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  1. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Invite System   

    1 bug, and 1 question.
    question: if i want to remove an invite record - so that user's profile no longer shows "invited by", do i have to do anything other than delete the record from pending invite table?
    bug: when invite system is enabled, error messages are not displayed on the registration form (example, if user doesn't click the "agree to terms" checkbox, it doesn't show the user the IPB error message, it only reloads the page with the default *required fields message, but no explanation of the error
  2. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Malware attack...   

    We got hit with the same thing. Just cleaned it up over the weekend. Still combing through server logs trying to determine the source, we were able to determine the malicious code was inserted at least as far back as early august and we had no idea it was there, then they actually came back in early September and updated their malicious code. 
    If our investigation turns up anything as to the exact source of it, I'll let you know.
  3. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    Is there any update on either of these bugs? It's been around 6 weeks now.
  4. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    I found one more display bug that affects mobile/narrow screen width in Gallery. When viewing an album, the main cover photo floats off to the right of the page breaking the layout.
    See here:  http://screencast.com/t/Z9TSgXP3
  5. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    One last request. Any chance you could add pinterest to the social links please:

  6. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    I found another bug with the Glare skin when viewing albums. The ips filter bar when viewing albums is all messed up and overlapping


  7. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    I found a display bug on the forum index when using Glare+responsive. To be more specific, the bug is related to Glare since when using the stock IPB skin + responsive there is no issue
    Gallery has a feature to enable categories to show on the main forum index:

    On the stock IPB skin, this is what it ends up looking like:

    On the Glare skin, the layout breaks:

  8. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Custom HEAD section content for pages   

    Similar to how you can set custom meta keywords and description for an IPC page, it would be nice if there was a field to add specific content to add to the HEAD section of the page as well instead of having to use a raw php page.
    This would be very useful for including all kinds of things you may need for a page such as a stylesheet or CSS only needed for that page, javascript (like for a carousel for example), And I'm sure there are plenty of other use cases where having the ability to add to the head section of the page  would be useful.
  9. h2ojunkie added a comment on a file: Disable Birthday Editing on 'My Settings'   

    I like the idea of the hook, the problem is when I install it it also hides the "Edit my about me page" button with the birthday.
  10. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    It must be a Glare issue. I just installed 1.0.7 and still having the same problem.
    Correction, it's not Glare because I'm still having the same issue with the stock IPB skin.
  11. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    Just installed responsive with Glare skin on a fresh IPB install. Only IPboard and IPgallery (no other hooks/mods installed), and I've run into a couple display bugs.
    Is there anything that can be done with the attachment uploader. On android stock browser, firefox for android and iphone safari the attachment uploader is wider than the rest of the page throwing off the layout.

    When viewing the forum index, as I shrink the browser window at a certain point (about 950px width) the list of forums disappears and only the recent topics show. Then, as you continue to shrink the window at around 480px the list of forums reappear.

  12. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: USPS Shipping Integration   

    I can't believe we're still waiting on a USPS integration for Nexus
  13. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: (Wolf) Nexus Support Count   

    Found a small bug.
    The icons don't use https when on a secure page such as the checkout process, or editing your display name (when you have Use https for logins or Use https for sensitive information? enabled)
  14. h2ojunkie added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: FedEx Integration   

    Well, it's been a year since FedEx shipping was added to nexus.with the promise of more to come it the future. It sure would be great to see IPS deliver on those.

    With one API already written, it certainly wouldn't take much work to extend that to other popular carriers like USPS that offer great international shipping options that are easy to use for the small business that doesn't ship enough to get volume discounts from FedEx.

    Will we ever see a USPS live rate api?
  15. h2ojunkie added a post in a topic: Warning Points - Reverse Action NEEDED   

    This is a must have for the warn system.

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