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  1. Halabit added a post in a topic: Which VPS - What am I looking for? Suggested providers?   

    I'm little late but...
    Hetzner is great , I had VPS with them for two years been 100%  satisfied .
    Atm I'm at RocketVPS (sub company of KnownHost) , its unmanaged vps's but great prices plus you get WHM/Cpanel for 8$ , plus you can get 20-30% discount (look at their topic on webhostingtalk ). Its USA hosting , my site is mostly for EU peeps but still price is great for service they give.
    eUKhost sadly don't have experience with them .
  2. Halabit added a post in a topic: URL Change 15$   


      Well if you read my example in first post you can see there can be reason for at least two url changes.  

      I totally understand and agree , nowdays there is a lot of fraud. I personally didn't changed license for three years but still knowing you can gives you flexibility , assurance and faith in company (at least in my case).   This is first time I heard about 15$ for URL change , before making this topic I used search but sadly I didn't got any search results with subject of this topic and then I decided to make a topic and say my two cents. As I said I don't want to flame just wanted to say what I thought about this subject.        

      I agree and understand you need to protect your interest but I need to think about mine as well , what you give and what you get. There was a reason I chooice at first place IPB and not VBulleting :smile: . I know you guys are very   accommodating and frendly but when I read this I was getting a feeling you are starting to look like competition wich I personally don't like.        
    I don't want to transfer to anyone my license nor in general I would need more then two license change in first six months later i one would be ok but flexibility and knowing you can is something wich I personally like.
    As for VBulleting , I don't want to bad mouth them but there is a reason I bought IPB and not VBulletin. With this changes I'm just getting a feeling what once made IPB great is starting to fade away.
    P.S. Sorry for bad formating , Chrome is acting up while I was writting , twice I got my editor cleared and atleast three times all text just double itself :smile:
  3. Halabit added a post in a topic: URL Change 15$   

    I've been IPB customer since 2009. I had IPB forum for two years. Last year I been mostly inactive because my community went down, so after long time I decided to take a peek in client area and honestly better I didn't.
    " and then once per 6 months thereafter. Additional requests will require payment of a $15 fee " ... this is just twisting peoples arm , they have to pay every six months for support and updates plus if they want to change forum url more the once 15$ fee , this is just ridiculous. As customer I bought my forum software license (and not for small amount of money) and I should be able to change it when I want it. To prevent misuse I could understand like three to five url changes in six months , but this current one url change for six months is ridiculous. 
    Lets take an example, my url is still active for my community wich doesn't exist anymore nor domain is active.So I open a new website and change url for free once. After couple of months we decide we want to take another direction and want to change website name and I need to pay 15$ for url license domain change , and I payed already for IPB software and license is mine to change to what domain I want and not to allow someone to twist my arm for more money.
    I don't want to flame , but this is really awful ... if I knew this three years ago I would never bought IPB , no matter how much I liked it .
  4. Halabit added a post in a topic: Additional pay gateways needed   

    Skrill(Moneybookers) and Google Checkout would be nice addition. Especially Skrill(Moneybookers).

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