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  1. added a post in a topic: Introducing the iPhone 5   

    Looking back at this versus the real iPhone. :P
  2. added a post in a topic: Introducing the iPhone 5   

    If you liked share with your friends. ;) They get excited then they either get angry or laugh. :rolleyes:
  3. added a post in a topic: Fake stats?   

    It looks fishy I can't tell if it really is legit or not. But yes you can modifiy the Who is Online section.
  4. added a post in a topic: Don't you hate...   

    Has never happened to me. >_<
  5. added a post in a topic: Reputation "plus" only   

    Member Groups > Manage User Groups > Global > Maximum number of negative reputation points this group can give in a 24 hour period

    Set to 0. (Note you have to change this for every group you have)
  6. added a post in a topic: How long have you had IPB?   

    I think May 2010 so about half a year or more. :)

    I love it and I recommend you get it. :)
  7. added a post in a topic: Introducing the iPhone 5   

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. added a post in a topic: Introducing the iPhone 5   

  9. added a post in a topic: ~ 1k "vector-shaped" free icons   

    Thank you. :)
  10. added a post in a topic: IPB HELP FILES   

    Help is located right next to the Log Out button. Even thus, if you find that useless you can add it into your site by adding it into your skin.
  11. added a post in a topic: Best apps for techies.   

    I had an Android for 2 years. I never downloaded any games and only a few applications such as TextAll or something like that.

    I recently got an iPhone and I love it and don't know how I've lived all these years without it. Changing from Android to iPhone really is an improvement. I know that wasn't your question but still.

    Anyways just go to the Top downloaded Apps / Games (if you want) and most of them will be items that most people use frequently / need.
  12. added a post in a topic: Squeaky music?   

    Problem solved, maybe?
  13. added a post in a topic: Squeaky music?   

    Yes it would most likely be the DS.
  14. added a post in a topic: Little Malware Problem   

    Do you have a CD of a system restore? This happened to me a year ago had to wipe the computer completely.
  15. added a post in a topic: Talk to the admin/mod forum   

    This can easily be set up with forum permissions...

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Status Feed

  1. » Jake Sully

    I see you are still active here. Just came back recently a few months ago. :)


    Wooh, happy bday me.

    1. pezza

      Happy Birthday :)


    4 months till a one year member.


    No school for 3 days in a row now. Snow in Texas!

    1. TheRevTastic

      I know what you mean :P, I love living in Texas!


    This child below me always deletes my

    1. Haku2

      He tried adding me as a friend even though we don't know each other.


    Hiring a skinner to fix custom skin (downloads,portal, and subscriptions area)

    1. .Peter

      I want one!

    2. VioAdmin

      lmao!! I want one too.



  7. » Olivier Turbis

    When are you updating Brave?


    Olivier you need to update your Brave Skin!!!

    1. LBDC1004


    2. Olivier Turbis



      Downloads area crashes;


    Finally upgrading from 3.1.2 :)


    Still on 3.1.2 and if I upgrade my custom Skin might break and I can't rely on the maker anymore for fixes etc. :(

    1. Jamie.

      there is only 1 bit of code you need to add


    I had a dream I got banned on here and it was the worst thing evarrr lawl.

    1. .Brian

      That wasn't a dream.

    2. ørret

      More like a nightmare.

    3. AlexJ

      agree with orret :P This is the only forum which I visit like 15 times a day LOL

    4. Zhana

      Amen to that. LOL

    5. ørret

      I'm up to 30+ some days xD :S

    6. TheRevTastic

      I keep a tab open dedicated to this site and refresh/check it about 100 times a day.

    7. ørret

      I got a tab too. High five!

    8. Olivier Turbis


    9. AnthonyKinson

      Tab Five! - always have it open in a tab too.


      FB + my site + IPS tabs

    11. Glumbo

      this is a big problem


    I was inspired to make an about me page by collin1000

    1. Collin1000

      Mine is the best. Hands down.


    is lazy to upgrade...


    is waiting for Black Ops.

    1. Andy Rixon

      Same here :D

    2. Jason 14

      How do you get that Board announcement ?? On your site...


      @Andy have you seen the mini games etc?
      @Jason it is a hook.

    4. .Peter

      Man if IPS had a like status feature I'd like this.


      I know, I really want that button bad!


    havn't been on awhile. my laptop broke but now i have a new one :)