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    1. Jamie.


    2. Ryan R

      Thank you for your feedback!

  1. Ryan R

    All skins updated for 3.1.3: http://bit.ly/b4O2bt ...Round 1. Round 2 next week.

  2. Ryan R

    Lite skin series released, 6 skins for the price of 1 - http://bit.ly/cRVQVx

  3. Ryan R

    New Gaming skin just released! http://bit.ly/d8tJiF

    1. AngelFire

      very nice mate, keep it up :)

    2. AndyF

      Approved here :)

    3. Ryan R

      Woo woo - Thanks to you both!

    4. emm1

      Very nice, would you consider making a special version of it towards being PlayStation (3) themed?

    5. Ryan R

      emm1: It's possible, depending on what exactly you want done. If you're interested, send us an email via our contact form.

    6. AndyF

      Blog entry approved :)

  4. Ryan R

    <-- Frustrated. Why can't IPS make the IP.Content template consistent with the rest of the suite?

    1. Rüdy

      Oh yes...

    2. Alex K.

      'Use IPB Wrapper' is a very good setting. ;)

    3. Ryan R

      Using the wrapper helps, but the wrapper alone only styles the outer elements (header, footer, body, etc.)...Doesn't do anything to the main content. I don't understand the need for IP.Content templates/css to be so different from everything else. If somebody wants to make it look different - they can do that, but why start things off different by default?!

    4. Lewis P

      IP.Content is intended to be separate from the forums. People asked for it to be like that, so IPS did that.

    5. Michael

      If you're talking about the default pages that IP.Content creates upon installation, those are styled using the custom stylesheets loaded on those pages. They are an example of using IP.Content to make a site with a different look from the forums. If you want your site to look like your forums, that is possible too.

    6. Hatsu

      Use the IPB Wrapper and for the blocks general_box design. Only page design itself you have to puzzle a bit :)

  5. Ryan R

    Because we already ARE friends!!! =D
    It auto-added me to your friend list me when I added you to mine?

  6. RazorThemes » Ryan R

    Trying to add you as a friend and don't see the option in your profile...