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  1. Cozza added a comment on a file: [DR] IP.Content Live Streams   

    Great app with great support from the developer. Was more than happy to help with some custom edits.
  2. Cozza added a post in a topic: Topic Deletion .... by members - i.e. not through moderation ..   

    Hi Richard,

    IP.Board has options for a member to be able to Hard Delete and soft delete their own topics & posts as long as being able to lock their own topics.

    Im sure with a custom hook much more could be done if you need.

  3. Cozza added a comment: Member Display Name not showing   

    oh my god! completely missed that, thank you! saving me hours of work trying to discover the different fields
  4. Cozza added a comment: Member Display Name not showing   

    Thats working, thanks mate.

    Really need some proper documentation for the feed variables. its hard trying to find them.

    Please scrap this ticket
  5. Cozza added a record in IP.Content   

    Member Display Name not showing
    Content Type: Members
    Sort: Random
    Limit: 1


    <p>{parse expression="IPSMember::makeProfileLink( $r['name'], $r['member_id'], $r['members_seo_name'] )"}</p>

    In my template is showing the users login name not their display name

    Assuming $r['name'] is the display name stated here: [url=""][/url]

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  6. Cozza added a post in a topic: Frustration with IPS   

    I feel your pain mark, my community is primarily american. Though i'm from Australia we spell things differently, always copping flak from it!

    ontopic: i haven't particularly had any issues with the documentation. Just read through it carefully and if there are any issues or concerns i just ledge a support ticket :smile:
  7. Cozza added a record in IP.Calendar   

    Upcoming Calendar Events Hook - Date Format
    Good Afternoon,

    I recently noticed my calendar events hook displaying dates in MM/DD/YYYY

    Though the calendar is configured to present dates in DD/MM/YYYY

    is there any way to change the format to suit the calendar configuration?

    Calendar Version: v3.2.1
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  8. Cozza added a comment: Text Editor Stuck in Popup?   

    Thanks for sending me in the right direction terabyte (btw my members are still loving the mood mod)

    Tweety, Michael has fixed this is 1.2.1 but hasn't released that version (something to do with 3.2 and fatal errors)

    He has posted a manual fix here [url=""][/url]
  9. Cozza added a record in IP.Board   

    Text Editor Stuck in Popup?
    When entering custom BBcode or anything that forces a popup i input my data and click ok, the BBcode is inputted into the post however it seems as though the forum still thinks the popup is open and will not let me continue to create my post. Only leaving to go back and input all post bbcode manually.

    Testing this issue in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.

    It may an issue local to my forum as it has been having many odd issues since 3.2 (especially with skins)
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