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  1. Tony Hovsepian added a project in Projects   

    Activity Stream Hook
    IPS 4.0.0 comes with an activity stream. I'd love for that to be made into a hook for's sidebar!
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  2. Tony Hovsepian added a post in a topic: Bug: Extra Space when Quoting   

    ​Edit: not this time though..
  3. Tony Hovsepian added a post in a topic: Bug: Extra Space when Quoting   

    When I quote posts, there is a big "enter/return" gap on the bottom. Anyone else?
  4. Tony Hovsepian added a post in a topic: Bug fix slow, releasedate?   

    ​I love you.
  5. Tony Hovsepian added a post in a topic: Disabiling the reputation system for specific members?   

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I have a question regarding the reputation system on IPS...

    So a few members on my site are starting to constantly rep and unrep a single post about 100 times to give someone alot of notifications, now this isn't really something I want to suspend/ban someone over, so I was wondering if I could disable the rep system for just individual specifc members?
  6. Tony Hovsepian added a comment on a file: [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame   

    I'd love to know this as well!
  7. Tony Hovsepian added a comment: Billing & Purchases - client info phone fields   

    Hello, I have a website that I would like to bring to life. Please let me know if you would like to help me with my project!
  8. Tony Hovsepian added a post in a topic: Convert to IPB   

    what free forum are u on?

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  1. Tony Hovsepian

    Loving this beta!

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    Tom please check your inbox!!

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    Hey dude, check out my newest topic I made.

  4. Tony Hovsepian

    When is it coming out?

    1. xChris777

      It better come soon, or I will get some panda bears to take over.

  5. Tony Hovsepian

    Ok, this is weird, all my permissions are correct, but yet no one can view the forums..?

    1. Sandakelum™

      Epic Fail!
      Checkout System Settings -> Privacy Settings tab :)

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    contact me via aim iiohgeezii

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  8. proutie87 » Tony Hovsepian

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    whats ur site?

  10. Tony Hovsepian

    If you own a gaming forum, please comment on this status with a link.

    1. Charles

      This is better for a topic :)

  11. Tony Hovsepian

    i want to learn how to code, please help

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    2. Collin S.

      I like :)

    3. rsyvarth

      I agree, tizag is where I learned.

    4. xCurlyx

      i used some of tizag lol i took classes at a technical school

  12. Tony Hovsepian

    I have DB errors!

    1. Collin S.

      Please open a support ticket so that one of our techs can assist you.

  13. Tony Hovsepian

    I need help finding a cheap skinner

    1. I_NcaaAdvisor_I

      Contact me. iiohgeezii on AIM