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  1. NewRockRabbit added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    New Content: Can't Change Option (again)
    A couple of days ago, I selected records as an option from the New Content menu. It is now stuck on records and I can not change it to any other option, eg topics.
    a) Ubuntu Chrome. If I click on any of the other options, nothing appears to happen.
    b) Ubuntu FF. If I click on any other options, even if just once, I get the flood control error message.
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  2. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: Fastest software to date?   

    Speed on this forum is better than it was a couple of days ago, but 'New Content' remains very slow, averaging between 6 - 8 seconds.
    This will be a problem for me if this doesn't improve a lot, as VNC is currently very popular with my users. It's also a bit worrying that this morning when I tested this (UK 10am), the IPS forums have less users than my own forum, so if anything I'll have more 'pressure' on 'New Content' than IPS (if that has any bearing on the current page speed problem).
    Other than that (and the fact that I can't post in FF on Linux, as reported in bug tracker), it's all looking pretty impressive, well done. 
    Whoops, spoke too soon, 'New Content' now has error: 
    Sorry, there is a problem
    Something went wrong. Please try again.
    Error code:  EX1054
  3. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: Making money with a forum   

    Like you, I have a niche forum (house building related) which would be suitable for selling my own targetted banner ads. At the moment I use AdSense simply due to its admin simplicity but I'm thinking of going down the banner ads self management route over the next year or so. Do you have a banner ads programme to manage the process that you could recommend?
  4. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    This thread has url:

    Every thread on this forum will appear at url level to Google (and user) as a thread within the generic term 'topic'. This is not search engine or user friendly, notwithstanding IPB's use of microdata.
    Instead we should have the option to remove 'topic' from the thread and replace with, for example, either the top or bottom sub-forum (which may be one and the same). For example, this page would have url:
    (using 'highest' sub-forum) or
      (using 'lowest' sub-forum)
    Either of these would be more seo and user friendly, would not look 'spammy', would get rid of the pointless 'topic', and allow Google to properly structure forum threads.
  5. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    I totally agree, but unfortunately IPB have indicated that there won't be a hierarchical option which I think is a big mistake. My forum is also 10+ years old but I would willingly go through the pain to get a logical URL structure, as suggested by Google. I appreciate that many would not want to do this, which is why it should be an ACP option.
  6. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: IP.Content More User Friendly in Suite 4.0   

    Unfortunately, if I have understood correctly, the URL structure is not going to be changed in IPB 4, which I think is a real shame as it doesn't meet Google's best practice guidelines.
    See bfarber's comments here:

  7. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    This is worse than SEO threads ... :cry:
  8. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    URL changes (including use of ID and the URL hierarchy) are discussed in this thread - looks like current structure will be maintained but perhaps with increased ACP functions to customize. However still awaiting firm confirmation from IPB.

  9. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    Matt Mecham invited you to contact him about this URL / ID issue, which is a privilege extended to few. Have you done this? If not, why bang on about this issue here, as none of us can alter the way in which IPB 4 will work - only someone like Matt can.
  10. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    Exactly, but this does not appear to be possible with IPB 3.x 'out of the box' (hence mods such as Green SEO) nor does it appear to be on offer with IPB 4.0. :mad: (although I REALLY hope to be corrected on this).
    This seems to me to be absolutely fundamental to search engine ranking (and web site design good practice) and should be built into the core rather than being a mod with all the complications that entails. I really wish more effort was being put into achieving correct URL structure rather than a host of other improvements which could be considered as little more than cosmetic.
  11. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    But does this mean that we will have the ability, via the ACP, to create a logical hierarchical structure for our IPB websites?
    By this I mean for example:
    Top Level
    Second Level
    Example Forum Level
    This structure enables Google to see the precise relationship between the website, threads, topics, forums etc, how ever many levels of sub-topic you have. The existing IPB URL hierarchy doesn't follow this structure.
    This is the hierarchy that Google suggests and in my view all the other suggested SEO enhancements will be of limited value if Google has difficulty understanding the basic structure of the website.
    Thanks, in advance. (and anticipating being shot down :sweat: )
  12. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    I confess that this is my biggest concern about IPB and I really hope it is addressed in IPB 4.0. I understand why are are where we are with IPB 3.x, given how the software has developed over time around the forum as the core but I will be very disappointed if IPB 4 maintains this illogical URL/directory structure.
  13. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: IPS 4 and the warning system   

