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  1. murphzlaw1 added a post in a topic: Forum Upgrade by IPS Staff   

    I wanted to commend the IPS staff for acting so quickly to upgrade my forum. I submitted my ticket relatively late this morning, and the upgrade was completed early in the evening. The only delay was on MY part, as I'd forgotten to add a bit of information.

    Both staff members were pleasant to work with. Larry even let me know in the ticket that the upgrade was being performed, and that was the reason for the errors that may be seen.

    I figured that it would take a day or two, at least, especially after forgetting to add in Admin information. I'm sure the amount of other people either requesting upgrades or having problems with performing their own upgrades was (is) daunting, and yet my ticket was accessed within 30 minutes (both times).

    Thank you again for a very pleasant upgrade experience.

    (Matt sed he'd pay me if I wrote nice stuff. :P)
  2. murphzlaw1 added a post in a topic: Did i hear right that 3.0.1 is coming out in a week?   

    All right, I admit it.

    *I* did the security audit.

    They paid me with a 12 pack and a bag of cheetoes.
  3. murphzlaw1 added a comment on a blog entry: Support Responses   


    While I personally did not have to use support (recently), I've seen many instances recently where someone has. Obviously, it's usually the ones that don't have all the correct information in the ticket that get noticed (in the forum.)

    I would like to commend you and the staff for the way you have been handling tickets. You guys are really working hard to do what you can for your customers, and I appreciate that. The posts that get complaints in the forum are responded to quickly and professionally, and from what I've seen there is always a follow up.

    This reflects very well upon you and the staff. I appreciate the hard work you have put into this product, and the way you handle your support requests.

    Well done!

  4. murphzlaw1 added a comment: [RC4] [Template] Contact Us - Why Not Support?   

    or notes on things to do later..that's why I PM myself.

    not that I'm talking to myself...really.. :ph34r:
  5. murphzlaw1 added a comment: [THIS SITE - RC 4] -1 Replies   

    I can also confirm this of my members has a photo, but it does not show up when viewing the profile.


    shows up as a 1x1 pixel.
  6. murphzlaw1 added a comment: Poor styling reading the first post in a topic by a user you have ignored   

    I think it rounds it up, because it's set to do 50 (where the x would be) in a shot, so it's saying that all of the emails were sent.

    Just my thought, tho. It'd be nice if it was specific...but I ususally get "Email sent to 3550 members" when sending to 3527 or rounds it up.

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