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  1. PPlanet added a post in a topic: (DP34) Download Images   

    Happy new year DawPi; I'd be interested to know if using Cloudflare should affect this app in any way, and also what happens with images linked from our own forum's galleries? Do they get saved? On my forum is quite common for members to upload to their albums and link in posts from there. However, if they later delete the images in those albums, then we end up with broken links in posts. So, I wonder if those images get saved too or because they are in the same server they're skipped.
  2. PPlanet added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Installed it on 3.4.5, and so far so good. But maybe it's too soon to observe any secondary effects. If it doubt keep copies of the files you're going to replace.
  3. PPlanet added a post in a topic: [HQ] Google CSE -pro-   

    Actually, please disregard problem #2. It's the Google configuration under "Look and feel".
    But problem #1 remains so far.
  4. PPlanet added a post in a topic: [HQ] Google CSE -pro-   

    I've just bought and installed this app. Unfortunately I have two problems.
    1) While it seems to work fine in my default theme (which is not the IPB one), I keep getting an error message when switching to the IPB theme and trying with it (The application '' does not support search) .
    2) The second problem is not a big deal really, but on the theme that works, it seems to launch a modal window regardless of whether I select Active Popup or not, and regardless if I choose New Page or Same Page. Only the size of this window varies. I would like the results on a page integrated on my forum rather than a new window. I know that's possible because it's like that on the demo site, but then again that's the IPB theme which it's not working right now for me.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. PPlanet added a post in a topic: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    From what you say, it looks like you may be trying to upload the folder called "Upload". Generally you are not supposed to upload this folder but only its contents.

    PS, and just in case, before you try again, please make sure that your FTP program's upload preferences are set to merge folders, not to replace them.
  6. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Sub Sub Forum on Forums Index Page   

    Maybe a tad off-topic but I have a question regarding this. Would such an option slow down the site? Or phrased differently, if we were able just to display the main categories with the parent forums but not the subforums inside, would this help with performance?
  7. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index   

    I had a play around with this hook and I got what I wanted in my test site. Unfortunately it doesn't work in my live site maybe due to some conflict with some other hooks, but going back to the quoted posts above.

    Firstly, I wanted to display the hook so it only goes category wide (just like the photo in Maxxius' post). So I edited one file of the actual hook. How to do that has been covered before in this thread here anyway. (Just don't guide yourself by the three files always been in the same 1,2,3 order... so you may need to identify which one is the one that needs editing as per the screen capture, as not always presents itself as File number 1)

    However, I just wasn't happy with the variable layout and thumbnails jumping down to a second row below depending on the screen resolution. That's when I thought that I could do with Adriano's hook but with IPB's template. So, if you are happy with exactly the same layout and style of the IPB hook, go to Look & Feel > IP.Board Theme > Templates > (Gallery) Global > hookRecentGalleryImages, open it and copy it.

    Then go to Look & Feel > IP.Board Theme > Templates > Board Index > sos32_boardIndexGalleryImages; open it, delete the code in full and paste the code you copied from hookRecentGalleryImages there.

    You'll need to do this for each theme you use, and you'll need to recache the skins as usual.

    I repeat that in my test site works fine, particularly with the featured images options which is what I wanted to use. Obviously try at your own risk (but any problem just uninstall Adriano's hook and install it again in its unedited form). So, it's like using IPB's hook but with Adriano's extra functionality.

    Sadly Adriano's hook, even in its original and unedited form, seems to conflict when I try it in my live site. I keep getting the sort of message that says "Not enough memory here or there. Please allocate 58 KB in this or that other file, etc, etc." But I repeat this is just a conflict that happens in my live site, as the hook works well in my less complex test site (IPB 3.4.5 and Gallery 5.0.5)... If someone has any pointers as to how to solve this problem please let me know. Cheers.
  8. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Social Links   

    In case it helps others, I now have this installed on my board, it is on the footer and working in all skins. However, it wasn't that easy because at first I couldn't make it to show on the footer. So, if you have the same problem, you may try these steps:

    Install as instructed.
    Fill in the settings with your pages' urls, etc. But enable the icons to display on the Header and not the Footer. Save.
    Go back to manage Hooks and edit the actual Social Links hook by clicking on the Pencil icon.
    Click on the "Files" tab.
    In both files you'll see, select from the Hook ID dropdown "hasFooterAd" and from the Position of Template Hook dropdown, "After the if statement ends". I repeat, this is for both files.
    Recache your skins, cross your fingers and it may work. It did for me. :smile: (So, Grant B thanks for the nice hook)
  9. PPlanet added a post in a topic: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    That file belongs to Global Sidebars not to IPB, so it shouldn't be encoded as far as I know. If you have access to ftp, you should be able to edit it.
  10. PPlanet added a post in a topic: [IPBLounge] Topic Covers   

    I installed it twice and it's the same. Mind you, the installation process goes well; it's only when you try to save the settings for any sub-forum.
  11. PPlanet added a post in a topic: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    Thanks :)
  12. PPlanet added a post in a topic: [IPBLounge] Topic Covers   

    I haven't had a problem with this app on my Test site, but the other day I installed it on my live site, and I got a similar error to the one described by Mikirin under the same circumstances. I do have 1000s of sub-forums (and funnily enough I'd be happy to use this app in just one of them), so I wonder if this has anything to do with it or whether the reason lies elsewhere.
  13. PPlanet added a post in a topic: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    I'd be very interested in knowing how to do this too.
  14. PPlanet added a post in a topic: [IPBLounge] Topic Covers   

    This is coming along (or has come along) really nicely. To the point that I feel bad about keep suggesting things, but I guess that any feedback is good since it can be taken on board or left alone at the author's wise discretion.

    Apart from several things already suggested in this thread, I reckon the title of the thread could be more prominent somehow. Not sure if bigger, or bolder, or maybe even over a semi-transparent area juxtaposed a bit on top of the bottom of the thumbnail. Personally I would even do without all or most other info currently present like topic starter, number of replies, number of views, members' avatars, etc. and give that room to the title.
  15. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Security Patch - Sep 2013 files   

    Thank you, much appreciated. :)

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