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  1. Halabit added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect   

    Will this by default work with Joomla , we just point to joomla and ipb choose master and thats that , or we need add-on modules for Joomla and simliar like in Converge ?
    And is IP.Connect going to be free for current IPB clients ?

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  1. Halabit

    hm i changed email and password , and my whole forum account restart itself ( lost posts,friends... ), it's says i joined today and i joined year ago

    1. AndyF

      Please submit a ticket to accounts assistance to get this rectified :)

    2. Wolfie


    3. Halabit

      Ticket submitted. Thanks guys for help!

  2. Gavrisimo » Halabit

    Hej! :) Hvala na onim odgovorima, ali ni ti nisi baš čitao šta sam pisao, tj već imam MB, a ona opcija što si rekao zvuči fenomenalno! :D Jel baš mora da se kontaktira support za to ili je to nešto što mogu sam da aktiviram?
    Also, na kom sajtu ti je IPB? :D Uvek mi je kul da saznam za neki domaći sajt sa IPB forumom(licencnim)...

  3. Halabit

    Thx mate ! I'm big fan of Bleach ... now things are going to be hot in manga , vaizards have arrived hehe .

  4. MGBrose » Halabit

    Nice Bleach avas!