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  1. LeeGrant added a post in a topic: Basic skin question - parent/child   

    If we want to have a skin for a forum, with only a minor change - say background / logo only, do we export our current skin, then import it as a child to our main skin and then alter one or two items?
    Or is there a way to avoid having to have multiple complete skins, so that if we want to change something on all skins we do not need to adjust multiple copies of the same template?
    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. LeeGrant added a post in a topic: Remove Forums from Board Index - User Control   

    Does this cause any issues with resources on the forums?
  3. LeeGrant added a post in a topic: ProMenu Basic   

    Can somebody please explain how to setup the mega menu.

    Whatever I try and do, I cannot get anything to show - well I do, but just in a long list - the html block seems to do nothing.


    Also - is it possible to set up a menu like on http://www.amazon.com on their home page -> shop by department. i.e. the flyout is the same height as the dropdown. On longer menus and flyouts from lower menu items go off the screen, so it would be good to be able to either have them at the top - or perhaps even better to be able to set the offset on a per menu item, that way it could be adjustable - or maybe both :)

    I just rather like the Amazon style and it would be great to be able to display something similar.
  4. LeeGrant added a post in a topic: ProMenu Basic   


    What is the state of this for the iPad?

    Will it work fine?


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