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  1. Ryan Ashbrook added an answer to a question: What WAMP/LAMP/MAMP software do you use?   

  2. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [RC3] Discounts   

    I can reproduce this - here is a screenshot of my discount configuration. My test package here has a base cost of $50.

    Per the setting, the first four instances of this package added to the cart should be priced normally, however the fifth should be reduced to $25. This does not appear to be happening.

    From what I can tell, the problem is in \IPS\nexus\Package\Product::addItemsToCardData(). We do separate out the items initially, however later on in the method they are simply merged back in if any item in the cart matches the current item in the loop.
  3. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: Some JS files get loaded with a double // in the URL   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Forum post numbering?   

    ​I'm not sure what you mean? You can split off posts using the checkboxes there (if you have moderator permission to do so), check the box and a Moderation Panel will appear allowing you to split them.

  5. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: After updating via the acp blank page   

    Can you please submit a support request via your Client Area so we can take a look?
  6. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Problem with Unicode characters in topic titles after upgrading from 3.4.7 to 4.0 RC3   

    ​Please submit a ticket so I may take a look.
  7. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Forum post numbering?   

    ​It's in the same place it's always been.

  8. Ryan Ashbrook added an answer to a question: Mac or PC? Why?   

    Yes, I use Mac (specifically, MacBook Pro) as my primary work machine, though I have a Windows PC that I use when required (MSSQL to MySQL conversions, local IE testing, etc.), and on the rare occasion I play a game.
    Only time I ever use Linux is for my server. I tried it some time ago as a desktop OS, but it didn't seem practical for day to day use, and I couldn't find a good code editor that I liked.
  9. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: Show yourself   

    This is me buying what is now my most prized guitar.

    I've been looking for this one specifically for years and when I finally found it, I managed to get it for somewhere between a quarter and a third of what it's actually worth.
  10. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [RC1] ImageMagick and vertical photos.   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [RC1] ImageMagick and vertical photos.   

    Fixed via ticket. GD and ImageMagick handle orientation differently.
  12. Ryan Ashbrook added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [img] BB Code tag mangles image URL.
    Using a legacy image BB Code tag, like below, appears to be mangling the beginning of the image URL:
    This seems to be because we are inserting an invisible space in front of the URL in the ipsautolink CKEditor plugin, however it is not being removed later on.

    • 2 replies
  13. Ryan Ashbrook added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    $INFO['use_friendly_urls'] in conf_global.php
    In IP.Board 3.x, the setting which defined that you wanted to use Friendly URL's was defined via conf_global.php. If this is still present in IPS4, then it takes precedence over the setting in the Admin CP, and causes any AJAX requests made to a Friendly URL to simply load the community index.
    To reproduce:
    Add $INFO['use_friendly_urls'] to conf_global with a value of '0' Clear settings datastore Try to load the "Contact Us" page.  
    • 2 replies
  14. Ryan Ashbrook added a post in a topic: RC3 Only Forum homepage is up. Other links are down.   

    Your .htaccess file is likely missing - ACP > System > Search Engine Optimization. Follow the instructions for the Rewrite URL's setting.
    If you require assistance, I recommend submitting a ticket.
  15. Ryan Ashbrook added a comment: [RC1] Accent problem   

    Changed Status to Fixed

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  1. sijad » Ryan Ashbrook

    you're coolest IPS staff, after bfarber of course :D

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      Testing your test LOL!

    1. Ryan Ashbrook

      I wanted to conform and be like the rest of the staff. Lol.

      Unfortunately, "Ryan" was taken. By a former IPS Staffer no less.

    2. Mikey B

      When will we see "Marcher T" ? ;)

    3. Marcher Technologies

      Would likely end up being just "Marcher" ;)

  2. Aiwa » Ryan Ashbrook

    I like the new avatar... That's awesome.

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    2. Ryan Ashbrook

      Thanks, I was actually looking for someone to reply lol

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      me 3..

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      I like that avatar, Ryan. :-)

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      Decided I'm going to just randomly post on your profile every once in a while.

    3. Mikey

      Coolios. I feel much love :)

      Decided I'll bug you about IPB apps from time to time :p -- kidding!

      ...though, I may attempt to hire you to make a mod for me nearer the end of the month lol. *hides*

    4. Ryan Ashbrook

      We'll have to see about that... lol

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    Status update about Blogs for .Peter

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      Lol darn.

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    Obligatory "zomg 3.2" status here.

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      Obligatory "3.1 was better" reply

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    5. Ryan Ashbrook

      @Michael: Obligatory "3.2 blows the doors off 3.1" retort.

  6. Ryan Ashbrook » Creation Nation

    Wow. 8 Million posts. I just did a 5 million post forum the other day and it took 30 hours.
    Also, thanks. I've not yet gotten the 8-string monster, but I will someday. :)

  7. Creation Nation » Ryan Ashbrook

    (Oops. Just saw "Conversions specialist" in your About Me - maybe we'll tackle Ultimate Metal one day...scary thought (huge!) )

  8. Creation Nation » Ryan Ashbrook

    Hey dude! Just saw your recent pics in the gallery (8 string insanity!), thought I would say hello :)
    I run UltimateMetal.com - am buying IPB to start another community to see how it rolls. What do you do at IPB?

  9. Ryan Ashbrook

    It's been raining for the better part of 20 hours here. It's driving me insane.

    1. Mikey

      I like rain!

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    *fist bump* there's yo props :D

  12. Ryan Ashbrook » Mikey

    I decoded your interests. I want my props.

  13. Ryan Ashbrook

    No. I left IBB several months ago to join IPS.

  14. Joey_M » Ryan Ashbrook

    Ryan I didn't know you was also a member of the IPS Staff, are you still involved with iBB?

  15. AndyF » Ryan Ashbrook

    Happy Birthday ;)

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    Your picture scares me.