove that in a simple manner, but i did not find any. That's because there is no catchy css or hook point. Sorry for that.

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  14. z1000-forum.de added a comment on a file: imageshack.us - Post Upload Form   

    What? When you install it, the button is in english. The file upload button is rendered by the browser. My OS is in German, so no, i won't display it in english. Just use your ability to create some pictures in your fantasy and replace the Words "Datei auswählen" and "Keine ausgewählt" with "Choose file" and "Nothing selected".
    Yes you can ;)
  15. z1000-forum.de added a file in Integration   

    imageshack.us - Post Upload Form v1.0.0
    This hook displays an inline form for  imageshack.us  in the post form. When the 'Add Image' button is pressed the selected file will be uploaded and the imageshack.us page is opened in a new window to show it.
    You are able to exclude forums, in which the upload form should not be displayed.

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