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  1. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    i took some time today to update our member maps after few months with non working old version based on google api.
    i just added some features to the version on my own. should i integrate them properly (and not like a quick fix) into the maps version and send it to you, so all users can use them!?
    my additional features are (of course all accessable in ACP):
    - disable the best fit zoom (i don't want to see all the world, because our members are mainly located in germany) - define initial center location
    - define initial zoom (in my case 10)
    - auto center to my location (if it is set)
    - set zoom when auto centering to my location (in my case 6)
    - set MapType (i.e. to road instead of automatic)
    - switch some map options (animate, showMapTypeSelector, showBreadcrumb)
    - set zoom of profile map (in my case 10)
    i think especially the center and zoom to my location is very useful, because it gives me what my users expect from the map. they want to find members in their region.
    i would like to see these features in the official version, anybody else?
  2. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Auto Reply to PMs   

    Very nice, bought it.
    Two suggestions:
    - Include a linked button to the settings in the messenger above the "Disable Messenger" button (down left here
    - add a setting to enable Auto Close/Delete the conversation when Auto Replying
  3. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Portal Plugin - Upcoming Events   

    i "have to" ??? only my wife is in the position to give me orders - are you my wife?
    edit the template Calendar --> boardIndexCalEvents
    sorry i still have portal 1.2.0 because i included some individual modifications there. if theres time in the next weeks i will have a look at that. if somebody else has a "fixed" version or hint how to fix it you can pm me.
  4. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: [HQ] Mass PM   

    bye bye MassPM, i will use the free one for 3.4.x board an then with 4.x i will create my own app.
    turning a free app (coded by another one) into a paid one for 10$ now without any improvements - thats not the best way to go @InvisonHQ
    ... unbelievable ...
  5. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    i purchased this on invisionfocus.com...when will the current version be available there?
    by the way, clicking the download button there redirects to the downloads page here on invisionpower marketplace and then it says "Buy now" - What the heck?!
  6. z1000-forum.de added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - RSVP Enhancements in Calendar   

    rsvp is a nice feature, but without useful topic integration hardly useless. i would wish there would be the possibility to show the rsvp buttons and attendee list directly in the forum posts.
  7. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Better Options for Exporting Purchases   

    I created two scripts for this, not the best but working for me.
    After uploading you can call them with following Links:
    HTML output
    CSV formatted output
    For filtering unshipped items add '&unshipped=1'
    This version was not intended for public use, the titles are still german, the custom field mapping is adapted to my needs. So if you want to use it for your needs, you have to do some changes in the code.
  8. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: ACP Manage Languages Improvements   

    you have to go into a specific language pack (like 'admin_ajax' in your screencopy).
  9. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Tags Autocomplete   

    because i dont have the time to add support for ip content. bit if you are a dev yourself or find someone who wants to realize it, just contact me.
  10. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Classifieds Push Ad   

    thanks. currently i am not planning to spend more efforts in adding features for this. if you are a developer yourself or find some that would extend it, feel free to realize it. i will then update it here.
  11. z1000-forum.de added a record in IP.Board   

    Relative time format - HTML not working
    After upgrading to 3.4.5 my setting "[size=4]System Settings[/size][size=4]  >  [/size][size=4]Advanced[/size][size=4]  >  [/size][size=4]Date, Time and Number Formats > [/size][size=4]Relative time format" with this value:[/size][code=auto:0] <b>{--}</b>, %H:%M[/code]
    is not parsing the HTML.
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  12. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Download: [TZ34] Color Picker   

    are there any settings which elements do change the color? seems that it is only the background.
  13. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Tags Autocomplete   

  14. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Birthdays cache - why limit to 6 todays entries?   

    it will be displayed on the main page of my site, so i think caching would be better
  15. z1000-forum.de added a post in a topic: Birthdays cache - why limit to 6 todays entries?   

    so if i want to display more in a sidebar hook, i have to create an additional cache that stores more than 6, right?! not the way of reusabilty but ok.
    can be closed.

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