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  1. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: IPS logo on Facebook   

    I have this issue, too. I was told the feature didn't exist yet. It works great in IP.Content (the article image gets used), but not in Nexus.
    Hoping this is fixed in Nexus 4.x
  2. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: PayPal Gateway... PayPal's buyer address not showing on PayPal transactions!   

    I haven't run into this direct issue, but I totally agree it's needed. IPN developers: please add this. 
  3. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: No place for SKU number for products?   

    ​ I don't use it on my invoices, or anywhere in the IPS interface. I have a custom perl script which imports my products (from XML) and another perl script which generates the reports I need. Those scripts write and read data from the custom field as needed. The IPS interface has no idea the custom field exists.  
  4. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Anti-Fraud, and suggestions from MaxMind   

    I use the 3rd party MaxMind service to do anti-fraud checks. Within Nexus, I use the " Customer's billing address is valid"  setting.  I guess I misunderstood this. I was under the impression that this setting would ensure that a buyer's billing address matched the one from their credit card.  Well, it turns out that is NOT the case:
    I spoke to a MaxMind technical rep, and they told me that they are never passed the actual billing address.  He made some suggestions for IP Nexus.   Developers: please listen!
    Feature requests from MaxMind:
    For all transactions, pass the country code over to maxMind... especially when you pass foreign phone numbers. For all transactions, pass the credit card BIN (Bank Identification Number) For all transactions, do an AVS check. Contact MaxMind for specifics. 
    For me, as a user, I just want the peace of mind of knowing that if somebody puts in a fake address, that they will not be able to buy my products.  Because that happened today. A person put in an obvious fake address (they put in the address of the U.S. White House) and they were able to buy my product.
    ... And no, the customer was not Barack Obama. ;-)
  5. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: IP.Nexus... export invoices or batch print?   

    I've also had to write my own custom SQL/PHP in order to get usable reports. I'm hoping this is improved in IPS4
  6. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: No place for SKU number for products?   

    It's not there.  Personally, I hacked the DB and added a field for it myself. 
    I agree that this is a common sense thing that needs to be added. 
  7. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Package custom fields and added costs?   

    You can do this. 
    Create your product (T-shirt) Create your custom field (size options) Associate the custom field with the product Under your list of packages, click the middle icon that looks like a box ("Product Options...") This will allow you to increase the price for the t-shirt based on size, 
  8. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: No sorting items in store by PRICE?   

  9. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Prepping my website for IPS4. Who do I give my money to?   

    Yeah, sorry about that. After I posted this I found the custom jobs link. I was unable to delete this thread, though.
  10. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Prepping my website for IPS4. Who do I give my money to?   

    I have a large community website incorporating pretty much the entire IPS community suite.  With IPS4 coming soon, I'd like to hire somebody to convert my skin over to the new version, and do some other modifications.
    Paid gig.
    Please PM me if you're interested. Experienced vendors only, please. 
  11. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Request: Please support Amazon Payments   

    Thanks for the link. That's cool. 
    I agree with Kirito: this is a big enough gateway where I think it should be part of the Nexus application by default. (Same for Google Wallet).  
  12. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Request: Please support Amazon Payments   

    Amazon recently announced a new payment service that'll compete with things like PayPal. 
    I'd like to kindly request that IP Nexus support this payment method. 
    If you're a user of IP Nexus, please chime in or "Like this post" if you support the idea. 
  13. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Big Request: Evolve Nexus' PRICE field   

    Dear Nexus developers: this is a big one. I really hope you're listening.  This matters a lot to anybody who wants to use Nexus for BIG (1,000+ item) stores. 
    If I have an item for sale in Nexus, the *ONLY* place to record its price information is in the basic price field. This field is limited to:
    What the current price is
    Nexus does not track promo prices, discounted price, bulk price, or sold (historical) price.  ​
    This prevents us from being as competitive as we could. You know how Amazon shows you the MSRP of an item ("$22.99") and then strikes it out to show their price:   $22.99 13.99 ?  We need to be able to do that. We need a way to be able to set a base price and a discounted or "current" price.  
    A single currency
    Items often cost different amounts in different currencies. They are not always straight currentcy1-to-currency2  conversions
    This makes it extremely difficult to offer the same item to multiple regions of the world. As much as we'd like to have Things on the Internet cost the same for everyone (subject only to their currency), that isn't the case. The reality is that many items can only be made available in different regions.  Limiting an item to only a single currency dramatically limits and significantly-sized store where there are many hundreds of transactions per day from all across the world. 
    We also need better reporting for all this price-related stuff, but that's another matter for another day. 
    Thanks for making a great product. Here's hoping we can evolve it to be even better. 
  14. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Report needed   

    Alas, the reporting features in IP Nexus are not very good. I've had to create custom MySQL queries to get accurate numbers.  
    Here's hoping that the next major version of Nexus will include customizable reports with CSV output. 
  15. jwdenzel added a post in a topic: Suggestions for Nexus Storefront UI improvements. Feature Requests within   

    My online store uses Nexus and has over 2,500 items in the store. I hand-wrote a custom script to regularly import and update Nexus db because my inventory changes nearly on a daily basis. This works fine. 
    The challenge I have is that my storefront isn’t all that great. It’s very hard to browse through those 2,500 products and find something interesting. Are there any plans to provide a more robust Nexus storefront in the next major version of Nexus?
    For instance:
    The search feature works, but doesn't yield very good results (ie, it searches ANYWHERE and does not prioritize things like the product name). Also, the results show the full product description, which is clunky.  You can't filter on anything (price, availability, rating, size, etc) There's no "Other items like this...." feature Here's my store front:
    Can I get some "likes" or feedback on this post so we can collectively ask IPS to improve the scalability of this product?

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