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  1. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: IMG bbcode broken/missing after upgrade to 3.4.4   

    I recently upgraded to 3.4.4.  I had been away from my site for a while, so I believe the upgrade was from 3.3.x
    Now the bbcode for posting images in posts seems to be broken.  It just shows up in the post as the code, but not as an image. Users cannot post images anymore.
    In addition, the little icon for adding an image to a post is also missing, and I'm not sure why.
    I use a custom skin, but switching back to the default one doesn't fix it.
  2. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Yay, THANK YOU!!  This was driving me crazy!
    I've sent you a donation through your site for your time. ^_^
    Thanks again!
  3. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Wow, really?  Thanks, PMing you now!
    It shows me as a moderator when I hover over the little green bar that says "1 MODERATORS" on the Categories page, and all the options are set to "yes".
  4. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Thank you!
    It had been set so that the Administrator group was a moderator of all categories with all permissions, so I removed that and set it to that just me as a user was set to be a moderator of all Tutorial categories with all permissions.
    But when I go to the Tutorials, I still only have the options to "Copy" and "Report" on other users' tutorials.  Edit and Delete are still missing, though I have those options on my own Tutorials. :/
    I'm feeling pretty dumb about this. :/  All I want to do is edit a tutorial where the image links somehow broke and are displaying [ img]mysite.comimagelinkhere.jpg[ /img] instead of the image itself so the tutorial looks sloppy now.
  5. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    I've been out of the IPB world for a while, so this might be a stupid question, but it's driving me nuts.  I'm the forum admin, but I can only edit my own tutorials, and I used to be able to edit everyone's.  Where do I find the permissions to allow the Administrator group to edit tutorials posted by others?
    I just upgraded my board to 3.4.4 and upgraded the Tutorials mod to 1.5.1

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