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  1. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Announcement box on mobile   

    That's not the "default" position, so to speak. That is just where we have placed the block on this site, and when viewing via mobile, it just so happens that the sidebar gets moved underneath the main content (which, if I recall, was done based on feedback).
    On your own sites, you have the option to place the block directly above the main content, and it will display in the same location on mobile as well, in that particular instance.
  2. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Page views for blog entries, ip.gallery images   

    Unless I'm missing something, they are still there.

    Images have view counts as well, but I can see they are not displayed anywhere. I've filed a bug report for that: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/gallery-image-view-counts-r26/
  3. Ryan Ashbrook added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Gallery Image View Counts
    Are not displayed anywhere, it seems, though they are recorded.
    • 0 replies
  4. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Client Link Gone?   

    There is always a link to the Client Area in the header of the main site.
  5. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Keep database IDs with converter/import script   

    ​More people merge than you would think.
  6. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Migrating from Wordpress and other platforms to 4.0?   

    We will review all currently available converters and determine which ones we need to keep. I'm fairly certain that WordPress to Pages will be one of them.
  7. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Get user information ?   

    <?php // Initialize IPS4 Framework require_once( './init.php' ); // Indicate that we should consider this a front-end session so we can obtain the currently logged in users information. \IPS\Session\Front::i(); // Grab the currently Logged In user. $member = \IPS\Member::loggedIn(); // Output their username print $member->name;  
  8. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Using the standalone utf8 converter script vs. the built in 4.0 upgrade   

    Yes. There are very few technical differences between the two, actually, and the underlying codebase for both is pretty much identical (save for a few concessions for the IPS4 upgrader).
  9. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Keep database IDs with converter/import script   

    We did try this at one point, however it caused more issues than it solved. A lot of content can be converted over to IP.Board, so it is not always just a straight 1-1 import. Preserving ID's also removes the ability to merge multiple communities into one.
    That being said, it's something we can explore again for the 4.0 Converters, which can be built with this in mind from the start.
  10. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: IP.Downloads and IP.Commerce Integration   

    This topic was created just 9 hours ago. I don't think it really necessary to bump it just yet.
  11. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: English (USA) language overwritten (3.4.7)   

    If you submit a support request via your client area, then we can restore the English language pack.
    The overwriting may have happened during the import of the Italian language pack. If you can reproduce this, I would report this issue to the author.
  12. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Long usernames going onto two lines and whos online in too many places   

    Please file the second thing as a bug.
    The first is just where the block is being displayed, and is configurable.
  13. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: New version of standalone utf8-converter   

    I'm working on a new version this week.
  14. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Bug tracker reports showing fixed by regular user   

    Wax-on, wax-off.
  15. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: SSL - ADMİN   

    I would recommend submitting a support request so we may investigate this issue directly.

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    Wow. 8 Million posts. I just did a 5 million post forum the other day and it took 30 hours.
    Also, thanks. I've not yet gotten the 8-string monster, but I will someday. :)

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    (Oops. Just saw "Conversions specialist" in your About Me - maybe we'll tackle Ultimate Metal one day...scary thought (huge!) )

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    Hey dude! Just saw your recent pics in the gallery (8 string insanity!), thought I would say hello :)
    I run UltimateMetal.com - am buying IPB to start another community to see how it rolls. What do you do at IPB?

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