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  1. Kessler added a comment: IPS Driver error on MySQL 5.1.x   

    Ticket 852446 encountered this issue as well for upgrading to 3.4.4.
  2. Kessler added a comment: redirect to friendly URL breaks parsed ads in nexus   

    Ticket # 844189

    When the 'redirect' option is enabled, the 'Contact Us' page throws a '502' error. When the option is disabled, it works. See ticket for steps tried to resolve the issue.
  3. Kessler added a record in IP.Board   

    Some upgrades have blank checkDB screens
    Ticket # 843542

    Upgrading client from 2.3.1, when reaching this URL, the upgrade window is empty. Can continue by pressing the Next button, but is curious that it's blank.
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  4. Kessler added a record in IP.Board   

    Upgrading when minimum PHP version not met
    Ticket # 843384 again.

    Client's site was able to be upgraded despite not having the minimum required PHP version. Shouldn't the upgrader prevent this from happening?
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  5. Kessler added a record in IP.Board   

    ACP, PHP warning misleading
    Ticket # 843384

    admin_core_language_pack.xml: core/admin_mycp/cp_php_warning[quote]
    IP.Board requires at least PHP 5.0.0 to operate fully.
    Some sections of the ACP may not operate until you upgrade.[/quote]Should read 5.2.0 not 5.0.0.
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  6. Kessler added a comment: Log-In modules causing confusion   

    Ticket # 843194.

    Looks like they have another method for signing in other than Windows Live that also uses an email address.
  7. Kessler added a record in IP.Board   

    Safe mode enabled, skin files still used
    Ticket # 843022

    Safe mode not enabled in the ACP but when trying to recache the skins, system reports safe mode is enabled, so doesn't write to the files. Not a problem except that when loading on the front end, it's trying to load from the files instead of from the database.
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  8. Kessler added a comment: Cant sign out   

    Ticket # 842652, running 3.4.2.
  9. Kessler added a record in IP.Board   

    ibf_skin_macro references
    In upg_10002 and upg_10004, version_upgrade_mysql.php, there is this code:[code=auto:0]$SQL[] = "alter table ".ipsRegistry::dbFunctions()->getPrefix()."macro rename ibf_skin_macro;";[/code]From what I can tell, 'skin_macro' is dropped later on, but during the process, references to the table aren't using 'ibf_' for the prefix but rather the custom prefix in conf_global.php. So as you can imagine, this causes issues during the upgrade process and also doesn't drop the table since it doesn't exist.
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  10. Kessler added a comment: Viewing other department, clicking next page   

    My wording may not have been clear. It's not viewing the same ticket, but viewing a list of open tickets in a department you are not filtering to see.

    Viewing the GS tickets, if I view a previous ticket I was working on and it happens to be in IU, if I click on the IU link (breadcrumbs) and view the tickets there and decide to click to see the next page, it instead takes me to page 2 of the GS tickets. The link in the page numbers isn't including the department number.
  11. Kessler added a record in IP.Board   

    Log-In modules causing confusion
    Ticket # 841750.

    Client reported that members weren't able to log in even after resetting their passwords. Discovered that when Windows Live is enabled, it will cause the ID to give the option of using an email address, but when using it, it fails.

    Switching the internal method to accept user names and emails fixes the issue, but it's still confusing if it prompts for email address if it's not going to be checked locally and there is a Windows Live option sitting over to the side that the visitor should be using.

    Maybe it's WAI, but it can cause confusion when a user ID works for signing in but not the email address when it's giving a choice.
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  12. Kessler added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Viewing other department, clicking next page
    If your filters are set to show one department, but you view another department and choose to view the next page, it forgets the department you are viewing and shows the next page based on the departments you are filtering.
    To reproduce, set your filters to see one department but not any others.  Now go view a ticket from another department that your filters aren't set to show you.  Scroll down, click to view another page.
    What's happening is it's not including the '&department=#' in the URL's for the other pages.  Clicking on one and then adding it back into the URL shows the correct page.
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  13. Kessler added a record in IP.Nexus   

    View My Last Response, 0 support requests in other departments
    When clicking 'View My Last Responses', if any of the last responses are for tickets that are in other departments, at the end of the list, instead of giving a correct number, it tells you that there are 0.
    There are also 0 support requests in the Tier II Support department, but you do not have permission access to it.[/quote]I know of one ticket that I sent there, so it should at least be '1'.  If it's really '0' then shouldn't it not be showing at all?
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  14. Kessler added a comment: False alarm on DB Index Checker   

    Ticket 776577 experiencing this issue.
  15. Kessler added a record in IP.Gallery   

    42000/version upgrade, 150 limit causing issues
    When upgrading the gallery for some clients, when it comes to rebuilding albums, the 150 limit is causing issues (memory exceeded). Simply refreshing the page a few times until it completes will work but still a nuisance. Dropping the limit down to 100 or 50 seems to fix it so that it doesn't happen. Of course, it takes more page loads to complete, but at least there isn't an error.

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