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  1. kherezae added a post in a topic: Editing Frontpage Layout - Question   

    That was exactly it. And getting into the template manager was a bit daunting at first but I think I'm starting to piece together some of it. At least, what you said made sense and it's working out the way I need it to.
    Thank you so so much! I cannot express my gratitude.
  2. kherezae added a post in a topic: Editing Frontpage Layout - Question   

    You're absolutely fantastic! And I was able to make the information appear in all but the very first article. I'm using the 1x2x2 layout, if that helps.
    So I found the place you're talking about in the:
    <!-- START ARTICLE POSITION 2 --> <foreach loop="$data['records'] as $k => $record"> But the first Article position doesn't seem to have this?
    <!-- START ARTICLE POSITION 1 --> <if test="$data['records'][0]"> <div class='ipsBox'> <div class='ipsBox_container ipsPad'> <if test="$data['records'][0]['article_image']"> <img src='{$data['records'][0]['article_image']}' class='photo left ipsPad' {parse resize_image="$data['records'][0]['article_image']" maxwidth="225"} alt='' /> </if> <h2 class='ipsType_subtitle'>
  3. kherezae added a post in a topic: Editing Frontpage Layout - Question   

    I am by no mean a coder in the slightest so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me figure out something - and I'm hoping it'll be relatively simple. I'd submitted a support ticked and they'd directed me here when it became apparent the thing I needed was related to altering the front page template for the Articles in IP.Content.
    I have created some custom fields that allow you to input additional information in the creation of the article but I can't get these custom fields to show on the main page of the Articles when you're browsing them even though the option seems selected to do so.

    So I'd like these custom fields to show up on the front page of the Articles and I've seemed to have isolated the coding for it but when I attempt to add it into the front page template, I'm still not getting anything to show up. The codes I was able to find from the input on the sidebar are:
    {$record['field_31_value']} {$record['field_32_value']} {$record['field_33_value']} {$record['field_16_value']} {$record['field_29']} So I'd be extremely grateful if someone could tell me where in the front page template I'm supposed to insert these variables or.... if I'm so completely wrong about everything thus far and could lead me in the right direction, that'd be super helpful too.
    Thank you in advance.
  4. kherezae added a post in a topic: Single Category Editor in Articles?   

    So I can see I can create an editor for my articles, but then they preside over all the categories. So I've spent the past hour or so plugging through the member groups and premissions to see if there was a way I could restrict them specifically to one Category within the articles in which they would have mod permissions, much like you can give someone mod control over a single forum. Is it possible, and if so, I must have definitely missed it. Could someone kindly explain how to me?
    Thanks in advance.
  5. kherezae added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery Rename?   

    Is there a way to change the name of the hook that coincides with Gallery then? Example: The Recent Gallery Uploads hook that displays on the main board. I'd like that to say something else as well. Is there a way to rename hooks?
  6. kherezae added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery Rename?   

    Aaannnnnnnnddddd now I feel like a dork. Thank you. 8D
  7. kherezae added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery Rename?   

    Just rather curious, is there a way to rename IP.Gallery so that it can be called something else on the forum? Like, instead of Gallery on your tabs, call it Albums or Pictures? If so, how would one go about doing so?

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