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  1. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: Separate Questions & Answers   

    Would like to suggest that Questions & Answers should be separate when viewing a user's content. Right now it just mixed with Topics & Posts.
    For example, when viewing Lindy's content , in the sidebar there should be:
    Questions and Answers Questions Answers  
  2. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: Automatic Ticket Creator   

    Can we define different tickets for different products? Can we also set that tickets are created only if the purchased products are activated ( if using manual activation )?
  3. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: Multi-select / Multi-add Upsells/Associated Packages   

    Does Upsell functionality changes in the upcoming 4.0?
  4. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 Forum   

    Registered two days ago with a disposable ( maybe spammy ) email address and still waiting to be approved :unsure:
  5. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: Separate User Content From Search   

    That only shows the latest X content from the user. When you want to find more content from the user, you still end up in search results page.

    IMHO, it should list all Rhett's content, paginated, hence the community.invisionpower.com/user/146014-rhett/Content_Type/ page-n / suggestion. That way, we can see all his content without leaving his profile.
  6. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: Separate User Content From Search   

    Make the user's content part of their profile instead of listings in search results.

    For example, when viewing Rhetts's content, it should be at:
    community.invisionpower.com/user/146014-rhett/topics/ - for topics
    community.invisionpower.com/user/146014-rhett/posts/ page-n / - for posts
    community.invisionpower.com/user/146014-rhett/files/ - for downloads

    and so on instead of displaying it at the search results at community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&mid=146014
  7. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: My 4.0 IP.Content Wishlist   

    You may "Like This" this topic: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> :smile:
  8. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    The focused on the topic now is " with our without ID ", which personally, I prefer not to omit the ID.

    I hope we should get an answer about the heirarchical URL structure.
  9. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: (SD) Company Directory   

    Is it possible to make a foreach loop for each individual fields, i.e. foreach loop for phone, foreach loop for skype, etc. ?

    My other suggestion would be its on-page SEO , that is unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for each individual pages.
  10. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: (SD) Company Directory   

    Other question, when we view a company profile such as http://www.devipb.spannerdev.pl/firma/10-invision-power/ , is it possible to still put the Categories and Countries in the sidebar just like in the main page?
  11. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: (SD) Company Directory   

    Can you give a snippet of the template code that display those custom fields? :D

    Or is there a unique identifier for each custom field so that I can make a template to display like this:
    <div> Some Text Here </div> <div> Telephone #: {$Phone_Custom_Field} Skype: {$Skype_Custom_Field} </div> <div> Couple of static text here lorem ipsum dolor </div> <div> Another Field: {$Another_Custom_Field} Field Again: {$Custom_Field_Again} </div> ?
  12. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: (SD) Company Directory   

    How about when we view the company profile, can we put anywhere the custom fields? For example this profile: http://www.devipb.spannerdev.pl/firma/10-invision-power/ I want that the Facebook, Skype and URL remain in the same position but I want the Phone, Owarte od, W dni, etc. under the main description. Can the template be customized to achieve this?
  13. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    While I'd like to have the structure as suggested, I don't what the unique identifiers to be omitted. So what I think the best to have is like:

    Base Forum ------------------------------------> /forums/
    Parent Category -------------------------------> /forums/1-a-test-category/
    Viewing a Category/Viewing Topics List -> /forums/1-a-test-category/2-a-test-forum/
    Viewing a Topic -------------------------------> /forums/1-a-test-category/2-a-test-forum/1-welcome/

    PHPFox forum has a structure almost similar ( no topic identifier ) above: http://www.phpfox.com/forum/general-support-and-questions-75/how-to-safely-post-in-an-open-forum/

    The topic has already a fixed ID. So if we move a topic to a new forum, only the category and forum will be changed, i.e. /forums/ 20-new-forum-category / 25-new-forum /1-welcome/

    I don't know much about SEO either but I think moving a topic can be solve with 301 redirects. I also think 301's will not increase because it will be gone as the time goes. I have tried this on my old WordPress blog where I switched from a date-base structure to just /category_name/post_title/.

    Let's say we're moving 10 topics per day. At first, you would think that you'll reach 300 301 redirects in a month, 600 in two months, 900 in three months and so on. But I think that wouldn't be the case. As Google learned that an existing URL was moved to a new URL, it will start dropping the existing old URLs and use the new URL. Therefore, you may have a constant number of 301 redirects if you constantly move new topics but somehow it will reduce in due time. Or in the case of my WP blog, there are no more old URLs in their indexed - thus no more 301 redirects from search engines part, it's now a burden of the Apache to perform the 301 when visitors arrived from old links :smile:
  14. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: (DP34) Referrals System   

    Any plan on adding a feature such as this one:

    ? URL to that app/extension: http://www.simbunch.com/products/parainvite
  15. OxyFuse added a post in a topic: (SD) Company Directory   

    It's great to see some features implemented :smile:

    Here are my other suggestion if you don't mind :tongue:
    Make the "Company Opinions" more like they're still on the same page as the company profile. What I'm talking about is similar to this: http://xenreviews.com/reviews/movies/comedies/juice.28/user-reviews As you can you see on the URL, the "User Reviews" page is literally another page but they make it look like you're still on the item information page.
    I don't know much about programming but I think this really possible in your app. In the Company Opinions page, i.e. http://www.devipb.spannerdev.pl/firma/opinie/11-google-inc/ , all is needed is just pull the data from this specific company such as the photos, description, custom fields, etc. and put it all in this Company Opinions page. Country/location and category dependency. For example I have a categories: Hotels and Restaurant. When I click on the Hotel category, it will display companies belongs to Hotel. And when I click on the country Poland, it should display hotels in Poland . Likewise, when I'm on the main page and click on the country Germany, it will display all companies in Germany regardless of its categories. But when I click on the Restaurant category, it should only display all restaurants that are found in Germany.
    And I also have another questions:
    Can the "Custom Fields" be put anywhere? For example, I have Custom_Field_1 and would like to put it below the company name and I have also Custom_Field_2 that I want to put below the company description , possible? Can the URL be customized such as: Category View- ---------------------------------------------> ../firmy/1-firmy-it/ Country View -----------------------------------------------> ../firmy/1-polska/ Company Profile Page ------------------------------------> ../firmy/1-firmy-it/11-google-inc/ Company Opinions ----------------------------------------> ../firmy/1-firmy-it/11-google-inc/opinie/ What are the fields available when creating a custom field, i.e. text input, textarea, radio buttons, checkbox, select box, file upload? Since custom fields now supports per category, is there also a standard field which can be use on whatever categories?

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