    GL, your first link returns 'page not found'.
    Your overlay to add a warning to user is cool. :smile:  (and useful)
  14. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: DDoS Warning   

    My IPB forum is hosted by a third party hosting company (not IPB).
    Tonight, in the ACP on the 'welcome' page below Admin notes, I have the following message.
    How did it get there and what does it mean?
    DDoS protection by CloudFlare /* ---------------------- */ /* ONLOAD: IPS widgets */ /* ---------------------- */ function onload_ips_widgets() { /* ---------------------- */ /* Feeds */ /* ---------------------- */ _newsFeed = setTimeout( '_newsFeedFunction()', 1000 ); /* ---------------------- */ /* Update boxes */ /* ---------------------- */ _versionCheck = setTimeout( '_versionCheckFunction()', 1000 ); /* ---------------------- */ /* Load Keith */ /* ---------------------- */ _keithFeed = setTimeout( '_keithFeedFunction()', 1000 ); } /* ---------------------- */ /* Keith Feed YumYum */ /* ---------------------- */ function _keithFeedFunction() { if ( typeof( IPS_KEITH_CONTENT ) != 'undefined' ) { clearTimeout( _keithFeed ); if ( IPS_KEITH_CONTENT && IPS_KEITH_CONTENT != 'none' ) { /* Show version numbers */ $( 'ips_bulletin' ).style.display = ''; $( 'ips_supportbox_content' ).innerHTML = IPS_KEITH_CONTENT.replace( /'/g, "'" ); } } else { _keithFeed = setTimeout( '_keithFeedFunction()', 1000 ); } } /* ---------------------- */ /* Version Check */ /* ---------------------- */ function _versionCheckFunction() { if ( typeof( IPSSERVER_update_type ) != 'undefined' ) { clearTimeout( _versionCheck ); if ( IPSSERVER_update_type && IPSSERVER_update_type != 'none' ) { $( 'ips_update' ).style.display = ''; /* Show version numbers */ $( 'acp-update-version' ).innerHTML = IPSSERVER_download_vh; $( 'acp-update-link' ).href = IPSSERVER_link; } } } /* ---------------------- */ /* NEWS FEED */ /* ---------------------- */ function _newsFeedFunction() { if ( typeof( ipsNewsFeed ) != 'undefined' ) { clearTimeout( _newsFeed ); eval( ipsNewsFeed ); var finalString = []; var _len = ipsNewsFeed['items'].length; if( typeof( ipsNewsFeed['error'] ) == 'undefined' ) { for( i = 0; i < _len; i++ ) { var _title = ( ipsNewsFeed['items'] ['title'].length > 50 ) ? ipsNewsFeed['items'] ['title'].substr( 0, 47 ) + '...' : ipsNewsFeed['items'] ['title']; $('ips_news_content').insert( (new Element("tr")).insert( new Element("td", { style: "padding: 5px" }).update )); } } if( !_len ){ $('ips_news_content').hide(); } } else { _newsFeed = setTimeout( '_newsFeedFunction()', 1000 ); } } /* Set up onload event */ Event.observe( window, 'load', onload_ips_widgets ); //]]>
  15. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: Altering Title Tags at Topic Level   

    The standard naming convention of Title Tags at topic level on IPB is currently made up of three elements:
    <Title of topic> - <Specific forum (or sub-forum) name> - <IPB board name>
    how to bake a chocolate cake - cakes forum - Bob's Baking Website
    I would like my individual topics to have the Title Tag consist of the <Title of topic>  only and not include the individual forum name nor the board name.
    I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction on this.

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