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    I cant' use the skin free of charge...but you're offering it for free...
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  3. Aisha added a gallery image in IPB Community Photos   

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    Custom Avatar Restrictions
    If you don't like the square thumb approach of IPS and want to regain control over your user's avatar sizes from the 3.1 days and earlier then rejoice for your prayers have been answered! This hook puts control back in your hands, where it belongs and uses built in IP.Board functions to do it. This hook uses the per member group photo upload restrictions instead of forcing everything into a 90 x 90 square (even better than 3.1's global restriction!). Allow me to demonstrate using the gorgeous Selena Gomez.

    As you can see this photo is 432 x 652 pixels. Now to set the custom restriction we're going to log in to the ACP and first click on the Member tab.

    Then in the side menu we click Manage Member Groups.

    Next we click on the member group whose restriction we want to edit. Since I'm an admin I'll be changing the admin group.

    Next we click on the global tab.

    Now we scroll all the way to the bottom to find the setting to put in our custom restriction.

    As you can see I set mine to 170 x 240 pixels. Now I go to my profile and upload my 432 x 652 pixel image (more than twice my restriction). Note that you do not have to adjust the crop, it has nothing to do with the topic view, only the mini thumbnails you see everywhere else.

    Now here's what the topic view looks like without my hook.

    Here's what it looks like if you do what Matt suggested in this post: (I changed the width to 170 and height to 240)

    And here's what it looks like if you use my hook.

    The image has been automatically resized to 159 x 240 pixels which fits our custom restriction. Perfect! You can purchase this hook in the IPS Marketplace . If you feel that the price is too much then feel free to contact me and we can work something out!


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