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  1. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry: Securing your community   

    All I entered in the WHM/cPanel disable_functions field was the following:
  2. Echelon One added a comment on a file: ProMenu Basic   

    Used the 'Fusion' Menu for quite awhile - but this is definitely significantly better!  :)
  3. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Thank you Michael, that corrected the issue.

    Much appreciated.
  4. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Hi Michael,

    I was wondering if you knew of a way of forcing the template blocks to rewrite in Tutorials? I have this error on IP.Content, it is the only block I cannot get working - and I have seen it functioning correctly on other websites using the same layout. IPS have looked at it and said to contact the author for a possible solution.

    Error: Could not load template 'feed__generic_17' from group ''

    This is what IPS told me...

    Hello Les,

    It appears that this is an issue with the Tutorials applications integration with IP.Content, as it is only this block which can't find the template. Perhaps that template wasn't installed with Tutorials?

    Unfortunately we cannot support third party hooks. I recommend that you contact the author of the tutorials application and ask if they're aware of this issue and have a fix.


    Michael Burton
    Invision Power Services, Inc.

    Any advice on how I could possibly fix this or re-create the block would be much appreciated.


  5. Echelon One added a comment on a file: Visual Page Layout Editor   

    Excellent add-on for IP.Content - easy to install and use. Makes life so much easier without all the coding, well worth the $20 I paid for it.

    Highly recommended for IP.C users!

    @James - nice review there!
  6. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Download: IPB 3.2 - PixelMagic Team/Group Ranks   

    File Name : IPB 3.2 - PixelMagic Team/Group Ranks
    File Submitter : Echelon One
    File Submitted : 12 Dec 2011
    File Category : Group Team Icons

    The PixelMagic Rank Collection
    By Echelon Designers

    Our PixelMagic Rank Collection uses pixel perfect fonts for the sharpest display possible on websites. They are designed specifically for web design purposes. We have color matched this set of ranks to match Invision Board 3.2.x. They have all been highly optimized for fast loading, yet still providing a professional look. Includes the fully layered and color-coded PSD file for editing.

    Team/Rank Image Installation
    Use FTP or cPanel to upload the contents of, either the PixelMagic
    Blue Set or the PixelMagic Green Set to the following directory:


    Add them using your ACP
    Members -> Manage Groups -> Group icon image
    Edit each group to use the relevant image

    Download includes the following:
    14 x Blue Ranks
    14 x Green Ranks
    1 x Fully layered & color coded PSD File
    1 x Installation/Read Me file
    1 x Screenshot showing all ranks
    1 x Screenshot of layer PSD

    View many other collections today!
    Designed by 2003-2011

    Click here to download this file
  7. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Password options - IPB vs VB vs Other?   

    There is a serious sql injection going on through vBulletin 4.1.4 and below - it's actually been done through any vBulletin installation with Social Groups enabled. As you can imagine that affects a lot of sites.

    IPS is much better software for security anyway! :smile:
  8. Echelon One added a post in a topic: The Most Important Factors about IPS   

    You are more than welcome!

    I agree with you regarding the current issue I found, which I was informed may need to be recoded to operate a different way due to the nature. I did try numerous functions disabled, but the issue did not resolve, that is why I submitted a ticket. Not really a major issue, just strange in my opinion.

    I actually work on a Support Desk myself, but for a hosting company - some tickets are more difficult than others, again it does sometimes involve the clients environment.
  9. Echelon One added a post in a topic: The Most Important Factors about IPS   

    I thought I would give you my views with IPS, and how I have found them to be such a friendly and great company.


    The Suite

    Overall view

    Support for any product is always a first on my list... and IPS have certainly showed me they can do this, above and beyond expectations.
    I moved to IPS products over a year ago now, before I was running vBulletin. I did the conversion myself, but I had to ask IPS Support about one small issue using the converter - turned out to be some corrupt data in a field that was stopping IP.Board importing, so nothing major there. That was my first encounter with Support Tickets on IPS, and I was impressed by the time factor. A very friendly team - my last Support Ticket was a bit different though, which I am assuming is a bug since it went from Tier II, Tier III and then on to Advanced Development. On this occasion it has taken longer, but then it was not just something simple and will probably end up on the Tracker.
    In the end I bought the entire suite, the blog I did not really need but I got it in a sale, so I grabbed it. IP.Nexus, well that really does do IP.Board justice, monetizing your forum could not be easier. What I don't understand is why some people complain about the IP.Gallery, it is far better than most gallery scripts. I used to use Photopost Pro with vBulletin, and that is a nightmare of a script, alignment issues, coding problems and hasn't had a major coding overall in years! IP.SEO, that's one piece of software that should be used with any IP.Board in my opinion, what harm can it do, it's even free! If you know about SEO it is very useful for setting up your keywords and descriptions, setting these up correctly can take a few weeks, but the time factor does pay off in the long run. Just last week I had a person asking me if it was possible to get his forum on the first page of Google and in front of his competitors - it took me just two days to achieve that goal, eventhough his competitor's domain was 7 years older and more established. And that was done using some tweaks to IP.Board and following search engine guide lines on keywords and descriptions using IP.SEO.
    My own view on IPS is if you want a forum, which you can expand upon as your forum grows then IP.Board is the best for your needs. I know quite a few forum owners, that I do work for - I even persuaded them to move away from vBulletin, since it started going 'downhill'. So many people told me not to change to IP.Board because I would lose my PR (Page Rank) and indexed urls, this is one thing that did not bother me, since I was starting a new domain anyway. In less than 10 months using IP.Board I had a PR4... and a MOZ of 5.6. It just goes to show if you throw a few tweaks in to IP.Board you can get good placement in search engines.
  10. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Download: (WOODEN) IP.Content Portal Page   


    Just bought this, but I was suprised to see the Page Layout is using Tables and not DIV's. Is there a reason why you used Table tags, I know I will be changing the layout to use DIV's since 3.2 does not use Table tags anywhere.

