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  1. PPlanet added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Installed it on 3.4.5, and so far so good. But maybe it's too soon to observe any secondary effects. If it doubt keep copies of the files you're going to replace.
  2. PPlanet added a post in a topic: [HQ] Google CSE -pro-   

    Actually, please disregard problem #2. It's the Google configuration under "Look and feel".
    But problem #1 remains so far.
  3. PPlanet added a post in a topic: [HQ] Google CSE -pro-   

    I've just bought and installed this app. Unfortunately I have two problems.
    1) While it seems to work fine in my default theme (which is not the IPB one), I keep getting an error message when switching to the IPB theme and trying with it (The application '' does not support search) .
    2) The second problem is not a big deal really, but on the theme that works, it seems to launch a modal window regardless of whether I select Active Popup or not, and regardless if I choose New Page or Same Page. Only the size of this window varies. I would like the results on a page integrated on my forum rather than a new window. I know that's possible because it's like that on the demo site, but then again that's the IPB theme which it's not working right now for me.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. PPlanet added a post in a topic: IPS Marketplace Checkout Problem   

    Unsure whether to report this as a bug, or maybe it's just a configuration matter. I'm trying to buy something from the marketplace. I cannot go past filling in the address. Even when I select Australia as my country, the states remain just for the USA. Also it forces me to fill in the address field, and when I click inside, a popup message in my browser (Firefox) asks me if I want to share my location. It doesn't matter what I choose, the address field just doesn't get populated, not even by typing (which it doesn't let me do anyway).
    Some weird fields belonging to Nexus are present too; please see screen capture attached.

  5. PPlanet added a post in a topic: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    From what you say, it looks like you may be trying to upload the folder called "Upload". Generally you are not supposed to upload this folder but only its contents.

    PS, and just in case, before you try again, please make sure that your FTP program's upload preferences are set to merge folders, not to replace them.
  6. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Constants.php to external url?   

    Thanks for the reply, I'll need to play around with this.
  7. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Constants.php to external url?   

    Well, basically I was wondering if there was something with the same behaviour achieved via constants, but instead of pointing to an IPS application, do it to an external url. For example, take my subdomain forums.mydomain.com. Let's say that via constants.php instead of the forums application, I made the Portal the home or landing page. So, when someone would type forums.mydomain.com it would load the Portal; however, when clicked on it, the Forums tab still would take people to the forums index or application Forums. I think that's the normal behaviour, right?

    So, I was wondering about somehow achieving the same behaviour but instead of being an IPS application like the Portal or IP.Content, do the same with an external url.

    At some stage I thought that maybe I could simply redirect forums.mydomain.com to mydomain.com, but any direct link to forums.mydomain.com/index.php remain unaffected by the redirect. I don't know if this is the case, as the Forums tab on the main menu seems to connect to the app as such and not to any url that I could change and test. The questions in that case are, if I redirected forums.mydomain.com, would forums.mydomain.com/index.php also redirect as a consequence? (Are they always the same?)... and if not, how could I make the Forums tab link to forums.mydomain.com/index.php? (Hide the app tab and create a menu item with IP.Content maybe?).
  8. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Constants.php to external url?   

    I know that the use of a constant.php file allows to to set another IPS application as the default homepage. However, I wonder if it's possible to set one up with an external url as the homepage.
    For example, I have mydomain.com, that's meant to be the homepage of my site, from there you have several options, including my forums, and the subdomain for them is forums.mydomain.com
    Now, too many members skip mydomain.com and go directly to forums.mydomain.com either because they have it bookmarked or it's in their browser's history.
    So, I'd like to make it that even if someone type forums.mydomain.com they go to the top domain instead, but once on the forum, if they click on the "Forums" tab or button, they go to the forums index.
    Is there a way of achieving this, either using constants.php or any other way?
  9. PPlanet added a post in a topic: How to configure IPB for many hundreds of subforums   

    Not particularly proud to admit it but I have 1000s of subforums... yes, I know. If someone knows of an easy way of counting them I could give you an exact number. How am I coping? I'm using a virtual server with 8 Gig Ram, I also use Cloudflare. The site works fine, and starts struggling only those nights when in a space of an hour we've had approx 900 users connected. Except in peak hours (Monday and Tuesday nights 10pm to Midnight) we always have anything between 500 and 800 people who have connected in the last hour. And all is gradually growing evenly.
    Now, I'm waiting to see what happens with IPB 4, as some queries are meant to be more efficient, but the problem is that 4 years ago I set it up with an ever expanding structure of sub-forums, which was very naive from me. Funnily enough that same structure was a huge success for all other reasons (I'm certainly not talking of technical performance now). But, one day soonish I'll need to bite the bullet and change the structure to something a bit like what Adriano suggests.
    Now, what do I do during peak hours? I deselect most subforums from the search manually, and just leave on a few (yet important) discussion forums that don't have subforums. There is an additional menu for the latest threads that come from the 1000s of subforums, and I use an old application for that called "Topics Wall v1.6 for IP.Board" by devRegan. This app is not fully compatible with 3.4.5 any longer, but the mode I need and enable (Simple List view) luckily still is. So, I end up with IPB's native New Content menu just handling a dozen or so of discussion forums, and devRegan's one pulling out the latest 100 threads that are topic specific (reviews). I'd say that 9 out of 10 users just hit the New Content and keep refreshing when the use the site, and only 1 out of 10 is methodical enough to use the additional menu.
    Not that I'm suggesting to follow my example if you have the chance to start something fresh (as I said Adriano's suggestion is a much healthier one). But based on my experience, I'd say that it depends on how many users you foresee using your site too.
  10. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Problem with the Friends function after merging two accounts   

    Great. Thanks Andy; it worked, all sorted.
  11. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Problem with the Friends function after merging two accounts   

    Or if someone knows a database query I could run via the ACP in order to remove a member's friends, that may help too, as they are not that many and I could add them back for her later.
  12. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Problem with the Friends function after merging two accounts   

    after merging two accounts of one member on my board, it looks like a couple of friends this person had in one of the accounts have not merged completely; they are there on her list when someone clicks on the friends tab, but not on the listed ones at first sight of the overview details of her profile. I thought that solving this would be a case of this person "unfriending" these couple of members and "befriending" them again. However, when any of them go to "Manage Friends", they are on the list with the (+ add) icon, you click on it and it tells you they are already friends, because in reality they should have the (- remove) icon instead like all their other friends on the list.
    So, it looks like something went wrong. I thought that maybe it could be fixed by editing this on the database; the problem is that I can't find the right table where this can be edited, that is, removing a member's friend directly in the database. I couldn't find anything inside the members table, so I wonder where is it. Anyone has an idea about where to look into, or any other way of solving this?
  13. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Dealing with many (many!) subforums   

    Thank you, that's good to know. Any little saving is good. Cheers.
  14. PPlanet added a post in a topic: Dealing with many (many!) subforums   

    Does anyone have an answer for this question? Thanks
  15. PPlanet added a post in a topic: url4short.info nightmare   

    Have you tried what I posted here above ? The problem keeps happening because the code is probably in one of the skin templates, not just in your cache. See my previous post and hopefully it will help you fix it.

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