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  1. Paranormalis added a comment on a blog entry: Midnight GLOW 1.8 Available [FREE]   

    Your site has been hacked.
  2. Paranormalis added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Content 2.1 Dev Update: Database Improvements   

    If I am not mistaken you could create a relationship and then call it.

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  1. Paranormalis

    waiting on IPB 3.2 to decide if I sell or keep my licenses. Already purchased two XF licenses.

    1. mmalacarne

      xf? what is it?

    2. dogpatch

      xenforo is cool and all, but it still needs time to develop more. its still missing a lot of "basic" forum features.

    3. xCurlyx

      ^ they have "basic" forum features.. which is the forum part silly !

    4. dogpatch

      no i mean things that are standard on every other forum package dont yet exist in xf. for example theres no custom profile fields.