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  1. co19 added a post in a topic: mod_security blocks site   

    Yeah I was able to see them flagged, but it seems to be a lot i guess will be a trial and error.
    I was just hoping maybe someone can share their rules specifically for an IP board just would help.
  2. co19 added a post in a topic: How to remove a third party app   

    I have an app called Subscriptions, it is disabled but I want to uninstall it completely.
    When I go to the disabled tab and drop down only says View Full Details, Manage Public Modules, and Manage Admin Modules.
    There is always a Remove Application tab that I have used in the past with different apps.
    Any idea how I can get rid of this for good?
  3. co19 added a post in a topic: I got hacked. But how?   

    I have been hacked twice in a week.  The first time I went through support, and they uploaded the board again, and told me to upload all my 3rd party apps.
    That fixed it, but for only two days.
    Luckily after board was fixed, I took a backup of the entire /vaw/www/html, and when i got hacked again instead of troubleshooting and wasting a lot of time, I just removed everything in /var/www/html and then extracted my backup and went back to normal.
    I am really concerned this is going to happen again.   Is there anything I can do to prevent it?  I looked at all my files and read every post and so far no sign of infection that I can find, but I thought the same thing before I got hacked.
    I have since installed mod_security, but any of the rules having to do with sql_injection automatically get detected just clicking on a thread or post and brings down the site, so not sure mod_security is doing me much good.  MY apache vconf and php.ini are locked down good.
    I was thinking it was because of a third party app I have installed.  So I went in and uninstalled about 6 of them in the panel,  but technically they are still on the server right?  I want to remove physically but how am I suppose to know which files each app is?  it not like it puts it in its own folder?
    I already patched the security as soon as it cmae out before I got hacked.   If anyone has advice that would be great.   Thanks
  4. co19 added a post in a topic: mod_security blocks site   

    so after doing lots of testing the following rules in the base_rules will not work with IP board
    The ones with sql_injection and xss if I use them will give me forbidden error message wheneve I hit any topic, and the protocol rules will not aloow me to reply.
    Does anyone know why and if there is a workaround?  I would think this is the most important one to have?  modsecurity_crs_20_protocol_violations.conf
  5. co19 added a post in a topic: mod_security blocks site   

    I was hoping for some help.
    I recently got hacked twice in past few days luckily the second time I had a good backup.  I have hardened my server as much as I can, spent many hours.
    Last piece is installing mod_security, with just the defaults it works fine.
    But as soon as I use the Core Rules set from here:

    I cannot access anything on the forums.  I am just using the core and basic rules.
    Can anyone give any advice or what rules I should be using?  which ones from those Core?
  6. co19 added a post in a topic: Missing index: member_id   

    Nevermind I was able to fix it. Thanks!
  7. co19 added a post in a topic: Missing index: member_id   

    I am having problems with IP.Nexus and been trying to troubleshoot as much as possible and ran Support -> Diagnostics -> Database Index Checker. and when i do that one Table: nexus_customers, shows that the member_id is missing and to click here to automaitcally fix it.

    When I try that it gives me a driver error, so I try to run the manual that it recommends:

    ALTER TABLE nexus_customers ADD PRIMARY KEY (member_id)

    I did that and get error

    ERROR 1062 (23000): Duplicate entry '8514' for key 'PRIMARY'

    I made a backup of db before I did this, I tried running mysqlcheck, and optimize and they all came back ok.

    What would this effect? Any way to fix it?

  8. co19 added a post in a topic: Nexus - cannot add to cart   


    I have Nexus 1.5.1, on IP.Board 3.3.4

    The products I have is nothing really special about them no associations, but when you go to add any of them to the cart, it goes to the cart page but never adds it to the cart, and shows up Zero in the price, and then when you hit checkout, says you have to add a package.

    I am using the default skin, and curious if anyone had any ideas?

  9. co19 added a post in a topic: Download: Shoutbox   

    I found my mistake, permissions were set wrong on the cache files some were not set to 777, while I hit recache did not realize it did not do every file, I made that change recache the skin and now it works.

    So can ignore my above post but thank you for the help =)
  10. co19 added a post in a topic: Download: Shoutbox   

    For some reason I can only get the shoutbox to show up on my main index page if I choose the sidebar option. I really want it up top above all the forum categories, but once I choose the option Above Forum Categories (Index Board only), it disappears.

    Any ideas how I can fix that? I tried hitting recache skin sets after making change and still does not show up. Only way to get it to show up is use sidebar option.
  11. co19 added a comment on a file: (TB) Tickets System   

    This has great potential, can't wait for the official release!
  12. co19 added a comment on a file: [HQ] Extra Forum Permissions   

    Great mod for controlling spam and encouraging users to contribute!

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    Why isn't Beta 3 out yet? (wanting beta 2 is too mainstream)

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      Beta 3 is not out for the same reason 3.3 is not out, they don't exist yet.

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      I don't think we'll be seeing Beta3.. ;)

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    3.2 - Shut Up and Take My Money!

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    Anyone do PSD to IPB skinning? Or know anyone that does for a REASONABLE price.

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      ugh. I hate my grammar sometimes.

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      I strongly recommend or

    4. Eduardo Bautista is a good choice imo

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    Does ipboard 3.2.0 have a release date?

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      Yes in fact it does. When it's ready :)

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      We have an internal target, but no public release date at this time.

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      What's the internal target? =D

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      December 21, 2012. When the world ends.

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      First half or second half of the year (or middle half)?

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      Yes, it will be the first half or second half, or possibly the middle half.

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      3.0 and 3.1 both came out in June, if that helps.

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      Whens 3.3 coming out ?

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      ahaha, thanks everyone.

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      I am looking towards an April to may release.

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      Relax.. while everyone is so anxious about 3.2 I bet some staffers are already planning 3.3 :)

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      3.3 Beta 2 is awesome!

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      Matt gotta stop IP.Gallery for a while, he should wait for other apps to get to 4.0, and then release IPB5 :)

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      considering they are not using it on this site I would not expect it for a few months.

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      Within 2011

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      June 20

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      I predict it will happen between now and when I pass out...I mean On...

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    What shall I do today?

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