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  1. IPBaddons » Massive Dynamics

    You like Fringe? ^.^

  2. Massive Dynamics » XJapan

    I replied to , good luck :P

  3. Massive Dynamics

    Merry Christmas from Australia :D

    1. Black-Elmo

      Merry Christmas for Queensland

    2. .Ian

      Is it almost Boxing Day?

  4. Massive Dynamics

    Any news on when the update for CleanCut comes out with the Client Area in the profile dropdown? I'm hoping to buy IP.Nexus soon, and CleanCut is my main skin...

    1. .Brian

      It has been a couple hours since the report has been made..... You are going to have to be a little more patient. I will post the fix for this.

    2. Massive Dynamics

      Wierd, I thought I saw it a few days ago xD

      Thanks in any case.

  5. VHL » Massive Dynamics

    No problem, i'll put that topic on watch for when you update it. It seemed perfect apart from a few bugs in some posts

  6. Massive Dynamics » VHL

    Thanks for your comment on Group Format :)

  7. majdi » Massive Dynamics

    i see you're a fan of flashforward too :)

    1. .Peter

      Test Reply :)!

  8. Massive Dynamics » bfarber

    What does RBT-KS actually mean? <_<

  9. Massive Dynamics

    Who should I pick on, Mark or Mark H? Hmmm....

    1. Fishfish0001


  10. Massive Dynamics » NewEraCracker_

    Unless, of course, you aren't THE new era cracker.

  11. Massive Dynamics » NewEraCracker_

    Having fun nulling everything?