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  1. SuJay added a post in a topic: Staff Chat   

    Great plugin!

    I uninstalled the version I had been using for the last 12 months. I installed the latest version of it on my IP.Board 3.4.1. But now, whenever me or rmy staff try to post we get a popup box saying incorrect_use .

    Any ideas?
  2. SuJay added a post in a topic: Editor missing   

    We had the same thing. We had tried everything. Tonight, we cleared our browser cookies and it has righted itself. :mellow: :whistle:
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  4. SuJay added a post in a topic: Need custom profiles with Nexus   

    I am going around in circles over this. I am sure this is a way to achieve my needs but I can't find the help I need. I have IPB 3.3.4, with Downloads, Classifieds and Nexus.

    I need to have 3 levels of membership. easy right? Except, the information required by the guest/member is different depending upon which membership he chooses.

    1 - BASIC (Guests and Advertisers) - only very basic info
    Store - Make purchases
    Classifieds - Browse only
    Forum - Restricted (as per groups settings)
    Files - Download some files (as per groups settings)

    2 - GENERAL MEMBERSHIP - a little bit of personal info
    Store - Make purchases
    Classifieds - Buy and Sell
    Forum - Some Topics & General Information (as per groups settings)
    Files - Upload & Download Files

    3 - PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP - more info required
    Store - Make purchases
    Classifieds - Buy and Sell
    Forum - All Forum Topics / Private Groups /
    Files - Upload & Download File

    I imagined that choosing a package would be something like a flow chart. Package 1 would have 2 custom profile fields. Package 2 would have 4 custom profile fields and Package 3 would have 6 custom profile fields. Sounds easy, right?

    I could manage to do the same thing with just 2 packages and then member groups... if I could manage it at all! Even if that would satisfy me, I still can't have the option for a user to choose either package and only be presented with the required info.

    So why can't I do it? Am I going to need some custom mod work done or am I simply looking too hard thus overlooking the simply obvious?

    Has anyone achieved this and would you be willing to share how you did it? Or if you know of a work around/fix and I need to hire you, please drop me a line.
  5. SuJay added a post in a topic: Members Manage Own Files- Link to Downloads in Profile?   

    Aha! Thanks Mr.Mikey. That was it. However, I've been using IPB for about 2 years now (without nexus and downloads) and I still had difficulty locating it. Obviously. ;)

    My members will certainly struggle with finding it.

    But thank you for answering, what was probably to you, a silly question. Much appreciated. :)
  6. SuJay added a post in a topic: Members Manage Own Files- Link to Downloads in Profile?   

    Hi Mr.Mikey,
    Thanks for responding... but the link just takes me to my purchases. I have looked through the Marketplace but obviously I have missed it - if there is a plugin there to do the job I need.

    Could you please redirect me to the link? :)
  7. SuJay added a post in a topic: Allow Quick Checkout without filling in custom fields on registration?   

    We have a fairly diverse community. We have some members that access our classifieds and other who only access the forums... then there are others again who access all of it, including the private groups.

    On our account registration page, we have some custom profile field areas that are required so that one can access the more private forums.

    Problem is, when using Nexus I want people to have a quick checkout WITHOUT filling in all those required custom fields for their profile. They only want to purchase an item, not join the community so I don't need all their details.

    How can I get around this?

    I want registrations for the community, with required fields filled in but I also want others to purchase without getting any further info from them at all.
  8. SuJay added a post in a topic: Members Manage Own Files- Link to Downloads in Profile?   

    When I purchase or download a file through Nexus, I can access my Client Area via my profile. Which all makes sense.


    How or where can I see all my purchases/downloads and/or manage my files via IP Downloads? There doesn't seem to be a link in my profile area.

  9. SuJay added a post in a topic: 500 server error when trying to purchase   

    Thanks for your response... upon further work I can see that it isn't just making a purchase. It seems to be my whole Nexus setup as even my banner ads aren't clicking through to the location.

    I have filed a support ticket.

    Thanks though :)
  10. SuJay added a post in a topic: Delete My Cookies   

    Thanks for this code! Even though I have separate pages and instructions for my members, teaching them how to delete their cookies per browser, many of them much prefer to use this link so I was really pleased to be able to include this in my footer again. :)
  11. SuJay added a post in a topic: IPN   

    This topic is pinned... does that mean it is still necessary and current, despite the fact that the OP is from 2010?
  12. SuJay added a post in a topic: 500 server error when trying to purchase   

    I am having an awful time trying to get Nexus set up and functioning.

    I have a Premier account with Paypal.

    I have my categories and some items. I click on them to 'purchase' but am greeted with a blank page and a 500 Internal Server error, which doesn't help much. The url of this page is

    I thought Premier account would be sufficient. Am I wrong in my understanding? Is there a video tutorial or a troubleshooting faq somewhere?

    Any ideas?
  13. SuJay added a post in a topic: ProMenu Basic   

    Thanks you very much for this info! VERY helpful indeed :)

    Much appreciated.
  14. SuJay added a post in a topic: Importing Data Rather than Upgrading?   

    Thanks :)
  15. SuJay added a post in a topic: ProMenu Basic   

    I recently upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.3. I have the default skin and one from skinbox. I am also using the Classifieds app, IPDownloads and Nexus. The menu appears to be working fine everywhere, even with the skinbox theme EXCEPT when in my PM inbox or Private Messages. The PM page is not formatting or picking up on the styling.

    So I was hunting through the earlier version topic thread and found some words of advice there. I then disabled minify in the ACP and all seems to be fine with both skins.

    Is this all I have to do? Any other tips or ideas gratefully received. :)

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