    At the moment I am still building IP.Content in 3.2 test environment, but I thought the aforementioned was a bit odd..
  11. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Perhaps I should have put those words in bold and not apostrophes! lol - it is not meant in anyway sarcastic - completely the opposite.

    I'm an oldie compared to most users of IPB, guess my English literature would look that way compared to today's standards. :smile:
  12. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Now that just blows away vBulletin's pathetic attempt using their Skin Generator - about time vBulletin started living in the 21st Century.

    I cannot imagine what else will be done before the initial 'Gold' release, 3.2 is just 'mind-blowing' with features, innovation and very creative concept ideas.

    Well done, the best move I ever made was 'chucking' vBulletin away! I have persuaded 3 people to switch to IPB since I bought it - and with features like this, I expect more to follow.

    Praise the whole IPS team for this excellent Suite... Thanks!
  13. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Looking to switch from vBulletin 4 to IPS   

    I always move images out of the database on vBulletin to IPB conversions. Besides it causes excessive 'bloat' and longer processing times, why would you want to do that? When I used to use vBulletin, images that were stored in the database always used to cause more problems, some of their own upgrades even failed (say no more on that

    My IPB runs fine with images in the file system, I wouldn't move them to the database after all the issues I've come across when you have literally thousands stored in there. Never, tried IPB with images in the db, but I wouldn't recommend it on any script.
  14. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Download: MaxCDN Integration Accelerator for IPB 3.1 / 3.2   

    You have full control of what becomes cached at what doesn't. It uses a very enhanced control panel per domain, obviously more so with their pro tier.
  15. Echelon One added a post in a topic: Download: MaxCDN Integration Accelerator for IPB 3.1 / 3.2   

    You could always change the CDN to a free one. I posted about this in a blog today, it requires no changes or add-ons to IP.Board whatsoever.

    Check it out.

    It could save you money...

About Me

Ex-vBulletin Coder/Designer from Now concentrating on most IPS applications, I am hoping to bring some new interesting ideas and concepts to IPB during 2011.

I have been in design for over 15yrs, and have nearly 30yrs experience with computers. I started back in the early 80's, involved in telecommunications and prototype development in thermocouple measuring equipment. Built my first computer, which was a ZX80 with 1k of RAM... lol Programming was done in HEX machine code and Basic, and saving data was done to cassette tapes.

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  1. Echelon One

    Does anyone know where to find a tutorial on creating an additional page in IPB3 without using IP.Content? All I need is the header and footer, and place my static content between them.

    1. TheRevTastic

      There's a mod for it, look through the marketplace, it should be a free one, I have used it before.

    2. Echelon One

      I seem that. But I wanted to create my own custom php file name and template, so I do not need to use hooks - I want to be to update it as soon as 3.2 is released without having issues.

    3. xCurlyx

      Custom Pages By Dawpi?

    4. xCurlyx

      Or use the look and feel... and use the board body from the global template.

    5. TeamJesus

      i trying to do the same too!! have you figured out how yet?

    6. Sandakelum™

      lolx. of course it automatically putting header and footer. just create a new php according to IPB structure and pull the template using the php :)

    7. Echelon One

      Thanks for all the comments! :) I worked on it and got it working, just the way I wanted. :D

    8. Divine Forces

      I'd love to find out how you did it :P

  2. Echelon One

    Does anyone on here know where there is a tutorial to write a simple template hook for the sidebar?

    1. Alex K.

    2. Alex K.

      ^ Not exactly what you're looking for, but probably a good place to start.

    3. Echelon One

      Thanks..Alex. I was looking for a way of developing a sidebar hook for a custom modification. So basically, just a simple template hook to add some xHTML code.

    4. Alex K.

      Using that block as a base (if the author would let you) would probably be good then. Also:

    5. Alex K.

      I can't view those since my licenses are expired, but I think those might be what you're looking for.

    6. Echelon One

      Ah, thanks Alex - that is just what I need. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated.

  3. Echelon One

    Anyone else noticed more Google spiders on their forums since yesterday, when Google changed their algorithm?

    1. Cyrem

      The Google spider hasn't left...

    2. Tony W

      mine is always on it seems...

  4. We are Borg » Echelon One

    If you mean we_are_borg thats me

  5. Echelon One » We are Borg

    I'm sure I recognize that nickname from vBulletin... ;)

  6. Echelon One

    ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz Wake me up when today's release is announced! :-)

    1. stoo2000

      Looking at times of previous releases, it 'should' be within the next 1.5 hours.