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  1. cheresources added a post in a topic: Include more detail in Notification Emails   

    Is there an easy way to essentially include the full customer receipt within the package_notify_text in the language pack?  I have software authors who would like additional details with regards to who is buying their products.  
  2. cheresources added a comment on a file: Newsletters   

    Agreed...bounce management is the biggest issue in sending our bulk mails.  I'd be all over this if it could handle bounces.  I would recommend this logic:  If they have no posts and haven't purchased anything from your store, simply delete them.  If they've posted or purchased and then bounced, flag them in a report for review.
  3. cheresources added a post in a topic: Using Block Template to Create Tiles or Panels   

    I've managed to use a block template to set up a system to show panels or tiles at the top of our site at .  I like the way it turned it.  If there's significant interest, I can write up some details on how I did this to share with the community.
    Essentially, I've used the Article Block Template, modified it, and use "dummy" hidden articles to generate the blocks.  Anyone else done anything like this too?  I'm always looking for additional improvements.
    You can see larger tiles on the main page and smaller ones here .
  4. cheresources added a post in a topic: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    The global sidebars hook is not compatible with Invision's iOS app available at:

    This issue is separate from the mobile skin.
  5. cheresources added a post in a topic: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    I can't see where anyone has brought this up. First, I love this mod, but it causes an error with the iOS app. If you try to access your site with the iOS app with this hook enabled, you'll get a "redirecting to external site" message. If you disable this hook, the iOS app works fine. Any work around available?
  6. cheresources added a post in a topic: (DDK33) Board Index Face   

    Nice hook. On next update....can we stop it from showing banned member's photos?