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  1. Ryan Ashbrook added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Required Custom Support Fields
    If you have a custom field set up that is required for a specific department, then submitting a support request to other departments will fail. This is because the form itself can still see the custom field as "required" even though it is not actually displayed.
    • 1 reply
  2. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [UTF8 Converter] Table column comment with UTF-8 characters causes issues   

    Yes, please open a ticket.
  3. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: I'm In The Visitors Group   

    Did you also change your email in the Client Area? Your email address here must match an active client account.
  4. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [RC5][Pages] Last comment isn't the last   

    Changed Status to Pending
  5. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [RC5][Pages] Last comment isn't the last   

    I can reproduce locally - it's actually very specific. I have my database set up to NOT sync to a forum, however I have a category inside that database set to override that, then the last comment information does not update appropriately. On review, there are several areas where this specific situation is not taken into account. For example, in \IPS\cms\Records\Records::syncRecordFromTopic():
    if ( static::database()->forum_record and static::database()->forum_forum and static::database()->forum_comments ) This if check only checks if the database is set up for a sync, not the category. This also effects things like the Comment Count, for example: http://screencast.com/t/MVZJsoh0G2f
    So we should review areas that rely on the Forum Sync and ensure they are checking both the database and the category.
  6. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Shirley we'll have a release soon?   

    ​It's possible moving the site would cause indexes to be missing, if the database itself was not exported correctly. You should not lose what they did already, though I'd be interested in taking a look and comparing with what I have in my development environment. The support tool in the Admin CP will check your database for any potential database issues, though like I said... I'd be interested in taking a look myself.
  7. Ryan Ashbrook added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Calendar - Share Location
    I think this may be an issue with Firefox itself, but I'm not sure. When you are prompted to Share your location while submitting an Event, the popup never goes away.
    • 0 replies
  8. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: RC6: Scheduled post / database entries   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: Sphinx broken from 3.4.6 to 3.4.7 (latest download of 3.4.7)   

    I would suggest submitting a support request then - the only known issue with Sphinx (that I am aware of) would be the one Stuart linked too.
  10. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [UTF-8 Converter] Browser method, Archive tab, error after first step   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [UTF-8 Converter] Browser method, Archive tab, error after first step   

    This was due to a race condition during the rename where-by renaming the UTF8 table would begin before the original table rename finished.
  12. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [UTF-8 Converter] says external archive DB is already at UTF-8, but it isn't.   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [UTF-8 Converter] Doesn't account for table prefix on archive DB   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: RC6 / Plugins / Toggling plugin off not deletes widget   

    I just hit this myself. It seems enabling / disabling a plugin is not properly clearing caches / data storage, so templates will still call and reference the plugin despite being disabled.
  15. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [RC5a to RC6] (!) Can't edit any posts   

    I can reproduce this on my site, locally, and I have escalated a ticket showing the problem. Strangely, I cannot reproduce here.


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    you're coolest IPS staff, after bfarber of course :D

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      Testing your test LOL!

    1. Ryan Ashbrook

      I wanted to conform and be like the rest of the staff. Lol.

      Unfortunately, "Ryan" was taken. By a former IPS Staffer no less.

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      Coolios. I feel much love :)

      Decided I'll bug you about IPB apps from time to time :p -- kidding!

      ...though, I may attempt to hire you to make a mod for me nearer the end of the month lol. *hides*

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      We'll have to see about that... lol

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    Status update about Blogs for .Peter

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      @Michael: Obligatory "3.2 blows the doors off 3.1" retort.

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    Wow. 8 Million posts. I just did a 5 million post forum the other day and it took 30 hours.
    Also, thanks. I've not yet gotten the 8-string monster, but I will someday. :)

  7. Creation Nation » Ryan Ashbrook

    (Oops. Just saw "Conversions specialist" in your About Me - maybe we'll tackle Ultimate Metal one day...scary thought (huge!) )

  8. Creation Nation » Ryan Ashbrook

    Hey dude! Just saw your recent pics in the gallery (8 string insanity!), thought I would say hello :)
    I run UltimateMetal.com - am buying IPB to start another community to see how it rolls. What do you do at IPB?

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    It's been raining for the better part of 20 hours here. It's driving me insane.

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      I like rain!

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    *fist bump* there's yo props :D

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    I decoded your interests. I want my props.

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    No. I left IBB several months ago to join IPS.

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    Ryan I didn't know you was also a member of the IPS Staff, are you still involved with iBB?

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    Happy Birthday ;)

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    Your picture scares me.