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  1. reef-face added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: "Best Answer" Feature   

    Sorry, just seen the answer to my question after I'd posted it!
  2. reef-face added a comment on a file: Portal Plugin: Classifieds Recent Adverts and Random Advert   

    Works on 3.2 for me and was just what I was looking for to make the adverts more noticeable.

  3. reef-face added a comment: PM   

    I can't find this in 3.2, is there a way of getting the back to top button in 3.2?


  4. reef-face added a comment: Chat access problem again   

    Sorted, please delete.

  5. reef-face added a record in IP.Chat   

    Chat access problem again
    We are getting this issue in IP chat on our board

    [#CSTART-4] The room ID supplied was invalid. Please notify the administrator.

    For the last couple of days we have had this problem. We've paid for the 50 user package, it doesn't seem to be a stable chat add on. Board is 3.1.2
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  6. reef-face added a post in a topic: IP.Chat Completely Unreliable   

    Couldn't get into chat for a while error message:

    Back in now, but for how long. If it was a freebie, fine, but for a paid app to be sooo sketchy, it's not on.

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