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  1. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry: Securing your community   

    All I entered in the WHM/cPanel disable_functions field was the following:
  2. Echelon One added a comment on a file: ProMenu Basic   

    Used the 'Fusion' Menu for quite awhile - but this is definitely significantly better!  :)
  3. Echelon One added a comment on a file: Visual Page Layout Editor   

    Excellent add-on for IP.Content - easy to install and use. Makes life so much easier without all the coding, well worth the $20 I paid for it.

    Highly recommended for IP.C users!

    @James - nice review there!
  4. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Perhaps I should have put those words in bold and not apostrophes! lol - it is not meant in anyway sarcastic - completely the opposite.

    I'm an oldie compared to most users of IPB, guess my English literature would look that way compared to today's standards. :smile:
  5. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Now that just blows away vBulletin's pathetic attempt using their Skin Generator - about time vBulletin started living in the 21st Century.

    I cannot imagine what else will be done before the initial 'Gold' release, 3.2 is just 'mind-blowing' with features, innovation and very creative concept ideas.

    Well done, the best move I ever made was 'chucking' vBulletin away! I have persuaded 3 people to switch to IPB since I bought it - and with features like this, I expect more to follow.

    Praise the whole IPS team for this excellent Suite... Thanks!
  6. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Support   

    A very much welcomed idea. Much appreciated! :)
  7. Echelon One added a record in IP.Downloads   

    PHP Error using Custom Fields
    I already started populating IP.Downloads in one category when I thought I would assign a new custom field to it. But doing so causes a PHP error at the top of the page on each download that has been previously uploaded. It seems the PHP error is repeated if you add more custom fields. i.e. 3 additional assigned fields with give 3 PHP errors at the top each download page.

    I found if a download is edited and the new custom fields are set up, then the PHP error in the class disappears.

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About Me

Ex-vBulletin Coder/Designer from Now concentrating on most IPS applications, I am hoping to bring some new interesting ideas and concepts to IPB during 2011.

I have been in design for over 15yrs, and have nearly 30yrs experience with computers. I started back in the early 80's, involved in telecommunications and prototype development in thermocouple measuring equipment. Built my first computer, which was a ZX80 with 1k of RAM... lol Programming was done in HEX machine code and Basic, and saving data was done to cassette tapes.

Status Feed

  1. Echelon One

    Does anyone know where to find a tutorial on creating an additional page in IPB3 without using IP.Content? All I need is the header and footer, and place my static content between them.

    1. TheRevTastic

      There's a mod for it, look through the marketplace, it should be a free one, I have used it before.

    2. Echelon One

      I seem that. But I wanted to create my own custom php file name and template, so I do not need to use hooks - I want to be to update it as soon as 3.2 is released without having issues.

    3. xCurlyx

      Custom Pages By Dawpi?

    4. xCurlyx

      Or use the look and feel... and use the board body from the global template.

    5. TeamJesus

      i trying to do the same too!! have you figured out how yet?

    6. Sandakelum™

      lolx. of course it automatically putting header and footer. just create a new php according to IPB structure and pull the template using the php :)

    7. Echelon One

      Thanks for all the comments! :) I worked on it and got it working, just the way I wanted. :D

    8. Divine Forces

      I'd love to find out how you did it :P

  2. Echelon One

    Does anyone on here know where there is a tutorial to write a simple template hook for the sidebar?

    1. Alex K.

    2. Alex K.

      ^ Not exactly what you're looking for, but probably a good place to start.

    3. Echelon One

      Thanks..Alex. I was looking for a way of developing a sidebar hook for a custom modification. So basically, just a simple template hook to add some xHTML code.

    4. Alex K.

      Using that block as a base (if the author would let you) would probably be good then. Also:

    5. Alex K.

      I can't view those since my licenses are expired, but I think those might be what you're looking for.

    6. Echelon One

      Ah, thanks Alex - that is just what I need. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated.

  3. Echelon One

    Anyone else noticed more Google spiders on their forums since yesterday, when Google changed their algorithm?

    1. Cyrem

      The Google spider hasn't left...

    2. Tony W

      mine is always on it seems...

  4. We are Borg » Echelon One

    If you mean we_are_borg thats me

  5. Echelon One » We are Borg

    I'm sure I recognize that nickname from vBulletin... ;)

  6. Echelon One

    ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz Wake me up when today's release is announced! :-)

    1. stoo2000

      Looking at times of previous releases, it 'should' be within the next 1.5 hours.