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  1. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: Not getting @ mentions drop down   

    No harm in reporting it again as my bug report is on the 'old' bug tracker not the current one.
  2. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: Not getting @ mentions drop down   

    Re: FF on ubuntu, I always get a greyed out box in the 'reply' field (plus other errors). I have reported this in the bug tracker but the developers can't reproduce, so I've had to switch to Chrome.
  3. NewRockRabbit added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    New Content: Can't Change Option (again)
    A couple of days ago, I selected records as an option from the New Content menu. It is now stuck on records and I can not change it to any other option, eg topics.
    a) Ubuntu Chrome. If I click on any of the other options, nothing appears to happen.
    b) Ubuntu FF. If I click on any other options, even if just once, I get the flood control error message.
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  4. NewRockRabbit added a post in a topic: Fastest software to date?   

    Speed on this forum is better than it was a couple of days ago, but 'New Content' remains very slow, averaging between 6 - 8 seconds.
    This will be a problem for me if this doesn't improve a lot, as VNC is currently very popular with my users. It's also a bit worrying that this morning when I tested this (UK 10am), the IPS forums have less users than my own forum, so if anything I'll have more 'pressure' on 'New Content' than IPS (if that has any bearing on the current page speed problem).
    Other than that (and the fact that I can't post in FF on Linux, as reported in bug tracker), it's all looking pretty impressive, well done. 
    Whoops, spoke too soon, 'New Content' now has error: 
    Sorry, there is a problem
    Something went wrong. Please try again.
    Error code:  EX1054
  5. NewRockRabbit added a comment on a file: GreenSEO   

    I do wish people would stop complaining about the price of mods. No-one is forcing or even asking you to buy the mod, so if you don't like the price then simply don't buy it. All this continual whining does is to discourage developers from spending time developing mods.
  6. NewRockRabbit added a comment on a file: Memory   

    This is one of the best 3rd party skins I've seen for IPB - very professional looking. Congratulations.

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