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  1. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Cleanup Tool To Auto Promote Member Group   

    This would be an excellent feature, or hook/mod.
  2. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: replace image rating by the like system   

    Yes, this would be awesome.
  3. KittyCanuck added a comment: can't edit tags on posts you didn't start   

    Same as above; I am the Admin and a Super Moderator, and I can no longer edit tags in threads started by other members.
  4. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: replace image rating by the like system   

    These days, it seems more people prefer to just like/dislike something rather than selecting an actual rating. I'd love to be able to use the Like system site-wide.
  5. KittyCanuck added a record in IP.Board   

    Tags not removed when threads deleted
    When I delete spam threads, the associated tags that the spammer added are not removed from the tags list.

    I usually just use the ACP feature to remove all of a spammer's threads at once, rather than going through the forum and deleting them one at a time. However, this method leaves the spam tags visible in the "Popular Tags" sidebar, even though they no longer point to a thread.

    [url=""]This [/url]removes them, but it's an extra step, and I don't like running SQL queries unless I have to. :/
    Going through and manually deleting the tags from within the threads adds many extra steps, and means the spam posts are displayed on the forum for much longer.
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  6. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: IP.Content vs Portal   

    Will it still do that if we use a subdomain, like
  7. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Old topic indicator   

    I love this idea!

    Depends on your type of forum. For mine, many threads are quite timely, and a thread even 4 months old can be hopelessly out of date and contain (now) incorrect information.
    It's one thing if the topic and information stay relevant for 10+ years, but quite another if the thread is no longer relevant.
    It's also a different thing if a thread that runs for a long period of time and is constantly updated vs a thread that gets one post every 2 years.
  8. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Suggestion: List of allowed "shouted" (all caps) words in thread titles   

    It would be nice to have more control over the "stop shouting in thread titles feature
    System Settings > Forums > Topics / Posts / Polls > 'Stop shouting in topic titles'

    I suggest a list of "allowed words" that would be left as all-caps in thread titles even if "stop shouting" is turned to on.
    Then admins could prevent users from shouting in titles, but also have some approved words/acronyms/Roman numerals that could appear properly capitalized.

    eg you could set " IPS " as an allowed all-caps word, and even if "stop shouting" was turned on, IPS would remain in all caps instead of being automatically turned into Ips .
  9. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Signing in with Username Instead of Email   

    I know I can set it on my own board. I'm more asking what happened/changed here on because I have always logged in with my username, and then suddenly today something changed and it forced me to use my email.
  10. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: #hashtags IPB   

    To be fair, if we rejected every feature based on the fact that some idiot could use it stupidly/poorly, we'd still all be on usenet with our C64s.

    I don't quite see the benefit (How would it integrate? What would it search? What, specifically, is the difference between how hashtags in IPB would function vs how tags currently function?), but I don't get why it would be a terrible idea.

    (also, OP: complaining about the price of IPB before being an active customer?)
  11. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Signing in with Username Instead of Email   

    I don't know if this is a bug or a new "feature".

    It just happened on this site this morning for the first time.

    Ever since IPS switched over to 3.2, the login field has read "email address", but has allowed logging in using my username. Today, however, it told me that was incorrect, and would not let me log in until I typed my email address there.

    Why the change?
  12. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: 3.2 Suggestion - Google Analytics Goal Set up   

    +1 for this! I've been trying to figure out how to set it up on my own , but I can't figure it out. I would love to be able to track this!
  13. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: A couple of suggestions for tags   

    Another +1 to this idea.

    I like to allow members to add their own tags, but it means we're getting a lot of near-duplicates that all lead to different posts. Eg: watermark , watermaking , watermarking photos , and watermarks all only lead to a single thread each, and it would be much more helpful to have a single tag suggested as the user was typing, so only one relevant tag would be used and would then lead to all threads about that subject.
  14. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Nexus and Advertising   

    Glad to see this thread getting some love! Maybe we can convince IPS staff to include time-based advertising in Nexus soon!
  15. KittyCanuck added a post in a topic: Complete the Suite ?   

    I somehow doubt they'd tell us ahead of time, but I'm waiting for a sale before I buy any other components too. ;)

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