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  1. ILikeSleep » Kessler

    look at my post again

  2. Kessler

    New member title.

  3. Fozzie1971 » Kessler

    well when i submit a ticket no one ever checks it....

  4. Kessler

    2010? My active posts says 2426. :P

  5. Guest » Kessler

    Happy 2010 Posts :P

  6. Kessler

    Nah, let's not. :P

  7. AndyF » Kessler

    I really want to put that 'powered by' thing in your sig or about me page lol :p

  8. Kessler

    If you need assistance, please ask it in the forums. If it's something you would prefer a more discreet handling of, then please submit a ticket and one of the support staff will handle the issue properly.

  9. DeLaGhetto1 » Kessler

    excuse me do you have aim i need help

  10. AndyF » Kessler

    Well, NDA means I can't tell anyone anyway :p although I am half surprised no one has figured it out (although you know how I managed it)

  11. AndyF » Kessler

    :( shame lol

  12. AndyF » Kessler

    Did anyone actually claim the 'prize' ? :)

  13. Kessler

    I have other things that I work on.

  14. Liquid_1520 » Kessler

    So, what do you do when there's no support requests to be answered? Do you just kinda browse the internet until something pops up?

  15. rastaX » Kessler

    By process of elimination, there might be a person who used to post a lot, who seems suddenly inactive.

  16. Kessler

    Shush. :P

  17. AndyF » Kessler

    I can claim prize ? :)

  18. Alex » Kessler

    First person to guess correctly gets a preview of IP.SecretProduct v2.0

  19. Guest » Kessler

    This is entertaining. :P

  20. Connor T » Kessler

    I'm going to make the match. I know your one of the guys who helped a lot.

  21. MichelleBCF » Kessler

    Hi. I posted a query about IP.Blog, and it's been moved. However, I can't access that particular part.. I think because I haven't actually purchased it yet. And so I can't read the responses. Can it be moved somewhere where I can read it please?